Thursday, September 25, 2014



The sale will end Monday night midnight.  An extra couple of days for you to shop!  NOTE - I still have the buy 3 get free shipping but this site isn't as easy to switch from price to free so after I receive your order I will refund any shipping back to you.

My Etsy store accepts Paypal and credit cards as payment.

I'm pretty excited that one of my patterns has been featured on Etsy by REDCURLZS - It is Vogue 366 Stunning Two-Piece Dress with Waistline Pleats + LABEL / circa 1941 / SZ12 Factory Folds or go directly to my Etsy store for complete details:  OutoftheAshesSewing

Here's a new one I listed today that really rocks me - I am a sucker for big pockets:  Simplicity 3691 Endearing One-Piece Dress with BIG POCKETS / ca. 1951.  It's a "plain" shirtwaist dress but the big slanted pockets make it shine.  It's also a plus size which is unusual.

Not alot new listed today - mostly they are from my other store but they haven't been put in yet.  There is another huge bin still to list.  Keep checking.

Probably my favorite piece of art is from Maxfield Parrish.  Probably because for years on our anniversary we would travel to San Francisco and go to The Palace Hotel, Pied Piper Room and sit in the bar, drink overpriced cocktails and gaze at this magnificent work of art.  No picture can do it justice - the rich colors leap out and it looks like the characters will come marching out of the picture.  If you are ever in San Francisco this is a must see.

I was sad to read earlier this year that Malcolm Young, brother of Angus Young of the group AC/DC was ill and was retiring from the band.  The band and family are being super quiet about his illness, lots of speculation from a stroke to alzheimers.  The band will be releasing a new album in December without Malcolm.  In his stead will be Malcolm and Angus' nephew Stevie Young.  I am heartbroken and he will be so missed.

One of the most beautiful videos - I can't stop watching it:  David Phelps - The Name Lives On

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

McCall's 3756 Career Making Ladies' Two-Piece Suit Dress 1956

McCall's 3756 Career Making Ladies' Two-Piece Suit Dress 1956 one of two very special styles featured today.  This might be a "two-piece" dress but it's a wiggle dress in my eye.  Now because it's "two-piece" it can also be a "pencil skirt" by itself.  Decisions decisions.

Next is one that is scarce, and the envelope pretty pathetic, and the pieces are cut, a bit worn but entirely useable.  Just too dang pretty to not list at a deal price!  Another "wiggle" dress - and I must admit I do love that "sheath" look from the late 50's to early 60's.

Simplicity 2564 Sensational Sheath Dress / ca. 1958, with pretty ribbon affect at bodice and waist-hip area.  Nicely seamed waistline to accentuate your figure.  Sunsational sleeveless beauty.

Two days ago I prepped some tomatoes, thick slices of Romas, and put  them in the dehydrator for 24 hours.  I wanted to make my own "sun dried tomatoes" without actually putting them in the sun.  They are now in a big jar and in a week or so I will see if they are any good - grin.  Wish me luck.  Here's the recipe or instructions if you are curious.  SUN DRIED TOMATOES

Here's a recipe that is absolutely tried and true and made several times since I found it.  Made it again last night and OMG it is delicious.  Of course you have to love brussel sprouts!  It's a bit of work but very worth it.  Brussels Sprouts in Garlic Butter Recipe

Halloween is racing toward us - I'm not terribly crafty but I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be very cute and colorful to make by using a punkin and crayons:  Crayon Drip Pumpkin DIY

I got a good laugh out of this article about what is the most Googled product for your state.  Mine being Arizona it was Jose Cuervo - bwahaahaa!

While Googling vintage horse pictures I found this ... such a lovely old picture that has been pastel colored.  It is stated to be an antique circus horse picture.  Thad lady has awesome posture!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Butterick 9008 Simply Irresistible Summer Dress & Jacket / ca. 1959 / SZ12 UNCUT

I could skip the jacket and just wear that dress - mmmmm mmmm.  Maybe even make the pockets a bit bigger - ?

If you have a young lady this is an adorable "Sub-Teen" Pattern - Advance 8905 Sub-Teen "Three Silhouettes" Dress / ca. 1959 / SZ14S UNCUT

Wish this was an adult size - that slimline with pleated bottom is TDF.

