Thursday, November 29, 2012

DuPont Pattern 814 Fashion Maven's Dress 1939

What a fabulous bit of weather we are having.  This is why we live here in Yuma.  Three months of living on the face of the sun and the rest of the year heaven.  It's been in the low 80's and sunny and mild.  The hubby is out riding off road today - I am green with envy but after 5 days away getting caught up still.

I couldn't wait to feature this rare pattern.  I don't use the word "rare" lightly.  I haven't found anything about the maker except they were in textiles.  The pattern envelopes are slightly bigger than normal & the pattern itself is of "stiff" paper like a Kwik Sew pattern.  It is also multi-sized.  Odd indeed for the 1930's.  DuPont Pattern 814 Fashion Maven's Dress 1939

If you know anything about these patterns let me know!

One more to put in tomorrow - check in Friday it's another doozie.

For apron lovers this is a find:  McCall 1124 Perky Ruffled or Embroidered Apron + Transfer 1944 

The little front kicky ruffle is adorable.

It's always fun to find a pattern that still have the original sales receipt with it.  Advance 2729 Glowing Dress with Neckline Variations 1942 and check out the attached sales receipt.  There is also a clipping from the newspaper that isn't of the pattern itself but maybe just has the "look" the buyer wanted.

Looking for a classic but "different" dress & jacket combo?  McCall's 9170 Radiant Jacket & Sheath Dress 1998 is the ticket.  A "little black dress" & long sleek jacket that has a one button or loop at top for comfort.  The black view with the trim around the edge is very nice!

Nuthin' extra special with this blouse but it's really lovely and useful.  McCall's 5856 Just a Superb Blouse 1992 and I just plain like it!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anne Adams 4860 Atomic Bolero & Pencil Skirt 1954

First one for today is truly nuclear:  Anne Adams 4860 Atomic Bolero & Pencil Skirt 1954 - that spectacular bolero and tight tight skirt are on fire.

Going the other direction is this full skirted lovely - McCall's 3528 Glamorous Star Quality Dress 1955


Cute and casual McCall's 6385 Sweet & Casual Shirt, Skirt, Pants & Shorts 1993 for almost any day of the year.

Another casual wear that's irresistible:  McCall's 9043 Bee's Knees Jumper + Appliques 1997 


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

McCall's 5805 Voluptuous Dress with Two Skirts 1961

What a wonderful weekend we had!   Weather was perfect - in the mid-80's and only a light breeze.  Here is a shot of the group (minus me behind the camera) at Oldsmobile Hill at Glamis.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones!

Some extra awesome oldies put in today.  Here is the best of the best IMO which I have had before but worth featuring again:  McCall's 5805 Voluptuous Dress with Two Skirts 1961 a rare uncut one.  Put that off shoulder version with the tight skirt and set the world on fire!

A rare Du Barry shirtwaist dress is a real eye catcher:  Du Barry 5463 Disarming Dress with Dropped Waist / ca. 1942 - a factory folded pattern ready to be made.

What a fancy free one of a kind dress this one is:  Butterick 6805 Irresistible First Date Dress / ca. 1954.  That charming funnel neck is so classy.
The blouse & jacket are so prim but put in that tight skirt and bam!  Simplicity 2854 Hot Office Blouse, Skirt & Sleeveless Jacket / ca. 1959
Just got another of this pattern which is rather hard to find - Simplicity 9644 Hippie Chick's Belts, Hat, Cap & Shoulder Bag 1971
Definitely more vintage ones caught my eye to list than newer ones but here are a few that I like alot:
I have one in Size 6 that is a catalog pattern but then found this one with an envelope:  Vogue 8976 Fashion Diva Evening Dress 1980's - if you have a special event coming up this has got to be at the top of the list.
Grab this one quick - it went so fast last time I had it:  Butterick 6982 Hollywood Nightlife "It's A Wrap" 1988
Found some more of this pattern in various sizes:  Vogue 1195 Bohemian Jacket, Dress, Top, Skirt & Pants 1993
Versatile as can be is this McCall's 8988 Stand Out Knit Dress 1997 with a standing collar.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with the love of family and friends!  God Bless.

Please remember all our men and women in the armed forces both at home and abroad in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vogue 8049 Romantic Ribboned One-Piece Frock 1940's

One more day before the Thanksgiving Sale!  Check in tomorrow morning for the coupon code for 20% off.

First featured pattern is eye candy - Vogue 8049 Romantic Ribboned One-Piece Frock 1940's so very tasty on the senses.

Spectacular and very rare Butterick 7210 Signature Tuck-In Blouse or Overblouse 1930's - the waist darts add that extra touch of class by enhancing the waistline.

