Monday, August 31, 2009

Great find here! Woman's Day 5066 Button-Together Blouse, Halter, Skirt & Apron 1950's a very rare pattern. A retro housewife fashion for sure.

We all get emails of a dubious nature - proclaiming statements by people, or events that seem overblown. Well I found a great site that confirms or debunks urban myths and emails - and have used it alot. I never want to pass on an interesting email fact without confirming it. Check it out - it's a bit of a hassle with pop-ups but worth it.

Vintage Hollywood Sewing Patterns are very sought after and collectible. I've spent some time redoing my listings and ask for any and all opinions - Hollywood Sewing Patterns oh and also worked on Marian Martin Sewing patterns as well. Marian Martin patterns have run the gamut from 1940's (or even earlier) thru the 1970's

Retro 1940's Patterns - Listed Today

Retro 1950's Patterns - Listed Today

Retro 1960's Patterns - Listed Today

Retro 1970's Patterns - Listed Today

1980's Sewing Patterns - Listed Today

1990's Sewing Patterns - Listed Today

Friday, August 28, 2009

The pattern I was going to put in sold already so no teases. Butterick 5702 Magnifique Caftan + Embroidery Transfer 1970's will do instead. Caftans never go out of style and are incredibly popular. I can barely keep any in stock and this is a rare beauty with transfer.
I'm going to ask you readers to submit a picture of your favorite pattern - even if you don't own it but it is your dream pattern. Kind of a show and tell that will feature your pattern!
A bit of a shift here - and some very good news for my family. My husband age 52 was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months ago and had surgery on July 9 very successfully. He just had another PSA test and it was 0.00 the best of results. Cancer will eventually strike all of our families. No one is safe - education is the key. Because I lost my brother 6 years ago to prostate cancer my husband had a test every year without fail and it saved his life. Soooooo - have all your husbands, brothers, fathers and male friends from age 40 on get a PSA test. It's a simple blood test and could save a life. For more info on cancer research visit: The Lance Armstrong Foundation.
It's going to be 117 degrees today. That's the hottest so far this year. Later today my husband and I will eat an early dinner out and then go to The Mine Shaft and get in their pool with a swim up bar. I'll start out with a "Hard" Arnold Palmer (Iced Tea, Lemonade, Vodka) and then switch to just plain Iced Tea & Lemonade. My favorite stay cool refreshing drink. I will refuse to get out of the pool until it's dark!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love this blouse! Simplicity 2234 Illustrious Overblouse & Blouse + Transfer / ca. 1947. Now there's no hope of me ever wearing this snuggy top - well maybe in junior high. But for a svelte figure va va voom.

One of my customers has opened a website selling her one-of-a-kind ladies' wear and accessories. Her creations can be found at ML ORIGINALS so go on over and check her site out.

More revamping and work on my Advance Sewing Patterns section and for those of you that enjoy the classic design of an advance pattern look here: Advance Sewing Patterns

Listings for today:

Vintage 1940's Sewing Patterns

Vintage 1950's Sewing Patterns

Vintage 1960's Sewing Patterns

Vintage 1970's Sewing Patterns

1980's Sewing Patterns

1990's Sewing Patterns

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This dress blows my skirt up! Mail Order 3434 Retro Trophy Wife Pattern 1960's that looks straight out of Mad Men with a trophy wife who is tipsy while waiting for her husband to get home from work - sloshing too many martinis. I mean didn't all wives in the 60's dress like this every day? Thankfully those days are GONE!

My Favorite TV Shows: Eureka and Warehouse 13 on the Syfy channel. Eureka is a charming and clever "feel good" show. Warehouse 13 is another clever and funny show with a twist. With all that's going on in our world these are my escape when I can't watch the news anymore. What is your TV show favorite escape?

One of my favorite pattern makers are New Look - the 1980's before they were absorbed into Simplicity were the best. New Look Patterns were very feisty in styling - bold - unique. I've created a link here for you to check out New Look Sewing Patterns - so if you haven't checked them out before take a look!

Oh wait even more than the New Look Patterns are the Style Patterns. They are awesome. They are the perfect name - Style - check out the Style Sewing Patterns here.


Vintage 1940's Patterns

Vintage 1950's Patterns

Vintage 1960's Patterns

Vintage 1970's Patterns

1980's Patterns

1990's Patterns

Monday, August 24, 2009

Interesting Hollywood Pattern 845 "Market Boy" Two-Piece Frock 1930's which research states at 1940's but the style, and pricing indicate 1930's and Ann Dvorak made movies in the 20's and 30's. So it's got to be 1930's. Got a number of Hollywood patterns so keep an eye out.