Looking forward to starting some veggies going and found this on a website.  Interesting stuff to "grow" easily starting in the house.  Food that Magically Regrows Itself

Do you have an old dresser or night stand?  Check out this cute project for your patio:

Pretty nifty and looks really easy to make.   Would also fit nicely into a kitchen area too.

I bake alot and use tons of vanilla extract.  Did you know you can make your own?  Well ... I didn't either LOL.  But in my internet wanderings I found out how easy it is.  All vanilla is made from alcohol (the drinking kind) and either "vanilla bean extractives" which is the cheapy way or by using real, fresh, vanilla beans.  The most common method is to use one cup of vodka and 6 vanilla beans sliced to open them so that their flavor is easily distributed.  I used a mason jar with lid.  After slicing cut the beans in half and put them in the vodka.  Put the lid on and shake well.  NOW for the bad part.  This must sit for 6 weeks and be shaken a few times a week (or if you are me and can't stand being inactive I shake it every day).  I happen to keep fresh vanilla beans on hand but they are easily ordered online - I buy at the Spice Sage but sometimes if the prices are too high depending on the season, I will buy them on Ebay.

If you love fresh spices I can't recommend enough The Spice Sage.  They have some killer cayenne and paprika peppers.  My favorite is the Smoked Paprika - O M G.

Well off to the kitchen - oh wait - one more posting of a pretty picture just to ooh and ahh.

This is a rather unknown breed of horse - the MARWAHI.  They come in all colors just like most horses but they have rather goofy and distinctive ears - grin.  I learn something new every day.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Monday morning!  Hope all of you had a great weekend.  We are finally getting cooler temps but the humidity is still horrible.  Oh soon, soon, soon, please cooler and less humidity.  My yard looks like the house has been abandoned - leaves and debris everywhere, weeds all over.  Just too darn hot to step outside and exert myself.

A couple of patterns of note put in today:

Advance 2710 Red Hot Wrap Dress with Full Skirt / ca. 1963

It is a size 16 with a bust of 36" - it is cut but complete and in good condition.  Envelope pretty trashed.

The next is for a little girl and it is just the cutest!

McCall 6631 Girl's "Little Red Riding Hood" Cape 1946

It is a girl's size 6, breast size 24.  It has been cut but it is complete and good condition.  Envelope of course has the usual wear from age.  I just love the little pointy hood!

A brand new Goodwill just opened a few miles away - I am so excited!  What a geek.  I spent hours browsing the other day and found a few treasures.  The most fun was a big bag of cosmetic sample items from designers - the high dollar stuff - most from Yves Saint Laurent.  Having a blast trying all the different complexion creams, eye creams, night creams etc.  All for a whopping $1.99!

I have a hard time finding body lotion that doesn't dry out quickly and still leave my skin feeling dry.  If I want to spend a ton of bucks I'm sure I can find a good one but it's not in my budget.  Last year a 99Cent store opened near by and when I was in there the other day I grabbed a tube of DERMASIL lotion.  O - M - G!  For 99 cents this is the best lotion I have ever used.  Not greasy and I can apply and all day my skin feels good and not dry.  It comes  in "Advanced Treatment" and "regular" and I've used both and they are both good.  Check it out!

Last year we adopted two adult cats from the local shelter.  One was an 11 month old boy who was a stray (he had to have been lost because he was so friendly and not feral), and one was a turn in who was 5 1/2.  The 5 1/2 year old is a Russian Blue as sweet as can be (Her owner got married and her husband hated the cat and made her get rid of her - I would have gotten rid of the husband grrrr).  She is also declawed.  I noticed that she was having difficulty in the litter box and after some research discovered that the litter was hurting her paws.  I have since switched to the log shaped pellets that can be made of paper or wood products.  No problems now and frankly I love the lack of odor - these pellets absorb so much better than regular litter.  It's worth the little extra price to have a non-stinky litter box.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Hello pattern lovers!  Here are a few patterns that caught my eye this week:

Mail Order 4799 Spiffy Cape, Blouse & Pants 1970's / SZ14 UNCUT and though the top and pants are nice but blah I do really like the little caplet.  Fall is here and this little number is perfect for a cool day or evening.

Advance 2943 Rockabilly Chic Housecoat / ca. 1962 / SZ18 UNCUT and though stated as a housecoat a nifty wrap day dress or button button dress combined with that full skirt it's a perfect afternoon goin' out dress.  The envelope is pretty UGH but pattern perfect.

