Thursday, March 29, 2012


Got kidnapped into another outing LOL - we are going camping today thru Sunday.  It will be the last outing with our friends until next Fall.  So ANOTHER 20% off all orders - use coupon code FUN4ME at checkout.  After this I swear no more vacations until July!

We'll be home Sunday and paid orders go Mon or Tues.

God Bless you all and happy shopping!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

McCall's 3544 Can't Be Beat Set of Bolero Jackets 1955

Better late than never!  Had a doctor appointment this afternoon so took the opportunity to hit the thrift stores too.  Just got home and sorted thru some awesome new and older patterns.  About 5 very pretty Fifties ones that are getting hard to find in the thrift stores. 

McCall's 3544 Can't Be Beat Set of Bolero Jackets 1955 - classic and uncut and ready to make for casual or evening.  Being a jeans lover I always eyeball something that will look jiggy with jeans.  That's a "yep" on this one.

Several boxes on my living room floor, and a few bags too, that came yesterday and I can't believe I haven't had a chance to go thru any of the patterns.  When I am done here that's what I will do.  Settle down with a margarita and be surrounded by patterns - life is good.

Oh a big thank you to Joni!  She sent me a big ole box of patterns some of which I listed today.  A bunch were without envelopes but they are all so hard to find that it was thrilling to research, find pictures and list.  One of the featured new ones is without an envelope but I have printed out the envelope copy so it comes with the patterns.

Vogue 1977 Wow Wrap Jacket & Pencil Skirt 1980's- that jacket in a vivid red is a winner.  Wish I had found this when I lived where it got cold - grin.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Advance 8841 & Advance 8842 His & Her's Sadie Hawkin's Dance Shirt / ca. 1958

Advance 8841 & Advance 8842 His & Her's Sadie Hawkin's Dance Shirt / ca. 1958 a pair of shirts that would fit right into Hee Haw! There are a few of the misses' shirts out there and all have been used.  I couldn't find any of the men's shirt.  Certainly not both!  This is a first for me - to list two patterns together but they just fit together!

Had to put another vintage one in today - an extremely rare pattern and could easily be worn by Royalty: 

I have two different sizes in this pattern.  One was a catalog pattern and one doesn't have the envelope but I put copies in with both patterns.  Both are UNCUT which is amazing in itself.  Someone had both of these and didn't use them - what were they thinking!?

Had a great "vacation" - got my house buffed from top to bottom.  I did not realize how much cat fur had gotten into the spots not regularly vacuumed.  Cross my fingers I emptied the vacuum twice it was so full.  There was enough cat hair each time to knit a cat.

Speaking of which - no matter how much you love your pets the worst always happens.  They die.  My boy kitty started losing weight quickly.  Took him to the vet last week.  The vet says he has declining kidneys.  Well at 16 1/2 it's not a surprise and was the first thing that came to mind.  So Pugsley who we used to call Fat Boy (or Boo Boy, or Bugsley, or Boo Boo) is now up for a new nickname.  Actually he lost the weight but his sister found it.  She's on prednisone and her nickname has been Little Girl.  No more!  So far "Fatty" has fit but I'm up for any suggestions.  She looks like a bowling ball with legs.  Hope this new food for Pugsley takes some weight off her.

Before I babble on any more here is the featured "new" pattern:  

McCall's 7136 Indie Chic Dress, Lace Jacket, Leggings & Hat 1994 - I have another one that is a Size 4 but was thrilled to find another in a Size 14.  The link is to both of them.

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Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been struggling to get all my tax stuff ready and the blankety blank blank Quickbooks - Website - Paypal links would link up.  I will be meeting with my accountant and my web guru Matt Hauk to try and figure out what is wrong so that I can pay my stinkin' rottin' taxes! 

I went out to the garage today and grabbed some rope and my husband begged me to not hang myself but to instead take a "vacation" and get all my tax stuff done.  What a novel idea!  Okay I feel better now LOL. 

SALE TIME!!!!   20% off from this moment until midnight Sunday the 25th.  Use Coupon Code HAPPYDAY during checkout.  I most likely WILL NOT MAIL anything until I "get back" next weekend.  But ya never know!  No guarantees however - you have no idea what a mess I am in - grin.

