Monday, December 24, 2012



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All paid orders ship January 2 or 3 depending on volume.

Happy shopping and wishing you all a most wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Year's!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vogue 5816 Striking Suit Dress / ca. 1946

Feast your eyes on this beauty - Vogue 5816 Striking Suit Dress / ca. 1946 so full of class that it takes my breath away.  Beautiful waist darts on top and a double breasted bodice.  Sigh.  Such a timeless look that can be worn today in any boardroom or courtroom.
This next vintage pattern has a great description "Soft and fluid --- fresh, new look on the fashion scene."  Butterick 6766 "Soft and Fluid" Dress with Four Gore Skirt / ca. 1954 and some gorgeous neckline gathers and choice of collars.  Blue Ribbon here!

A few of the small knit and crochet "Fashion Parade" books to go in and this one went in today.  Star Book No. 189 Fashion Parade "Mad Men" Outfits 1960's - for such a little booklet it packs a Mad Men punch!

Here are a few of the yummies inside:

For shirtdress lovers this brand new one is a must.  McCall's 6506 Sugar & Spice "Shirt" Dress 2012 which I have in two sizes.  Sleeveless & casual with nice deep pockets too.

Need something more professional?  Like a smart pantsuit from Guy Laroche?  It's a Vogue Paris Original pattern:  Vogue 2205 Sharp as a Tack Jacket & Pants 1998

 There's something about the lines of this dress that make it super attractive. Vogue 7472 Nicely Stitched Dress with Neckline Variations 2001 and the square neckline IMO is the best.  It's sized for moderate stretch knits and I'm always impressed when there is a nice "shape" to a waistline which this has.  Slimming -

That will do it for today!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advance 4916 Swingtime Winter Coat or Jacket / ca. 1948

Hands down one of the best coats ever designed:  Advance 4916 Swingtime Winter Coat or Jacket / ca. 1948

Another classy outfit - great pinched waist vest "westcoat" & check out the skirt!  Advance 5582 Genteel Blouse, Waistcoat, Skirt & Stole / ca. 1950

Here's the last of the oldies for today.  This skirt is missing the belt piece - eh - easier to buy a belt LOL:  Advance 6256 Knock 'Em Over Pencil Skirt / ca. 1952

Here are a few newer ones that stand out.  Vogue 2219 High End Jacket, Dress, Top, Skirt & Pants 1998 whether you just want classic casual or career.

Here's a vivacious not your every day wear dress!  McCall's 6463 Beverly Hills Party Dress 2011

Depending on fabric this could be a lounger or dress up:  McCall's 6072 Spicy Empire Waisted Dress 2010


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dritz Vol. 20 Belastraw Fashions for Wardrobe & Home 1950

I'm so wishing I could knit or crochet!  I have a stack of some great vintage pattern booklets with some hats, handbags, and clothes "to die for."  I often forget that many sewers also knit or crochet so I will start blogging about the extra special ones I find.

Featured "pattern" today is Dritz Vol. 20 Belastraw Fashions for Wardrobe & Home 1950 with a nice mix of fashions.

Since I am on a roll this one got listed yesterday - Bernat Angora Book No. 166 Glamorous Angora Clothes & Accessories 1953 - check out the extra pictures for eye candy fashions.

McCall's 2457 Cutting Edge Dress or Blouse & Skirt 1970.  Synthetic knits suggested.  The longer skirt with the flap pockets with that high necked blouse & zing!

Some new favorites are ones that I've had before and are back in stock - yay:  Simplicity 8570 Hip Swinging Dress 1988 and New Look 6084 Spunky Jacket & Culottes 1980's


Monday, December 17, 2012

Simplicity 5016 Nifty Collar Variation Tunic & Pants 1972

Quick, sweet and short blog today!

Here's a nice mod outfit for warm or cool weather - short or long sleeves:  Simplicity 5016 Nifty Collar Variation Tunic & Pants 1972

Another 70's to feature in plus size:  McCall's 3644 Flirty Front Wrap Dress or Top, Skirt & Pants 1973.  A great combo.