Though my favorite horses are the quarter horses or even Fresians because they are bulkier nothing beats an Arab for sheet elegance.  Check out this outstanding picture - it is taken by a famous horse photographer Raphael Macek:

Even if you don't life in the SoCal area this amazing organization is  doing  such good work rescuing homeless dogs and also saving senior dogs that have been taken to the animal shelter in the end days because they cannot afford vet bills or do not want to pay for the vet bills.  Having a special love for senior dogs I wish I lived in SoCal so I could be a foster mom to many of these senior dogs who just want to be loved in their last days.  Please check out their organization LEAVE NO PAWS BEHIND or their Facebook page LEAVE NO PAWS BEHIND FACEBOOK:

Keeping with my Zombie Apocalypse fascination lately (yeah yeah I've read all the classics and must read books now I read to enjoy) I am so enjoying Eric Shelman's Dead Hunger books.  Seat gripping!  Get under the covers and read them with a flashlight.

In tribute to that amazing comic Robin Williams and if you want to have a good laugh after viewing zombie pictures - grin - here is his best routine IMO talking about playing golf with a Scotsman:

I have recently discovered that tree houses are the "in" thing and this is one of my favorites which incorporates tree house with lots of garden!

Well off to the grocery store!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Taking a bit of a shift in my blog.  Mostly letting you know what new and interesting patterns I have listed, letting you know about special sales just for you readers, and now including fun stuff that I have enjoyed whether it's a special recipe I've loved or want to make, to pictures I love to look at (I am a horse fanatic so beware), books I've read, authors I recommend, movies, gardening tips, outdoor stuff and projects I want to do, houses that I think are interesting, you name it.  With more time on my hands after closing my website and opening a smaller store on Etsy I am enjoying my time off by reading alot (my tablet is stuffed with ebooks and now with the new KINDLEUNLIMITED for $9.99 a month OMG), and puttering around the house, cooking, etc.  I post alot on Facebook the fun things I find but I do keep my Facebook private for close friends and family.  I often wish I could share more of these interesting things to even more people.  Then a little bulb went on over my head - MY BLOG!

To start here are a few new items listed in my Etsy store this week:

McCall's 7896 All American Jacket, Skirt & Blouse 1965

A refined outfit for a dignified lady.  





Here's a stand out Advance pattern:  Advance 2958 Magical Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1962

Offset button bodice with option of double breasted affect and slim or full skirt.  Wowza.


For you fans of the rare New York patterns here is a lovely one.  New York Pattern 1061 All American Waist Tucked Dress / ca. 1940's 

With all the reading I am doing for some reason I glommed on to Zombie / end of the world apocolypse books.  Okay I've read the classics (yawn), never been a romance book fan, mostly suspense, action or even political books, but when I got my Kindle and scanned their store a title jumped out at me.  Adrian's Undead Diary Book One Dark Recollections.  The author is Chris Philbrook.  Hmm I thought.  With my Unlimited account I popped it onto my ereader.  Two pages in and I was hooked.  Uniquely written, super funny, lots of action, nothing like I expected and it was fun!  In nothing flat I have read the whole series of 7 and there is one last one coming soon.  Very talented and gifted writer.  Highly recommend if you enjoy this type of book which I have found out I do!


Do you love horses?  A horse lover friend sent this to me and it is magnificent.  I put it on Pinterest and here is the link:  Magnificent Horse Video

One of my boards on Pinterest is about fashion icons.  While searching for retro pictures of different fashion eras I kept running into famous people wearing outfits I wanted to post but thought these icons needs their own board.  Grace Kelly - ahhhh.


When I see the so-called movie stars of today I get nauseated.  So few have the class of the stars of the 50's and earlier. To see my collection of fashion icon pictures go to my pinterest site:  


OH!  If you have a Pinterest site I would love to view it - please drop me a note here or drop by my site.

Made this yummy recipe the other night and it was so filling it could be used as an entree.  It's called TUSCAN BAKED ZUCCHINI

Staying with the food and beverage area I have to pass on the plate to buy the most awesome coffee or tea EVER!  Alta Organic Coffee & Tea is the bomb.  I am sipping on a delicious cup of their El Salvador coffee bean (ground in my grinder).

Oh had a great find recently at a local thrift store of a very vintage "sewing needle kit" but what makes it extra neat is that it features kittens on it.  Not for sale - I can't let it go!

