Friday, September 27, 2013

Posting at long last - and what better way to start than with!


Use coupon code TIME4FALL during checkout to get your discount.

Sale starts right now and ends Monday night midnight.  That makes 4 days to shop!  I will mail paid orders next Tuesday or Wednesday.

With fall literally right around the corner and winter close behind it's time to put away the shorts and summer dresses.  Darn.  To make yourself feel better shop now for a new warm jacket or coat or outfit that keeps you comfortable in cold weather.

So many different styles, lengths and sizes of coats to go thru for just that right one:  COAT PATTERNS

For not so cold days or for those cool offices at work:  JACKET PATTERNS

For a complete ensemble for work or leisure time:  PANTSUIT PATTERNS

Stay warm in your profession both retro and new styles:  SUIT PATTERNS

Put away those summer dresses:  LONG SLEEVE DRESSES

To help in your searches here are some more "keywords" I put in when I list every pattern.

Semidress - means a bit dressy, for a date, can wear to work or dinner out.  Not just for dresses but also for tops and skirts, tops and pants and even dressy pantsuits and suits.  You can narrow any search by using semidress with the word dress, or top and skirt, etc.

Career - Suitable for work, often interchangeable with "semidress" - again you can narrow your search with what you are looking for.  i.e. dress, pantsuit, suit, top and skirt

Many patterns have interchangeable uses.  Depending on your item selection with what the pattern offers your outfit can be casual, ready to wear to work or going out on a date and to a party.

Using keywords helps narrow your search to exactly what you are looking for.  Other keywords:

Tops only:  toponly (includes shirts, tops, blouses).  These patterns are literally only tops.

Pants patterns only:  panonly

Skirt patterns only:  skonly

Want something extra fancy?  Use these keywords alone or together.  evening wear, formals, prom, cocktail party and, as always you can include the word dress or top and skirt, etc.

If you want a fancy party outfit that has a halter top use the word halter in your search.  i.e. halter dress or halter top to narrow your search.

Other fancy outfit keywords:  strapless, spaghetti strap, wiggle

Well off to do some baking today.  I ran a MIL errand to Phoenix yesterday and my poor back is trashed today so I am glad to not be sitting at my desk listing.  

OH OH OH!  I just love pinterest.  I have spent alot of time (time I should have been blogging) posting pattern pictures on pinterest.  I think it's important to keep these beautiful patterns for people to find and admire.  When doing research on my listings I kept running into patterns on pinterest.  I'm doing some personal stuff on it too but any vintage or extra nice newer pattern gets put in too.  Check out my recipes which are ones I have made and already love.