Here's another that I've had before.  Oddly it was marked a Marian Martin the first one I had but not this one.  Still a keeper though.  I do picture the "jumper" as a summer dress.  Mail Order 9142 Librarian Demure Blouse & Jumper / ca. Early 1950's

Here's another one I had and quickly sold - Simplicity 3158 Sure Winner Blouse & Skirt / ca. 1950 
Lovely new pattern to feature today:   Simplicity 2973 Light Dress or Top & Pants, City Shorts or Shorts 2008.  I like the "top" that looks so very much like a tunic - just a nice combo.
Just in time for cool weather a nice oversized - boho looking jacket for men or women.  McCall's 6684 Unisex Oversized Jacket 1993 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Marian Martin 9356 Irresistible Blouse & Jumper / ca. 1950's

Sure winner from the Fifties:  Marian Martin 9356 Irresistible Blouse & Jumper / ca. 1950's - I view this jumper as a summer dress actually.  Nicely shaped bodice with button trim, fitted waist, gently flared skirt - yep a winner.

Right out of those All American Forties' movies:  Anne Adams 4980 Girl Next Door Dress + Transfer 1940's 

If you're looking for that understated elegance - this dress is it with all capitals!

For featured new patterns this is one I've had before and it's back in stock!  Butterick 6408 Mystery Woman's Dress & Hooded Scarf 1999 - very hard to find and you can see why.

Not just your every jacket:  Simplicity 4953 Taking Care of Business Jacket 2004 which can be plain or fancy but so very versatile.

Another lovely one that is back in stock:  McCall's 9337 Graceful Bias Dress with Attached Slip & Shrug 1998


Friday, November 16, 2012

Butterick 6082 Crisp Sailor Collar Dress / ca. 1952

Featured pattern:  Butterick 6082 Crisp Sailor Collar Dress / ca. 1952 & though the collar is darling that full skirt & the big slide pockets sold me.  The envelope is pretty ratty but the pattern pieces are good.

Hollywood 1351 "14 Carat" Two-Piece Frock & Suspender Strap Skirt / ca. 1935 oh I wish I had a gazillion Hollywood Patterns.  This is in beautiful condition.  It's an Olivia de Havilland pattern.

My oh my!  McCall's 5248 Beau Monde Dress & Jacket 1959 so very spritely!  Throw that jacket back in the closet & step out in the dress.  The jacket is cut but the dress is UNCUT!

Yummy Simplicity 5408 Sophisticated Dress with Bateau Neckline 1964 a bit more conservative but still a refined beauty.
Here are a few newbies worth noting:  Vogue 2260 Casual or Cutting Edge Jacket 1999 - the white one in the middle is the one that caught my eye.

Oh too bad summer is gone!  But it will be back & be prepared:   Simplicity 8869 Delightful Back Wrapped Apron Dress 1994 a hard to find one that I've had before but it sold quickly!

The neckline on the right side dress is so attractive.  A winner:   Simplicity 9745 Cool Blouson Dress with Two Skirts 2001 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

McCall's 6633 TNT Bell Skirted Dress 1962

Such a pretty featured pattern today:  McCall's 6633 TNT Bell Skirted Dress 1962  Nicely fitted bodice with a slightly belled skirt - built in "hidden" pockets.  All in all very neat.

The late 1960's brings us this Simplicity 8142 Impeccable "Coat" Dress 1969 that is just so different in style.  Generational for sure.

This would have been featured first but I barely got it listed when it sold but it's too awesome to not show you:  Hollywood 1806 Intriguing Basque Jacket Blouse / ca. 1939 - I have some more from this era that I went thru last weekend so keep an eye peeled.

Here's one from Monday that makes me wish I had time to sew:  Simplicity 5833 Best Dressed One-Piece Dress & Cape / ca. 1964 just so elegant.

Heavenly item here with Simplicity 7969 Billowy Dress with Angel Sleeves 1977 - makes me think of a hippie hostess at a cocktail party!

Back to the 1950's for this siren dress:  Anne Adams R4769 Starlet's Dress with Sexy Bodice / ca. 1950's  oooh laaa laaa!

Here's a very unique pattern that is a "uniform" but could also just be a nifty jacket and dress:  4-H-1985 National 4-H Club Uniform Pattern / ca. Late 1930's 

Oh oh check out this Vogue - Vogue 4947 Haute One-Piece Dress & Jacket / ca. 1949 and again I have a couple more from this era to put in this or next week.

'Nuf for today - gotta get ready for tomorrow!



Thursday, November 8, 2012



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Hug a veteran - we can never do enough to thank them for all they do for us.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Butterick 8008 Chore Time Smock Top / ca. 1939

A quick reminder to stay tuned next Wednesday.  I will be going camping over the holiday weekend so starting Thursday thru Monday will be a big sale.   The coupon code will go in Thursday morning when we leave!

Some highlight vintage patterns starts with a real oldie: Butterick 8008 Chore Time Smock Top / ca. 1939  a very fashionable item for working in a lab or kitchen!  I imagine it could also just be used for a loose fitting top or even for maternity.
Now for a more dressy look:  Simplicity 4347 Showy One-Piece Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1962 - it's always hard to decide whether straight or flared skirt?

Newer patterns start out with Simplicity 2846 Tip Top Dress or Mini-Dress with Sleeve Variations 2008 and a lovely "starburst" look to the neckline.

A warm fleece pullover that I have in several sizes - just in time for cool weather and priced just right too!:  McCall's 9582 Unisex Pullover Polar Fleece Top & Hat 1998