Since I've been working 10 to 14 hours a day trying to do my listings and emails, shipments, etc., and fix the accounting I've horribly neglected my blog.  Found some neat sites to talk about so after this vacation I will - hopefully - be so happy and so caught up I won't know what to do with all the extra time.  I Hope!

Thanks and God Bless you All!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Vogue 9971 Can't Look Away Sleeveless Dress & Sheer Apron 1960

Vogue 9971 Can't Look Away Sleeveless Dress & Sheer Apron 1960 a look that is truly distinguished and no other era can quite master this for elegance.

If you are looking to make that handy "little black dress" and it's your size you could not go wrong making this.  Not your size?  Here are some other Sheath Wiggle Dress Patterns to eyeball.  Some new some old.

It has been so beautiful here lately I am looking forward to doing some yard work tomorrow - tonite treating myself to some greyhounds (with home made grapefruit juice) and a movie.  And popcorn.  Maybe order some pizza.

The featured "new" is Vogue 7529 Button Side Top, Skirt & Culottes 1989 with the top so very cute!  Sometimes a little added side button - boxy looking - feature "makes" an outfit.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and "see" you on Monday.

God Bless!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vogue 4485 Hollywood Vamp Dress & Jacket 1954

Happy Thursday!  Looking forward to the weekend and maybe getting some time to myself.  My yard is a disaster zone.  If I can't clean it up this weekend I will have to put out warning signs, or at least make sure people don't think my house is an abandoned lot.  Because we are in the desert with 118 highs in the summer we pass on trying to grow grass.  Some cactus - a very tall saguero and some ocotillo, desert friendly bushes, orange and grapefruit and lime trees, and 3 huge palm trees.  Lots of leaves from the trees - but since the fruit is fantastic I am willing to not lop them off and avoid raking leaves.  Our grapefruit are so sweet - they make absolutely the best Greyhounds.  Mmmm - tonite .....

Featured vintage pattern today is:  Vogue 4485 Hollywood Vamp Dress & Jacket 1954 a most splendid outfit so reminiscent of a haughty movie star of the 50's.  God bless you Betty for all the wonderful old patterns that you gave up -

I may have already written about articles and info on Burdastyle.  Found another interesting one about sewing plus size patterns.  This site has a wealth of information as well as showing off the interesting Euro styling of Burda.

Well not terribly "new" but wanted to post this showy New Look 6151 Theatrical Cape & Skirt 1980's as always a bold look for this pattern maker.  They used to be made in England.  I think Simplicity bought them out but I'm not sure - too bad they don't still make them.  They are quite unique and very sought after.  Here are more New Look Sewing Patterns

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Butterick 3511 Stunning Silhouette Dress with Diagonal Tiers / ca. 1945

I didn't get a chance to put any new listings in yesterday.  With the sale over the weekend my whole day was packaging what hadn't gone out Monday.  But some extra lovely ones in today - kicked back on the couch and looked thru some that a lovely lady had sent to me and they are mind blowing.  It's so nice to have someone care enough about a loved one's patterns that they don't just throw them away.  Now they get a chance for a new home and being used and treasured again.  Plus since I never research any pattern or pattern lots before I buy them it is either a deal or a dud for me.  I have a set price I pay and rarely deviate from it.  So if you are looking to clean out your vintage patterns email me - I can either buy them outright or give you a credit.

Featured vintage pattern today is (oops it was going to be the Sue Burnett 8692 but Tracey grabbed it so quick LOL) :  Butterick 3511 Stunning Silhouette Dress with Diagonal Tiers / ca. 1945 an extremely rare and unique dress.  The descriptions for these era of patterns are always so beautiful:  "Misses' One-Piece Dress: Tiers in Tunic Effect.  The diagonally tiered, tunic-like lines break the slim silhouette of this dress in a most flattering way.  Its engagingly draped-to-the-side neckline is caught with a bow in view B.  Sleeves are short in view A; below-elbow length in view B" -- wish the newer patterns could be so creative instead of so dull.

One of my customers the other day bought some costume patterns and I noticed as part of her address it was a business so being ever curious I Googled her and she has a Clown business!  Holiday the Clown where you can book a clown for parties and events.  East Coast only but if you live out there and need a clown well there ya go!

