Monday, April 29, 2013

Simplicity 3739 Femme Fatale Petticoat & Slip / ca. 1951

Looks like summer is here - hope for a break to go back to the 90's so we can do some off roading in our Prowler before the 100+++ sets in for 3 to 4 months consistently.  It's 92 right now and only 9:49 a.m.  Time to start living like a mole - all the doors and windows shut and shuttered to keep that blazing sunlight out.  I keep one kitchen curtain open slightly just so the kitties can peek outside and see all the front yard action.  They can pop behind the drapes in the bedroom to see what's up out back too.  I thought when we moved here that I would refuse to live in the dark during the summer.  Hah!  There's a reason to live like a mole for summer months.

A couple of giggles for the day.  A friend forwarded a link to me and the guy who did it had a bunch on YouTube.  These two are the best and had me cracking up - a little bit of salty language but still very funny and most words are bleeped out anyway:

 The Truth About the Tarsier

 The Truth About the Sloth

Now back to patterns!  Simplicity 3739 Femme Fatale Petticoat & Slip / ca. 1951 - takes my breath away.  And though the envelope took a beating the pattern itself is uncut and factory folded.  Yay!

A total "wow" for this very rare and unique fashion.  Summertime Chic.  Butterick 4824 Sizzling "Sandwich Board" Wrapped Dress 1970's 
More perfect for summer patterns.  McCall's 3234 Afternoon Delight Dress or Jumper 1972

Love this one with the long or short skirt that goes over the "romper" jumpsuit.  McCall's 2974 Kitschy Jumpsuit & Skirt 1971

The offset fastening of this McCall's 4766 Edgy Dress or Top & Pants 1975 makes it very eye catching.

Very classy fashion here - what I would call a "sheath" dress - McCall's 9096 Fantastic Five Panel Dress 1967 
Oh what a summer delight  this one is - luckily I have in two different sizes:  Simplicity 6982 Bella Back Wrap Dress 1975

Classic in every way Simplicity 9919 Sharp Dress with Collar Interest & Cardigan 1972

Oh boy this is a breezy dress just right to wear while strolling along the beach:   McCall's 6087 Dance with Joy Dress or Top 1978


On the run today so no "new" featured patterns but check out what I put in - a really nice Vogue and some other 80's that really stand out.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Simplicity 9515 Super Set of Skirts with Pizazz! 1971

No listing today but will put a bunch in tomorrow.  I am scanning like a maniac even though I have a ton already done.  My motto is trying to be up to date.  When I acquire patterns I immediately scan them if I don't already have a picture in my achieve.  I got almost 200 late last week so I'm working away.  Alot more 70's and newer too.

For the "laugh of a day" check out this video of a dog begging for a kitten - so clever!

Featured vintage is this flared bottom Simplicity 9515 Super Set of Skirts with Pizazz! 1971

I come from the "granny dress" era and the 70's patterns I acquired recently have a bunch of them that call to mind some of the dresses I used to wear.  Ahhh that walk down memory lane:  McCall's 3049 Groovy Granny Dress, Jumpsuit & Pinafore 1971


A rather rare pattern - sadly it's a junior miss size but if you are small then lucky you!  Simplicity 6658 Slinky Halter Dress & Jacket 1974

Add a little bling and voila - day turns into night.  McCall's 3421 Glitzy Long Waisted Dress 1972 

Quite a number of men's patterns from the 70's lots.  Oh my gosh some are hysterical.  This one is quite useful and frankly could double as a woman's top too IMO.  McCall's 2826 Men's Dashiki Shirt 1971

So very sweet!  Simplicity 9769 Endearing Dress & Pinafore 1971

Summertime cries out for tennis lessons doesn't it???? Simplicity 5572 Sporty Tennis Dress, Panties & Visor 1973

Super sweet looking dress with an almost "schoolmarm" neckline - Simplicity 5159 Dainty Dress with Detachable Collar & Cuffs 1972

Very guruesque outfit with this Simplicity 9961 Asian Inspiried Tunic & Pants 1972

This one is so very inspiring to me.  Love the trim!  Simplicity 9990 Swell Dress with Trim Interests 1972 

Very versatile McCall's 2721 Elasticized Waist Set of Pants 1971



Friday, April 19, 2013

McCall's 3250 Fancy Free Blouse & Skirt 1972

Please pray for the victims of the Boston terrorist attack.  That young police officer that was killed last night for some reason just broke my heart.  I think it's because my sister's husband was a security guard who was killed during an attempted robbery and he was just 28 years old.  This was 30 years ago but seems still like yesterday.  I know first hand what his family and loved ones are feeling.  Pray too that no more people have to die at the hands of the remaining monster.

So much sorrow this week - but have to tear myself away from the news and get back to work.

This style just couldn't be cuter - McCall's 3250 Fancy Free Blouse & Skirt 1972.  I just adore this one and it's a very hard to find pattern. It reeks of hippie summer.  The drawstring waistline and neckline are so great too.

Oh add this to my summer list too starting with the previous honorable mention.  McCall's 3257 Romantic Gypsy Blouse & Skirt 1972.   The huge amount of 70's patterns I got had some with multiples in varying sizes.  Sadly these two only had one.  Dang!  These two styles are just so happy go lucky looking!

Oh oh oh sure wish I was 40 years young with a flat tummy to wear this one LOL.  McCall's 3229 Belly Baring Stretchy Top 1972.  So totally young at heart for a young woman on a hot summer day.

Lucky me or lucky you there are two sizes for this McCall's 3364 Yummy Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972 with attractive V-yoke.  It's a bit of a demure look but still trendy.

Another western clothes pattern with two sizes to choose from Simplicity 5162 Flattering Body Fitting Shirt 1972.  It's not stretchy fabric it just is form fitting.  This was a multi-use pattern that came in men's and misses' sizes.  The two I have are ladies' sizes.

My favorite newer listing is this Butterick 5052 Cutting Edge Vest & Skirt 2007 and it comes in all sizes XS to XL.  Definitely a bold and edgy style.

Here's a versatile make it your way dress -


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simplicity 7166 Washington Hostess Dress or Top & Wrap Skirt 1975

After working all weekend and half of Monday on taxes (I actually had my head in the oven at one point with the gas turned on LOL - just kidding!) I ended up mailing two requests for extensions with a letter begging for more time.  After being charged $4800 by my accountant last year I decided to do it myself and follow last year's guidelines.  Most of it was a piece of cake but a few items have me stumped.  Does anyone know a good "question & answer" site for tax stuff?

Got some new listings in today but the bulk are relists.  My timing is off with all the tax work.  But some really nice new 70's ones put in today.

My favorite listing today is one I had last year and glad it's back in stock:  Simplicity 7166 Washington Hostess Dress or Top & Wrap Skirt 1975 and there are two in Size 14 and Size 16.  Such a knockout elegant outfit!

I seem to recall a while back having a pattern that used the term "Jams" for shorts.  Found this and had to do a Google search to figure out what the heck it was:  McCall's 2404 Men's Jams & Jacket 1970.  This might be 40+ years old but still in fashion!

This outfit is just plain pretty!  McCall's 3291 Shapely Knit Top & Skirt 1972

Another beauty that I have two sizes of:  McCall's 3235 Pretty as a Picture Dress 1972.  I am fond of that long version with the turtleneck.  I put the keyword "modest" in even though it is knit and could be figure hugging.  It doesn't have to be tight though to be flattering.

If you're into western clothes this shirt is the bomb:  Simplicity 9923 Misses' Nashille Chic Shirt 1972.  These came in Misses' and men's sizes but the three I have are all for ladies.  There was a country western bar near where I used to live (30+ years ago) called Nashville West.  I can remember going there with some friends after riding our horses that day.  Because I'm not a western clothes fan for myself I just had regular clothes on.  A very tuned up guy, all decked out in western shirt, levis, cowboy boots and cowboy hat, came up to me and started chatting.  When I remarked that I had a horse he was so shocked.  He asked me "Do you really have a horse?" I asked him that question back and he said no.  I thought it was funny - everyone practically but me was in western clothes and this guy who wanted to look like a cowboy didn't even have a horse bwahaahaa.  Okay guess you had to be there - grin.

Sadly, though it was a fun place to go it got very tainted when a guy went there and killed his wife in the parking lot.  I was working for a law firm representing the man's wife and they had come into our office for a meeting to talk about property division.  Myself and another secretary had to separate them from an altercation and I had such a bad feeling about it.  That same night he killed his wife.  I never went back.

I have a couple of lovely "shift" style dress that will be perfect for summer:  Simplicity 8882 Shining Dress with Three Neckline 1970

and this Simplicity 9221 Just Perfect Jiffy Dress 1970  and both are quick and easy.