Have any of you visited the Commercial Pattern Archive? It's way pricey to "join" but if you are wanting to do lots of research it might be worth it - or even get a group together to join as one. Sneaky huh LOL. They indicate right now a free online access to non-registered users but after I did some research I couldn't get back in. If you want to try use "guest" as ID and "pattern" as password. Let me know if you get in!

Here's another link to check out some new stuff on the website about McCall's Sewing Patterns - and Vogue Sewing Patterns - even criticism is welcomed - grin.

Vintage Hollywood Patterns

1940's Patterns

1950's Patterns

1960's Patterns

1970's Patterns

1980's Patterns

1990's Patterns

Friday, August 21, 2009

Interesting pattern here - Advance 400 Fantastic Half & Half Dress 1950's - which I researched diligently but couldn't find any similar. It has an odd number so I did guess at the dating but the style is certain 50's. This also didn't have a formal envelope as it was a mail order. Hmmmm. Anyone have any ideas or info on Advance mail order patterns? In any event this is an awesome fashion and if I didn't have the wrong shape for this I would try to make it. However being short and bubble-butted I think not - sigh.

Having a lovely cup of coffee right now and thought I would share my coffee lady with you. Patti at Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Company - being a total coffee snob I've been lucky to have found her and used her coffee beans for at least 8 years. Totally the best I have ever had. And no she didn't ask me to do this LOL - no money changed hands, etc. - I just love to rave about the quality of her coffee. Anyone else love coffee?

Hope you all have a super weekend. I won't be posting again until Monday as I just want to play all weekend and maybe go swimming at the river. I mean summer won't last forever!

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1970's Sewing Patterns

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1990's Sewing Patterns

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bada bing bada boom! This is one rare baby. And it's complete in factory folds. Now who wouldn't make this dress - are they nuts?! Hollywood 1501 Sensational Starlet Evening Gown & Cape / ca. 1945

I have nowhere to wear this - in Yuma my dress shoes are rhinestoned flip flops. Do you have an event to wear this to? A dream event? Let me know what you dream of going to wearing this charmer.

Definitely a starlet or movie star fashion for the golden age of movies. They just don't make them like this anymore.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This jewel was hidden in the bottom of a box - Laura Wheeler 110 Irresitible Hostess Apron + Transfer 1937. When I researched it I didn't find any others on the internet but there was an "advertisement" page from a 1937 newspaper or magazine which I printed out and is included. This apron purposely omitted the shoulder straps and band because "they are straight strips." This pattern is truly a treasure!

Send me pictures of your favorite aprons and I'll post them for all to see!

Some of the nicest and of course the most expensive patterns are Vogue Sewing Patterns - I am redoing the way they are listed. Check it out: I also found a ton of newish 80's and 90's uncut vogue sewing patterns and will be listing them soon!

Today's listings and there are a bunch of old beauties:

1940's Sewing Patterns

1950's Sewing Patterns

1960's Sewing Patterns

1970's Sewing Patterns

1980's Sewing Patterns

1990's Sewing Patterns

Monday, August 17, 2009

So many to choose from today. I went thru tons of my old patterns (I have boxes in the closet) and listed a bunch today & more tomorrow. This dress is nice but the cape collar "makes" the dress. Butterick 9323 Tight Starlet Dress - Huge Cape Collar / ca. 1960
I also dug out a Butterick 5230 Seven Way Wonder Dress 1970's which is super rare. I found only two others on the internet and even cut the stinkin' things were over $50! Get outta here! Okay I did list it a bit high but it is rare and sought after. It is so versatile and unique too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This dress shouts "snob" - a slight nose in the air and she's just not looking at anyone who isn't someone. But who can resist? V-slits in sleeves and bodice of dress. Mail Order 9341 Wonderful White House Dress - Wow Bodice! 1960's

Well it's Saturday and this is it for me - got my patterns ready last night and they are up already. Today we are going out on the motorcycle (it's been 110-115 degrees lately but who's checking) for a benefit ride (a short one thank the Lord) for the Boys & Girl's Club of Yuma. We start at the LZ Harley Dealer (though we have a Kawasaki they will condescend to let us sign in LOL) and then ride to some different bars and there will be raffles etc. As hot as it is I imagine more water than beer will be consumed. Then we end up at Parrish's restaurant for lunch and more raffles. Price of burger & fries & beverage included with entry.