Featured new wasn't even a toss up:  Vogue 2427 Unique Woman's Cutting Edge Dress 1990 by designer Issey Miyake.  Okay never mind my lady in Singapore just bought it LOL.  Dang sometimes you ladies are so fast!  Trying again - Vogue 1376 Space Age Dress with Big Shoulders 1980's which so reminds me of the 80's era when David Bowie did Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars music.  Without the weirdness - grin.

I'll be posting later today the new stuff!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mail Order 9048 Hot Date Halter Dress 1978

Featured vintage pattern with no doubt in my mind!   Mail Order 9048 Hot Date Halter Dress 1978 - summer is fast approaching and if you have a vacation or cruise coming up this fashion is a must have.  One of the prettiest halter dress patterns I have seen.

Business was brisk with the sale and if you found some beauties during the sale congrats.  I'll have another sale in 2 or 3 weeks so keeping check back.

Had a wonderful time at the car show and concert on Saturday.  Okay I'll be brave and post a picture of me with a vintage car in all my fashion glory LOL - I am at the age where comfort and sensible shoes have taken over.  It was in the high 70's and we walked for almost 6 hours drooling over all the vintage cars so my attire was so appropriate and I was in the top 1/3 of women dressing comfortably:

The "car" featured is actually a land and sea car - really!  There are some fun pictures of it driving and then heading into a lake and cruising around.  The little matching trailer is adorable too.  Probably my favorite old cars at the truly ugly ones like Studebakers.  Saw some fun ones there which are now considered rare classics.

The concert was extra fun.  First The Grass Roots played and they were great - sounded so good.  Sometimes the "vintage" groups don't sound as good due to aging vocal cords but the lead singer was right on and I hadn't realized how many big hits they had.  The best was saved for last and who woulda thunk it?  Paul Revere & The Raiders came on and by the time they left our faces hurt from laughing and singing.  Paul Revere is 74 years old and a total hoot.  He was introduced as the last madman of rock and roll and I will testify today he sure is!  Oh my gosh he was ad libbing with the audience and as sharp as a tack and one of the funniest guys I've ever heard.  Their music was so fun too - lots of hits - new "lead" singer who used to be with the Backstreet Boys and he was so good.  Super voice and moves and did some fun imitations too of different artists like Tom Jones.  All in all a wonderful day and evening.  Got home late and literally crawled into bed well past my usual bedtime.  Took all day Sunday to recover - no kidding.  If Paul Revere can still rock and perform at 74 dang it I can keep on keepin' on too!


Okay back to patterns!  My featured newish is:  Simplicity 8170 Fine Looking Dress with Two Skirts 1987 and though I had lots of 80's and 90's and 2000's to think about this one kept coming back to me.  Lots you can do to it - or make it casual or dressy.  Sometimes less is more.

Here is the entire listing for today:  Patterns Just Listed

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back at Long Last!

Hello readers and my apologies for being absent so long.  I've been struggling with fibromyalgia the last year and seem to barely get my postings onsite and my packages out - but a more positive mindset has me convinced that keeping busier is best - no time for feeling sorry for myself anymore.  For any of you readers who have FMS or know someone who has it there are good days and bad days but it's truly what we do with the days that matters.  I have been finalizing my listings in the afternoons instead of the mornings so if my new listings aren't in early check again later.  If any of you have any helpful hints about FMS would love to hear your ideas!

HAVING A "FINALLY" BACK SALE STARTING RIGHT NOW!  20% off all orders using coupon code HAPPYDAY at checkout.  No new listings tomorrow as I am taking the weekend off.  So all paid packages go out Monday or Tuesday.  There is a big car show this weekend and we are going all day Saturday and then to a concert - can you believe it's Paul Revere and the Raiders!  Get Outta Here!  Oh my gosh I "knew them when" - somehow it seems appropriate having lost Davy Jones (my first love) yesterday.  The car show here is a big deal - Midnight at the Oasis and they sure get alot of awesome cars.

I've been posting my listings later in the day so if there aren't any new listings in the a.m. check in the afternoon.  Here is what went in today:  New March 1st Listings

Featured vintage today is:  McCall 8369 Young Mademoiselle's Scoop Necked Dress / ca. 1951 a very youthful look.  For once it's not a bitsy size - yay.

The featured new is a very quirky Vogue:  Vogue 2971 Flashy Flirty Flambouyant Top & Skirt 2007 and is this over the top of what!  But then again it's very appealing.