Well enough babbling for today.  More tomorrow.  Now that I have some time I can enjoy doing this blog that's no longer "work" but play!

God Bless!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Advance 9328 Fourteen Carat Wiggle Dress, Jacket & Cummerbund / ca. 1960

Just a quick post to show you a pattern I listed today in my store.  It is killer gorgeous.  Normally I don't list patterns with pieces missing but this is only missing the "gusset" which is IMO no big deal.  A very rare and sought after pattern.

Advance 9328 Fourteen Carat Wiggle Dress, Jacket & Cummerbund / ca. 1960

The dress itself dazzles but when you add that little scalloped jacket it pops pops pops!

Here's another fun listing from today.  From formal to extra casual:

NBC-TV Home Pattern No. 12 BeBop Beatnik Jumpsuit 1950's

How cute is this!  It reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly would wear.  Beatnik Chic.  I'm a drawstring waist fan too.

Well off to do some shopping!

Don't forget there is a sale going on JUST FOR YOU READERS!  20% Off all Orders when you use the coupon code 4MYBLOG.  The sale ends Monday night midnight just in case you are off this weekend.

Friday, July 11, 2014



Hello everyone!  I'mmmmmmmmm back.  LOL.  Whew some hectic few weeks winding down and then closing my website and opening my new store on Etsy.  I was quite overwhelmed and buried in patterns.

Downsizing from almost 7000 patterns to about 1000 at this point was tough.  Many of the newer patterns have been passed on to friends or given to thrift stores unless they were pretty dynamic and hard to find - those I have kept.  I won't be listing any of the usual patterns anymore but only those that are unique, vintage, hard to find.  I have two more huge bins of patterns pulled that fit that description and I will over time be putting them into Etsy.

My pattern room has so much room  now I am overwhelmed.  What to do with all that extra room?  Well since my kitchen is stuffed with blenders, juicers, bread makers, etc., I put some of the kitchen overflow onto the pattern shelves.  That works!  I wanted to make yogurt the other day so I popped into the "pattern" room and pulled the machine off the shelf.  No more digging around under kitchen cabinets.  Easier for my poor old body than crawling around on the floor - grin.  Guess that room will become a storage / pantry room now with a small area for patterns.

I would like very much to have you check out my site and have created a 20% off coupon just for you readers.


The sale will be from right now until Monday night midnight (an extra day in case you are away over the weekend).  All orders will be mailed within 2 or 3 business days from payment. 

You can get to my Etsy store by going here:


If you have difficulty navigating Etsy all you have to do is go into the search link and put in my store name of - and it's all one word - OutoftheAshesSewing and it will direct you to my store.

Thank you and enjoy your new shopping experience!

Any questions feel free to contact me directly at my email:

Thanks and blessings,

Sheila Savell

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Sale will end on Midnight July 2nd.

Things are progressing pretty fast in my store closing.  I suspect that by the end of June or first week in July I will be closed.  I have whittled down alot of patterns - probably 1200 that have been reduced in price at least half.  You can find those immediate sale patterns by clicking on the What's New link and there is a link there for the reduced patterns that I have been working on for weeks.  Most are reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 and some even by 3/4 price.  Keep checking back because I am going month by month slashing prices and I am about half way thru February.

Use Coupon Code CLEANOUT during checkout to get 50% off!  Just remember that the 50% off is an even better price because about 1200 patterns have already been greatly reduced.  A $4.00 pattern at 50% off will be only $2.00!!!  

It would be easier for me to just dump all the patterns at a thrift store but then you wouldn't great some great patterns at a great price too!

When the store actually closes I will post a day or so before and if there are enough patterns left I will put in an even bigger discount - so keep an eye out!

Happy shopping! 

Etsy store:  OutoftheAshesSewing

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Store Closing Sale 40% OFF

Sale will End Midnight June 15th AZ Time

Some big news – I am closing my website store due to health issues.  No worries - nothing life threatening.  However - maintaining my huge store with thousands of patterns just is a struggle so I am greatly reducing my inventory and moving the nicest of vintage patterns and items into my new ETSY STORE!  You can find me with my new store name “OutoftheAshesSewing” at Etsy.Com.

My new store will feature only vintage or rare newer patterns.

