Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prominent Designer A955 Body Hugging Top & Gypsy Skirt 1975

Featured vintage is a rare beauty:   Prominent Designer A955 Body Hugging Top & Gypsy Skirt 1975 and oh that skirt!  Panels of multi-colored fabric with a true "gypsy" flair.  These Prominent Designer patterns from the 60's and 70's are usually spectacular and rare.

Are you registered to vote?  My mother-in-law thought she was and even had a card showing she was registered but somehow got dropped from the rolls.  There is a website where you can check - it lists people with the exact name they registered with so it can be a bit tricky - say a Jim Smith isn't listed but James Smith is.  If you have married or moved you are probably not registered correctly or at all.  Our voting rights are so important please go to this site and check yourself, your family and friends so they can all exercise this important right:  Wallbuilders

More on the plain side but still caught my eye is :   Simplicity 5146 Adorable Jumper in Day or Evening Length 1972 which would also be a cute sleeveless summer dress.

Check out this Mail Order 9152 Hot Tamale Sheath Dress & Jacket 1960's woo hoo!  Shades of Marilyn Monroe --

There's something about skirts - versatile and easily can be plain or fancy for any occasion:  Simplicity 2383 Lovely Afternoon Skirt / ca. 1948 for any casual outing

I recently listed a blouse and while researching I found one other and of course grabbed it.  It's very special indeed so here is a link to both of the blouses and the most recent one is UNCUT!  Simplicity 2589 Romantic Old World Blouse / ca. 1948 

Here's another awesome one that I had last year and it blew off the shelves quickly - I'm sure you can see why: 
I don't know about you but the 1980's New Look Patterns are just the bee's knees to me.  Here's one of about 10 that I got the other day that I had never seen before: New Look 6018 Mesmerizing Dress with "Cape Back" 1980's that at first I took for modest but the way it hugs a figure takes that demure look away!

If you have a special event to go to this New Look might fit the bill or maybe this one will:  Butterick 4299 Oscar Winning Jacket & Dress 1995 - the first thing I thought of was a red carpet movie star wearing this.

What a charming & pretty day dress : 

Probably the neatest newer one listed today is a Vogue design from Carol Horn:   Vogue 1348 One of a Kind Jumpsuit 1980's with a unique and edgy look.



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