Put in some wonderful Vogue patterns today:  Vogue 8765 Artsy Boho Vest, Jumper, Top & Pants 1993



Friday, December 14, 2012

Mail Order 4882 Dishy Set of Tops 1970's

Why?????  Why these darling patterns that we have to wait for warm weather to wear?  Mail Order 4882 Dishy Set of Tops 1970's

I often complain about the lack of great vintage plus size patterns - but no complaints here:  McCall's 5347 Headturner Dress or Top & Pants 1976

I'll be honest and say the rest of the patterns today are relisted from 8 months ago - many reduced in price.  Lots of laundry and household chores to do. Yuck.  I'd rather do patterns LOL.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mail Order 4592 Wowza Wiggle Wobble Dress / ca. 1950's

Be still my heart with this beauty:   Mail Order 4592 Wowza Wiggle Wobble Dress / ca. 1950's paired this with a pair of 3" spiked heels and OMG.

Curves in all the right places!

Just two decades later we move to this style:  Simplicity 9670 Drawstring Hippie Blouse & Pants 1971 and what a difference 20 years makes.

Together or separate the blouse or pants are so groovin'.

Still in that same 70's era is this softer look:   Simplicity 8305 Festive Gypsy Blouse & Skirt 1977

Newer but still vintage for the 80's is a sexy little top:   McCall's 9005 "Perfect 10" Peek-A-Boo Top 1984.  I like the subtle slits on the sleeves.

For newer patterns these pants and shorts are great for being outdoors whether walking or hiking:   McCall's 5633 Walking or Hiking Shorts & Pants 2008.  They have a nice "cut" to them and the cargo look is so "today."  I am addicted to cargo pants or shorts to stick my ID and chapstick in and keep my hands free to shop!

Dang I keep getting these summery patterns and it's even cold here in Yuma!  Simplicity 4440 Hot Looks Summer Dress 2004 
If you're into the Far East fashions check this one out:  Simplicity 2940 Taste of The Orient Kimono & Wrap Skirt 2008
Great looking skirt!  Simplicity 2343 Just Right Skirt for Every Day 2010 and can be plain or fancy.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advance 3090 Stand Out Dress with Pleated Skirt / ca. 1962

Just a killer beautiful and classy dress - great big pleats too.  Advance 3090 Stand Out Dress with Pleated Skirt / ca. 1962 
From the 60's to 70's and a whole different style of class long sleeved for cool evenings or short sleeved sheath for summer:  McCall's 2829 Divine Dress & Shawl 1971
I'm not a huge fan of kid's patterns unless they are vintage.  Truly they don't sell that well - I think that kid's outgrow things so fast that putting time and money into them is kind of a waste.  In case you wondered that's why I rarely put in kid's patterns.  Now this next one is vintage and uncut too.  Simplicity 1287 Child's Blouse & Blouse-Petticoat / ca. 1955
This next one turns out to be pretty rare.  I'm always surprised when 70's patterns don't turn up in a Google search.  It's a super style and I know there must be more out there!  Simplicity 6140 Zesty Front Wrap Top, Short Skirt & Pants 1973
Wow this next one sold quickly - Advance 6534 Charismatic Blouse with High Neckline / ca. 1953.
Newer patterns start off with this great looker!  Vogue 8714 Dreamy Jacket & Vest 2011 
Don't wait for summer to grab this one:  Simplicity 7917 Extra-Ordinary Summer Dress 1992

I swear I've had this one before - very graceful:   Vogue 9451 Any Time of Day Dress with Two Skirts 1996

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advance 3285 Refined Mock Wrap Dress / ca. 1962

The weather here just could not be more beautiful.  It's been in the mid-70's and I sure wish I could spend days outside.  My yard is calling me to clean up leaves and weeds.  Maybe this weekend.

I'll stick in some of the best from Monday and Tuesday.  Typical Monday getting all the mail out - hair raising.


Yum Yum Yummy  -  McCall's 3502 Shortie "Baby Doll" Nightgown & Bloomers 1955  a scarce uncut one.  If you wear this keep your house warm or wait for summer - grin.

This look is right out of "Lassie":  Mail Order 2707 Suburban Housewife's Jumper & Blouse 1950's 

Love this skirt!  Simplicity 5024 Just the Prettiest Set of Skirts 1972 so very hippie dippie looking.

Surplice bodice beauty with a choice of skirts:  Simplicity 3068 Cosmopolitan Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1959

Some mid-range 80's thru 2000's that caught my eye are:


This is an amazing old fashioned look:  McCall's 8038 Pretty as a Picture Top 1982
Demure in front and then turn around!  Simplicity 6296 Peeky Backed Dropped Waist Dress 1983
Oh oh oh check this one out!  Very rare and I sure wish I had found this at the beginning of summer:  McCall's 7138 Fantasy Island Bathing Suit & Cover-Up / 1980
Dang those Style patterns are just so unique!  Style 2320 Impeccable Wrap Dress 1993