I anticipate closing my website at the end of July if not sooner.  I have slashed a lot of prices and every day will reduce prices even more to move these less collectible vintage patterns and the newer patterns.  Many of the craft patterns have been lowered to $3 just to move them.  I can’t bear to bag so many patterns up to give away to the thrift stores so please shop away!  It would be good to keep checking in daily because as I said every day I am reducing prices by going thru month by month.  I am just starting November 2013 so a lot of months to go.  I am happy to combine multiple orders to make sure you get the free shipping within the U.S.

I am offering a big 40% OFF all items from now until midnight Sunday June 15th Arizona time – you can use the coupon code EXTRA to get your discount.  At that time I will eyeball what is left and decide whether to close or do another sale with even more of a discount!

Happy Shopping and huge thanks and blessings to all of you who have shopped with me since the beginning or recently found me.  Your business has been so very appreciated and I have made some life long friends along the way.  God bless!

Friday, May 23, 2014


Use COUPON CODE HONORVETS during checkout.

I am still downsizing my store and have lowered the price on about 90% of my patterns.  Not sure when the actual closing date will be but I will post it and have some big sales in the coming weeks.  Keep an eye out for those sales!

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  Please take the time to honor our past and current veterans.  They have given their all to protect our freedom.

God Bless Our Troops!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Whopping 30% Off All Orders from right now until midnight Monday.

Use coupon code LOVEMYMOM during checkout to get your discount.

I am working hard on downsizing my site and shifting over to Etsy when I get low enough to close my website.  Boo Hoo.  Health issues and poor economy made this decision difficult but necessary.  I can't give it up entirely but it's alot of work and I'm  just not able to give it 100% anymore which isn't fair to you.

Don't give up on this blog yet please!  More and bigger sales to come.  As soon as I make the full switch I will let you all know.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I just looked at the calendar and realized that April 15th is only days away and I haven't touched my taxes.  Okay I am freaking out.  I am setting everything aside and won't be listing anything until after April 15th and in fact I won't even be doing any emails or Facebook or Pinterest - arghhhhhh!  I swear every year I won't do this but ......

While I am cussing and crying and tearing my hair out I need to have a sale to ease my conscience of ignoring my website.

USE COUPON CODE 15APRIL during checkout to get your discount.

The sale starts right now and ends midnight April 15th AZ time.  Happy shopping and wish me luck - or better yet say a few prayers that I don't owe too much - grin.

May all of you have refunds and not owe anything



Friday, March 21, 2014


If one has to in their golden years (hee hee) get a part time job no one, absolutely no one, is as lucky as I am.  Being a rabid animal lover I happened to be in our local pet store just a short way from where I live buying kitty food and asked them if they needed help.  They said "you're hired!" - they have been friends and even attend the same church that we do so it's working with friends and I get to pet and hold every animal that comes in.  It's a pet friendly store so all kinds of dogs come for a visit.  They don't sell pets only supplies luckily.

It has taken up quite a bit of my free time so my blogs will be brief if at all - except for letting you know about sales!

If you want to see what is the best of my postings I am now on Pinterest.  I so want to preserve the best of the vintage patterns and unique patterns so that people will always be able to access the pictures.  Here is a link to my Pinterest

I'm really enjoying putting other fun things up on Pinterest as well.  Favorite recipes, pet pictures, favorite websites, etc. 

Having a sale to start off the beginning of spring!  So 20% off all purchases from right now until Monday Night midnight AZ time.  I meant to start the sale yesterday but got home late so an extra day to shop.

Use coupon code SPRINGTIME to get your discount.  I'll ship on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oh oh - I just finished a really interesting book and thought I would share with you.  If you haven't read Divergent give it a try.  IMO it's not as well written as I had hoped but the concept is truly original.  A bit too "teen romance" between the main character and a trainer but again the story itself is really interesting.  I have a feeling the movie will be better.  I downloaded the audio book and enjoyed the narrator too.  Just downloaded the audio of Insurgent and looking forward to seeing what else happens!  Not near as good as the Hunger Games series but worth a read.

Enjoy your spring and I hope that wherever you live that you are enjoying warmer temps than we've had.  Okay well Arizona has been great but I know that most of the middle and east coast have been slammed with awful weather.  You deserve a warm spring!

Friday, February 14, 2014


The sale starts right now and will go thru Monday night midnight Arizona time.  Lots of time to shop.

I am still working my way thru that batch of 80's patterns and am trying to put a few in every day.  Most of them are pretty scarce or even rare. 

Here are some of the outstanding vintage ones I've put in the last week or so: