Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sale starts now and ends Sunday night at midnight July 29th.

Hello all!  I was going to list normally on Monday and Tuesday before flying off to Dallas for a short vacation but so much still to do!  I was just now editing pictures for tomorrow and it's after 5 PM!  So instead of having the sale starting Wednesday it will start RIGHT NOW!  Use Coupon Code LOVEDALLAS to get 20% off your entire order.  All paid orders won't ship until I return.  I anticipate a nightmare of packaging so give me a few days and packages will go out at latest on Wednesday August 1st.  Sale ends Sunday night the 29th.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 6509 Depression Era Élancé Skirt 1930's

Hope you all had a got shot at the sale over the weekend.  Quite alot of new and regular buyers enjoyed the sale.  Thanks so much!

It was a bit of luck to decide to have the sale when I did.  My boy kitty Pugsley who has been battling kidney failure got much worse Wednesday night and I had to have him put down on Thursday morning.  I had hoped to "home hospice" him but he turned a corner for the worse and I could tell he was suffering.  Luckily I had some medicine that I give his sister for her severe arthritis and I kept him sedated until the end.  Don't you just hate taking an animal to the vet and worrying about their last minutes being stressed?  He was too sleepy to be stressed and that made it easier on me.  Sitting at my desk today I keep thinking I hear him rustling around in the office and expect to see him when I turn around.  Weird - there are noises around the house I only associate with him and it's not his sister.

Mark on your calendar that I will be having an extended sale from July 25th thru the 29th.  My husband and I are going to Dallas, TX.  I will post the coupon code info on Tuesday the 24th that will go into affect on that Wednesday.   It's been a few years since we have actually gone somewhere!  We do alot of camping trips or down to visit family but this will be a traveling treat for us!  I hate to fly however.  Harry loves it so he gets the window seat and I get a few shots of Cuervo.

Featured new is the last of the 1930's for a while.  I am eyeballing a couple more from the lady I got these from but they don't blow my skirt up that much.  Les Patrons Universels 6509 Depression Era Élancé Skirt 1930's 

This next vintage item has alot of them out there but I only found 2 that were uncut.  Simplicity 4238 Waifish Sleeveless Blouse / ca. 1953 and this is also uncut.  So charming!  The little faux pocket flaps, armhole trim, pixie collar - yum yum.

From darling to useful - McCall's 5604 Casual Outing Set of Stretch Knit Tops 1977 that I just find so appealing for me.  Being a bit tomboyish it's up my alley.  A great "throw on" top - for a cool day or for over a bathing suit.

Last vintage is : Spadea N-1012 High Society Front & Back Panelled Coat 1965 a rare find.   If you are looking for a winter coat or a raincoat check it out.

Three cute new patterns to feature today:



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 6189 Extrêmement Classique Dress 1930's

I'm doing a four day sale starting tomorrow!  The coupon code will kick in at midnight for 20% off for you readers.  The coupon code will be WAY2HOT since it is in the 110+ range these last few weeks.  Sale will last until Sunday night midnight.  I just need a few days off to heal this dang broken toe.  Too much time up and down a ladder just isn't helping it heal.  I will be mailing orders on and off but surely not later than Monday or Tuesday next week.  You'll get an email from Paypal to verify when your order ships.  ENJOY THE SALE!

Featured vintage pattern is another of those amazing 1930's patterns I just can't get enough of.  True eye candy.  Les Patrons Universels 6189 Extrêmement Classique Dress 1930's  This is my favorite so far - that boxy yoke and blouson bodice with gathers - oh my!  One more coming I think - oh yeah it is a skirt to die for.

More newer ones today that I just love than the vintage ones.  My favorite newish for today is this Style 2318 Heartbreaker Dress with Magyar (aka Batwing) Sleeves 1994.  I wanted to put this in quick quick before my customer friend Sandra grabs it LOL.  So far she's not seen it.  If you want it - be quick!  I actually learned something new today.  Had to look up Magyar Sleeve.  It doesn't look like a true batwing but well that's what it says.  No matter it's fantabulous!  Nuthin' like a vintage Style Pattern though the newer ones are nice too.  The 1980's and 90's are the best though IMO.  This one makes me want to put taps on my boots and twirl around until I get dizzy.


Off to the post office - have a fun time picking patterns out during the sale.  God Bless!



Monday, July 9, 2012

Patron Modele 28076 Depression Era Wrap Around Skirt 1930's

Learning some French lately - grin.  A Jupe Portefeuille is a wrap skirt. Patron Modele 28076 Depression Era Wrap Around Skirt 1930's - note the pretty lines of this skirt with a front kick pleat.

Next vintage is an Anne Adams.  In my favorite year (lately anyhow) the 1960's.  Anne Adams 4884 Betty's Haute Blouse & Skirt 1961 a look that is filled with class.

Keeping it short today - Mondays are tough getting it all together to list and ship.

For new listing this is an interesting Vogue from Langerfeld.  Vogue 1861 Commanding Jacket, Blouse & Pants 1996 which is a little hard to see as the pattern envelope is quite worn and faded.  Check out the C picture as the front of the jacket is pretty neat.  I could only find two on the internet though I imagine they pop up now and again but I had to laugh.  One was sold and one is for $75 - huh?  I mean it's nice but come on!  Must be a typo ??

Lastly I was quite taken with this Simplicity 3678 Knit Dress with Bodice & Sleeve Variations 2007 especially the sleeveless one which could also be used as a jumper.

Off to the post office!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 7075 Fantastique Flirty Thirties' Dress 1930's

I sure hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!  I was having a wonderfully relaxing day until I broke a toe on my left foot.  No it's not just stubbed - I felt a break and since it is purple and swollen and I am unable to put any weight on it felt that was an accurate diagnosis.  Dang.  There is only one pair of flip flops that will even let me walk in them - barely.  It took all my time yesterday to just hobble around LOL.  Not much done really.  Not much done today either.

Had to put a few special listings in today that were put in the last few days.  Too awesome to not show you.

Two more 1930's ones:  Patron Modele 17041 Tres' Magnifique Wrap Peignoir 1930's and Les Patrons Universels 7075 Fantastique Flirty Thirties' Dress 1930's

I will put in another one on Monday and also have a couple more coming from this same lady.   For Mad Men fans check out Anne Adams 4593 Betty's Eye Popping Tight Dress 1963 and a bit more recent is this summery dress:  Marian Martin 9335 Sweet Summer Dress 1978 in a size 20 1/2.

What a sad picture this poor envelope has but the pattern is perfect:  Simplicity 8540 Epoch Evening Dress, Sash or Stole 1969 - and it's a rare uncut one.  A number of "cut complete" out there but this may be the only and last uncut in the world.  Just kidding.

Newer ones that I like this week are this Simplicity 7160 Breath of Fresh Air Dress & Belt 1991 and
another New Look 6781 Edgy Eighties' Supermodel Dress 1980's a right off the catwalk look.

Back to the couch and an ice pack on my foot.  Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 7074 Tres' Beau Thirties' Dress 1930's

Taking a day off to celebrate the founding of our country - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  There is so much of our history that has been overlooked or ignored and in some cases erased.  David Barton created Wallbuilders to keep our history alive.  Please check out his site:  WALLBUILDERS

Catch up day for me to post some listings for Monday and Tuesday that I didn't have time to do.  But some awesome ones to show you.

First!  Les Patrons Universels 7074 Tres' Beau Thirties' Dress 1930's one of a number that I recently obtained.  It is in factory folds!  It's also completely in French - a challenge for those of us who don't speak French.  Luckily there are a number of websites that translate from one language to another for free so that is an option.  Here's the one I frequently use:  FREETRANSLATION.COM

I will put one a day in starting tomorrow so check in - just looking at these patterns is a treat.  They are like artwork.

Another favorite from yesterday is this Simplicity 3794 Hollywood Golden Era Dress & Stole / ca. 1952 with a unique X look.  It is cut and "complete" - the front neck facing piece must have been damaged because there is an absolutely perfect reproduction of it.  Obviously it was traced with care.  The grey dress with the button X in front is the bomb.

Not terribly old but a winner still is this McCall's 5962 Yummy Yoked Jumpsuit 1978 

The Monday listing favorite is:  Mail Order 2450 Glady's Big Wide Bebop Skirt 1950's and I love it when the envelope has a name on it!  Gladys!  How great is that!

For sheer Mad Men elegance this Mail Order 4665 Stellar Scallop Necked Overblouse & Skirt 1966 makes me drool.

This next one keeps me thinking about the old 50's TV shows with the stay at home mom:  Parade Pattern 105 Perfect Fifties' Housewife's Dress 1950's.   The pieces are very rumpled - I was tempted to iron them but didn't get the time so I will let the new owner do that.  Rumpled pieces aren't attractive but are easily straightened.

Too many newer ones to post here but here is the link to all for Monday and Tuesday.  There are quite a few awesome ones including a Vogue Vintage Model and some New Looks too.