Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 7074 Tres' Beau Thirties' Dress 1930's

Taking a day off to celebrate the founding of our country - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  There is so much of our history that has been overlooked or ignored and in some cases erased.  David Barton created Wallbuilders to keep our history alive.  Please check out his site:  WALLBUILDERS

Catch up day for me to post some listings for Monday and Tuesday that I didn't have time to do.  But some awesome ones to show you.

First!  Les Patrons Universels 7074 Tres' Beau Thirties' Dress 1930's one of a number that I recently obtained.  It is in factory folds!  It's also completely in French - a challenge for those of us who don't speak French.  Luckily there are a number of websites that translate from one language to another for free so that is an option.  Here's the one I frequently use:  FREETRANSLATION.COM

I will put one a day in starting tomorrow so check in - just looking at these patterns is a treat.  They are like artwork.

Another favorite from yesterday is this Simplicity 3794 Hollywood Golden Era Dress & Stole / ca. 1952 with a unique X look.  It is cut and "complete" - the front neck facing piece must have been damaged because there is an absolutely perfect reproduction of it.  Obviously it was traced with care.  The grey dress with the button X in front is the bomb.

Not terribly old but a winner still is this McCall's 5962 Yummy Yoked Jumpsuit 1978 

The Monday listing favorite is:  Mail Order 2450 Glady's Big Wide Bebop Skirt 1950's and I love it when the envelope has a name on it!  Gladys!  How great is that!

For sheer Mad Men elegance this Mail Order 4665 Stellar Scallop Necked Overblouse & Skirt 1966 makes me drool.

This next one keeps me thinking about the old 50's TV shows with the stay at home mom:  Parade Pattern 105 Perfect Fifties' Housewife's Dress 1950's.   The pieces are very rumpled - I was tempted to iron them but didn't get the time so I will let the new owner do that.  Rumpled pieces aren't attractive but are easily straightened.

Too many newer ones to post here but here is the link to all for Monday and Tuesday.  There are quite a few awesome ones including a Vogue Vintage Model and some New Looks too.



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