I acquired more of this Simplicity 5101 Tom Jones' Tunic & Pants 1972 so if the one I listed last week didn't fit there are more of this gem!

Man oh man love this coat! Ignore the pants - just feast your eyes on this awesome coat.  I only have it in Junior Miss sizes boo hoo but if you are tiny it would work.  McCall's 2054 Undercover Spy Coat & Pantsuit 1969

Lots more newer ones but I'm running out of time today so you have to click to look!


Friday, April 12, 2013



20% off all orders from now until Sunday midnight.

Here's your chance to get some summer clothes ready just before the warm weather sets in.  Cool clothes can be easily found on my site by putting different keywords in like - Summer.  If you only want to see shorts put in the keyword shortonly for only shorts!  For blouses only use the keyword toponly and that's all that will show up.  The same for pants use panonly or skirts use skonly.  Looking for only a vest - vestonly, or a jacket use jkonly, coat is coatonly.  I need to do a link on my site with all the variable words I use to make finding something easier.  When you go into a particular pattern you might want to check out the links I provide in the main description to find similar clothes.

Here are some other keywords I use to direct you to exactly what you want:  For Size 18 and bigger put in: plus size.  Looking for a business suit put in: suit or pantsuit.  Anything sleeveless just use that word.  If you are looking for a particular era put in the first three  numbers and then a * - i.e., 198* for the 1980's.  On occasion a pattern with starting number of 198 will show up but for the most part it will only be for the 80's.  So you can put in: toponly 198* or Vogue suit 198* and voila!  For new new patterns use the codeword 2thousand for 2010 and newer.  I'm sure I will post this and think of more LOL.  Just experiment and see what comes up!

FOR THE SALE JUST USE COUPON CODE SUMMERFUN during checkout to get your discount.  The sale will end Sunday night at midnight.

As always paid orders go out Monday or Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy shopping.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

McCall's 3261 Eye Candy Wrap Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972

A very rare pattern and quite unique too.  Feast your eyes on this McCall's 3261 Eye Candy Wrap Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972 
Another beauty that's hard to find is this McCall's 3239 Dance Your Feet Off Dress & Vest 1972.  Makes me want to put my arms in the air and do some spins.

A great "unisex" bib apron:  McCall's 3063 Misses' Apron Set + Man's Apron 1971.  A number of these out there but most are already used and this one is uncut.
This is a high on the Yum Factor Chart:  Simplicity 7432 Sunshiney Day Halter Dress 1976 - a true beat the heat dress for those warm or hot summer nights.
Just a quick posting today - some nice newer patterns put  in especially a great looking Oscar de la Renta one!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simplicity 6939 Zesty Halter Dress, Wide Leg Halter Jumpsuit & Poncho 1975

Oh the yogurt came out beautifully!  Had it plain for breakfast this morning.  For dessert tonight I will zest it up with some honey and maybe some fruit.  My first test case was a huge success so another batch will be made up today or tomorrow.  Yum.

I had this exact pattern featured in April 2011 on this blog and have found another.  It's actually a decent size for once / a Size 16.  Lucky me and lucky you!  Simplicity 6939 Zesty Halter Dress, Wide Leg Halter Jumpsuit & Poncho 1975

Really an outstanding top with this Butterick 6370 Shara's Bee's Knees Blouse 1954 
If you're going to Club Med or on a cruise could this be any better to wear?  McCall's 4499 Swinger's Bikini, Top & Pants 1975 
There's just something about this McCall's 3295 Ethereal Knit Dress 1972 
The high necked "Priest" collar makes this fashion.  McCall's 3296 Sharp "Guru" Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972
Here's a very rare one by designer PJ Jones.  McCall's 4553 Fascinating Dress or Top & Pants 1975

Butterick 3447 Sexy Backed Dress 2002



Just too cute is this Simplicity 8411 Flirty Shitwaist Dress 1993

Here's another one that I had once and have again!  Simplicity 5093 Vamp's Stretch Knit Dress 2004

This is just an amazing pattern from Claude Montana - Vogue 2936 Fashion Maven Jacket & Skirt 2006.  Very rare and sought after and I can see why.  Montana just has such a flair!

Right after this one listed one of my regular snatched it up - lucky lady!  But I had to put it in because it is, well, just stunning.  Keep it on your wish list:  Vogue 7969 Frothy Tunic & Top 2004 
Be ahead of next fall and winter with this McCall's 3800 Fleece & Faux Fur Coat in Two Lengths 2002