Thursday, September 25, 2014



The sale will end Monday night midnight.  An extra couple of days for you to shop!  NOTE - I still have the buy 3 get free shipping but this site isn't as easy to switch from price to free so after I receive your order I will refund any shipping back to you.

My Etsy store accepts Paypal and credit cards as payment.

I'm pretty excited that one of my patterns has been featured on Etsy by REDCURLZS - It is Vogue 366 Stunning Two-Piece Dress with Waistline Pleats + LABEL / circa 1941 / SZ12 Factory Folds or go directly to my Etsy store for complete details:  OutoftheAshesSewing

Here's a new one I listed today that really rocks me - I am a sucker for big pockets:  Simplicity 3691 Endearing One-Piece Dress with BIG POCKETS / ca. 1951.  It's a "plain" shirtwaist dress but the big slanted pockets make it shine.  It's also a plus size which is unusual.

Not alot new listed today - mostly they are from my other store but they haven't been put in yet.  There is another huge bin still to list.  Keep checking.

Probably my favorite piece of art is from Maxfield Parrish.  Probably because for years on our anniversary we would travel to San Francisco and go to The Palace Hotel, Pied Piper Room and sit in the bar, drink overpriced cocktails and gaze at this magnificent work of art.  No picture can do it justice - the rich colors leap out and it looks like the characters will come marching out of the picture.  If you are ever in San Francisco this is a must see.

I was sad to read earlier this year that Malcolm Young, brother of Angus Young of the group AC/DC was ill and was retiring from the band.  The band and family are being super quiet about his illness, lots of speculation from a stroke to alzheimers.  The band will be releasing a new album in December without Malcolm.  In his stead will be Malcolm and Angus' nephew Stevie Young.  I am heartbroken and he will be so missed.

One of the most beautiful videos - I can't stop watching it:  David Phelps - The Name Lives On

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Sheila, If you get the chance to see David Phelps live jump on it. His is one of my favorite voices! Karen in Mesa