Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simplicity 5971 Posh Cocktail Party Dress with Two Skirts 1965

Decisions - Decisions.  Too many vintage patterns listed today to decide which is the best.  But this one kept coming back to me:  Simplicity 5971 Posh Cocktail Party Dress with Two Skirts 1965

Is this too awesome or what!  It is so flirty.  The straight skirt is nice but add that full skirt and that's a dancing dress - Takes my breath away. 

Okay can't resist putting the other in too - a different style indeed not a party dress but certainly a special dinner date dress.  Not flirty like the other but more of a good girl look.  McCall's 6428 Beguiling Dress with Two Skirts 1962

One of my customers in Europe has started a business and it is so unique I wanted to share it with you.  It is called Luna Dress Design and it is in Salzburg, Austria.  Very "eye candy" fashions.  The section on their Dress Designs to order is out of this world!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mail Order 4569 Eye Candy Retro Blouse / ca. 1960's

We had a great extended weekend camping with friends.  It was in the 70's during the day and nicely chilly at night so a big bonfire was welcome.  Saturday afternoon there was an awesome windstorm for about 4 or 5 hours so we hung around in the trailer drinking beer and laughing.  A much needed rest.  While the guys were out riding I laid around and read.  Finished a really fascinating book called the Hunger Games and then downloaded the next two books.  I finished book 2 and am on book 3 which is the finale.  Wow - it's gripping.  Until a friend recommended this book series last week I hadn't ever heard of it and now I hear a movie is coming out in March.  I highly recommend this series - you can't put it down.  The movie trailer looks intense too.  Hunger Games Trailer

Featured vintage pattern is : Mail Order 4569 Eye Candy Retro Blouse / ca. 1960's- this genre has certainly taken off with the Mad Men series.   I have only seen bits and pieces of the show but the fashions are bringing back that era with a bang.

Featured "New" is Vogue 2457 Dazzling Double Breasted Dress 1990 which is the epitomy of a sailor collar coatdress.  I love this one.

My camping sale went off wonderfully and I was happy to see that many of you found some patterns for that extra discount just for you!  Thank you very much.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sale day arrives at last!  We are heading out camping today and will be back late Sunday.  So 20% off for all you readers.  No new patterns listed today sorry.  Here is a link to see everything new listed so far this January:

USE COUPON CODE CAMP4ME during check to get your 20% discount.  All paid orders will go out Monday or Tuesday depending on volume.

Have a great shopping weekend!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Vogue 6511 Splashy Halter Dress or Jumper & Blouse / ca. 1965

Featured pattern today is a rare beauty!  Vogue 6511 Splashy Halter Dress or Jumper & Blouse / ca. 1965 and what a classy outfit.  It's always fun to get a new batch of patterns and sort through and find one like this.  I love yard sales, thrift stores, garage and estate sales and buying a big bunch of patterns without knowing what you are getting is a treasure hunt.

Yesterday pretty much sucked.  Woke up achy and feeling lousy.  Figured out I have the flu.  Moving slow today but at least getting some patterns listed today.  I didn't even get into my email yesterday except on my phone.   Am I the only one that can't type on their cellphone?  I spend more time backspacing and correcting than typing.

Be sure and check back next Thursday.  We are going camping for 4 days so I will have a sale and of course an extra discount for you readers.

Oh my gosh found a great pattern that brought back alot of 70's memories.  Did we not, all of us, have a beanbag chair???  Mine was lime green.  Makes me quesy to think about it.  But I loved it.  Featured new is a walk down memory lane:  McCall's 2295 "Bean Bag" Pillow Chair, Back Rest, Pillows 1999  and this is a scarce pattern so if you are looking to remake history this is a good catch.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mail Order 3094 Fine Fitted Bodice Dress / Late 1940's

Mail Order 3094 Fine Fitted Bodice Dress / Late 1940's - it says it has front "revers" - what are revers?  Hmmmm.  Well whatever - it's a "fine" dress for sure.

A friend of ours has a serious medical condition and is signed up with Caring Bridge so that his family and friends can be kept up to date on what is going on with his treatment.  What a wonderful organization this is.  If you have a loved one who is battling an injury or illness check into it.  Our friend is out of state awaiting a liver transplant so being kept in the loop is so helpful.  There is also a guestbook so well wishes can be posted.

Featured new is:  McCall's 6005 Lazy Loose Jumpsuit 1992 so nothing fancy but it looks so comfortable.  It's a rare pattern and sadly I only have it in a small size.  If you are tiny this is for you!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

McCall's 7060 Channeling the Forties' Dress 1980

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration!  Ours was quiet as usual.   Had a lovely dinner on New Year's Day with my mother in law and two of her good friends.  Harry BBQ'd pork crown roast and it was fantastic.  If you've never had it give it a try.  It's like a "rack of lamb" only of pork.  Simply delicious and because it's a lovely cut it makes a nice fancy dinner.

 Watched a movie New Year's Eve - "Fast Five" and ate popcorn.  After that adreneline rush movie it was hard to go to sleep.  Just kidding.

For Christmas my honey talked me into an E-Book reader.  Oh my gosh I am so hooked.  Already put a gazillion "must read" books in.  One my favorite authors is Vince Flynn and he comes out with a new book next month and it's nice to know I can simply press a button and it's in my hands.

Featured vintage today is from 1980 and even over some of the 1940's patterns it is a sure winner - and it looks so 1940's.  McCall's 7060 Channeling the Forties' Dress 1980

It is a Sue Wong design and ever curious I checked her out.  Okay wow.  She is now a designer for Bloomingdales and here is a link with her line at their store:  Sue Wong Designs

 My vacation sale was a great success in cleaning out my stock so I can start putting lots more newbies in.  Yay.

Featured "new" is McCall's 6284 Fiesta Skirt with Broomsticking Options 1992.  A pattern I have found only occasionally and it goes quickly. 

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Monday, January 2, 2012


I am taking some time off after a busy holiday season.  Will be gone the whole week!  20% off for you readers by using coupon code during checkout:  NEWYEAR

Sale starts right now and ends midnight January 8.  All paid orders ship January 9th or 10th.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to spend that special day with loved ones.