Wish me luck in not getting heat stroke!

Listings Today:

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1970's Sewing Patterns

1980's Sewing Patterns

1990's Sewing Patterns

Friday, August 14, 2009

WEEKEND SALE JUST FOR YOU! Use Coupon Code PRESENT at checkout to get 15% off your order and happy shopping!

Vogue 7358 Mama Mia Strapless Tunic or Dress, Scarf & Pants 1980's - The perfect summer combo. Whether a pool party, luau or strolling on the beach this strapless tunic / dress is a beauty.
Here's more of what listed this morning:
Hope you all have a very lovely weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What more can I say about this pattern? In one word - WOW! Simplicity 3161 Glamorous Day or Evening Blouse & Skirt 1930's.

Have any of you ever visited the Vintage Sewing Pattern Wiki? A great resource for vintage sewing patterns. Many of the patterns have pictures and info only but many have links for sellers. It's fun to just sift thru it and drool.

Here's another updated link on my site for Butterick Sewing Patterns - any comments?

Here's what listed today:

1940's Sewing Patterns

1950's Sewing Patterns

1960's Sewing Patterns

1970's Sewing Patterns

1980's Sewing Patterns

1990's Sewing Patterns

New 2000's Sewing Patterns

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The perfect dress & bolero jacket for that summer garden party for the manor born. Strappy sun dress with fold over bodice and notched jacket. Put on sunblock! No one can resist wearing this outside so everyone can see! Advance 5190 Sunny Sun Dress & Notched Bolero / ca. 1949.
Here are all my listings for today:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So sorry I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday! The weekend sale gave me lots of extra orders and I spent all day yesterday packing them up.

Here is my featured pattern for the day: McCall's 3455 Cheeky Bodysuit & Reversible Wrap-Skirt 1972 with just the cutest pockets ever. The tulip pocket is terrific. I couldn't find this pattern anywhere and this one is uncut to boot.
I put in a bunch of very hard to find 1970's McCall's patterns today too.
Just purchased a ton of 1940's and 1950's pattern lots that should be arriving later this week so check next week for a bunch of oldies. I have quite a few from those eras sitting by my couch to go thru and hope to have some listed in the next few days too. But I am quite excited about the ones to come as they look awesome!
Working on making my website more searchable and looking for some feedback on the setup. Put in some maker info starting with Simplicity so click on this link and let me know how workable it is for you for simplicity sewing patterns :
As I redo more I'll post links so you can give me feedback. My goal is to make it smoother for you to find just the patterns you are looking for!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SALE STARTING TODAY for my bloggers only! I'm heading to Los Angeles early tomorrow for a much needed visit with my sissy. Use coupon code BLOGFORFUN at checkout. The "official" sale will be posted tomorrow morning on the website but I wanted to give you all first pick! I'll be gone until late Sunday and the sale will end when I get home. All orders will ship Monday or Tuesday - all depending on how quickly I can get the orders together.

Featured pattern today is this stellar "car" coat. Simplicity 5415 Oh So Retro Short Coat 1964. The short version is my fav - great for evening or with a pair of jeans. Dressy or casual. Okay I love it! Reminds me of a coat I had in the 8th grade - okay confession time - I could have made this coat in my sewing class in the 8th grade in 1964.

I've come across a bunch of 40's to 60's kids and toddler patterns a number of which are uncut or unused. Listed a few yesterday and more today. So if you need to start on school clothes for your kids check them out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In spite of putting in some lovely 1940's patterns today this is my favorite. It's a maternity pattern but forget about that - this is a very smooth style and not just for moms-to-be. McCall's 2769 Divine Maternity Separates 1971 - Yoked Dress or Blouse, Long Vest & Pants. I'm a sucker for those long vests!
Here's what else got listed:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Late checking in. We are almost completely re-doing the pattern website. I was so new at this 3 years ago and so much wasn't how I wanted it to be. Talk about moving pictures and files being a project - that's an understatement. Got a bunch of costume patterns listed for today (most of them fairly new) and a few newish "retro" aprons and dress. Also listed some interesting old sewing books for tomorrow. My feature for today will list tomorrow but I just couldn't wait. Simplicity 4755 Winter Wonderland Boy's & Girl's Snow Suit 1940's for a child size 8 breast 26. It is a pre-cut version and is complete and includes the original transfer. The envelope is a mess but the pattern is ready for lift off. Super rare - I couldn't find any others on the internet. Just love the little peaky or helmet hoods. Get your kids ready for winter!

Here is what listed for today:

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