Monday, March 26, 2012

Advance 8841 & Advance 8842 His & Her's Sadie Hawkin's Dance Shirt / ca. 1958

Advance 8841 & Advance 8842 His & Her's Sadie Hawkin's Dance Shirt / ca. 1958 a pair of shirts that would fit right into Hee Haw! There are a few of the misses' shirts out there and all have been used.  I couldn't find any of the men's shirt.  Certainly not both!  This is a first for me - to list two patterns together but they just fit together!

Had to put another vintage one in today - an extremely rare pattern and could easily be worn by Royalty: 

I have two different sizes in this pattern.  One was a catalog pattern and one doesn't have the envelope but I put copies in with both patterns.  Both are UNCUT which is amazing in itself.  Someone had both of these and didn't use them - what were they thinking!?

Had a great "vacation" - got my house buffed from top to bottom.  I did not realize how much cat fur had gotten into the spots not regularly vacuumed.  Cross my fingers I emptied the vacuum twice it was so full.  There was enough cat hair each time to knit a cat.

Speaking of which - no matter how much you love your pets the worst always happens.  They die.  My boy kitty started losing weight quickly.  Took him to the vet last week.  The vet says he has declining kidneys.  Well at 16 1/2 it's not a surprise and was the first thing that came to mind.  So Pugsley who we used to call Fat Boy (or Boo Boy, or Bugsley, or Boo Boo) is now up for a new nickname.  Actually he lost the weight but his sister found it.  She's on prednisone and her nickname has been Little Girl.  No more!  So far "Fatty" has fit but I'm up for any suggestions.  She looks like a bowling ball with legs.  Hope this new food for Pugsley takes some weight off her.

Before I babble on any more here is the featured "new" pattern:  

McCall's 7136 Indie Chic Dress, Lace Jacket, Leggings & Hat 1994 - I have another one that is a Size 4 but was thrilled to find another in a Size 14.  The link is to both of them.

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