Monday, April 30, 2012

SALE STARTING TOMORROW!  20% off for you readers just use coupon code SPRINGTIME and enjoy your shopping.  I need a spring break for sure.  I will be back on Sunday and all paid orders ship Monday a week from today or Tuesday.

Featured pattern is a summer "must have" - Simplicity 9927 Tropi-Cool Vacation Halter Dress 1972 and grab it quick before I change my mind!  So what if it's not my size?

Have a planned cruise or trip to a tropical island this summer?  This is all you need.  By itself or over a bathing suit.

Been spending way too much time at the vets with two aging cats.  Very stressful - for all of us.  Pugsley has failing kidneys so I am babying him with special food and trying to get weight on him.  Little Girl with severe lameness.  She got a full realm of x-rays today and no noticable severe arthritis so it's an unexplained lameness - which my vet researched and it is all too common.  Treatment is the same basically.  They had to put her out so she is one ticked off sleepy cat.

Featured new is Vogue 2912 Cutting Edge Blouse 2006 with a very distinct and unique look to it.  I picture a brocade in an Asian pattern.  Didn't look to see if that suited the recommended fabric it's just what I pictured in my head.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Anne Adams 4760 Jazzy Dress with "Faux" Wrap Affect 1970

Featured pattern today is Anne Adams 4760 Jazzy Dress with "Faux" Wrap Affect 1970 - not a true wrap dress as it zips up the back and has a drape across the front.  Nice look!  It does feature a sleeve though I prefer the sleeveless version. The style comes right on the heels of the late 60's look - check out the hairdo.  Tall & teased.

Check out this new site I found called Craftsy - I haven't had the time to really look thru it but it has stuff from Susie Homemaker to Edgy Edna.  Note the lady with the Betty Page look!  Well now I've gone completely over the edge in my search to show you a picture of Betty Page LOL.  Another fun site featuring Betty Page Clothing styles

Here is one of my favorite Betty Page pictures - oh wait can't put that one up.  Okay she was a bad girl - lots of rather naughty pictures including her scantily clad with whips and things like that.   Hmmm well here's one that isn't too bad - :  I hadn't quite realized how risque her pictures were - I'm more into her pictures with her in clothes LOL.

Way more pics of her without most of her clothes than with her in a dress.  I'll probably be logged onto some pornography site by mistake bwahhahaaa.  Think I'll stop searching before I get into trouble.

Had a lovely weekend with my husband - it was his 55th birthday yesterday.  What alot of whining went on.  Other than that I had fun too.  We went to the river and did some cruising, had a lovely lunch at Hidden Shores, did some fishing and got lots of sun.  It was 103 which was actually nice on the river.  Not quite swimming season - the river has a long ways to go before jumping in.
With summer around the corner here's a summer dress that is a multi-sized one:  Simplicity 6022 Ultra Feminine Dress 1990's
I have had this one several times and it always flies out the door so look quick!

Friday, April 20, 2012

American Weekly 3841 Extraordinary Peplum Dress 1940's

I received a huge box of the most awesome old patterns yesterday.  I listed a number today that were uncut but over 100 still to count pieces for completeness.  Keep an eye out for next week's listings.

A few extras listed today because of their uniqueness.  The first featured is:  American Weekly 3841 Extraordinary Peplum Dress 1940's - it doesn't get any more forties looking than this dress.

My research didn't bring up even one of this pattern.  Very rare.  This is in factory folds -

Next is : Simplicity 3766 Enchanting Slip & Petticoat / ca. 1952  which is a misses' size but I visualize a teen getting ready for a Bill Haley & the Comets concert or maybe Ritchie Valens - La Bamba!

For doll lovers check this pattern out:  McCall 1203 French & Chinese Boy & Girl Character Dolls with Clothes + Transfer 1945 just an amazing old doll pattern.  It is unused - hard to believe.

If you love Raggedy Ann and Andy there is an original 1963 pattern:  McCall's 6941 Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Stuffed Dolls & Clothes 1963 and also a Barbie and Fashion Doll clothes pattern: 

Well it's almost spring and then summer but this coat is a lightweight one and the attached scarf collar is so attractive.  Great for a cool evening:  Simplicity 6020 Easygoing Coat with Scarf Collar 1990's 
What a nice skirt!  Butterick 4788 Festive Petticoat & Skirt 1987 - I like the tops that were pictured with it.  Be creative

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TAX DAY EEEKKKKKKKK!  No listings - working on getting stuff to the accountant - I want to hang myself LOL

Monday, April 16, 2012

Anne Adams 4920 Nob Hill Sheath Dress / ca. 1950's

Decisions Decisions - a number of unique patterns listed today but this one rings my bell:  Anne Adams 4920 Nob Hill Sheath Dress / ca. 1950's 

The drape affect with embellishment is a doozie.  Without that feature it's a lovely dress but nothing distinct.  Some designer is brilliant.

Put in a fun bathroom decor pattern today that brings back some memories:  Butterick 3181 Retro Decorator Bath Accessories 1970's

The organizer would be great for a small apartment or house with a small bathroom.  I can see a single guy or gal making use of this unique pattern.  Would be so tempted to make the colors kitschy orange and avocado like the 70's.  Remember?

Featured new today makes me visualize the 40's and the dance-a-thons they had - McCall's 9338 Swingtime Dress with Hot Bodice Variations 1998.  Remember the movie Swing Shift with Goldie Hawn?  That sweetheart bodice whether regular or halter is a winner.

There's also a Vogue that is extra nice:  Vogue 8718 Work of Art Boho Top & Skirt 1993 and a couple of Simplicity New Look Patterns that are hard to find and very pretty.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sue Burnett 8209 "Tailored Excitement" Dress & Belt - "Tricky Squared Waist" 1940's

What a great look this has:  Sue Burnett 8209 "Tailored Excitement" Dress & Belt - "Tricky Squared Waist" 1940's.  This is one of those patterns with a detailed description that is so fun.  Words like "Tricky" LOL

 I'm throwing in another vintage pattern that strikes me.  The "pinch" waisted look with wide shoulders is so "Joan Crawford":

For the featured new it's a classic Vogue:
Vogue 7061 Double-Take Dress & Top 1987- this is a smaller size 6-10 but I have another one on order.  So if you like this one check again in about a week for the larger size.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anne Adams 4765 Helen's Sleek Summer Dress 1973

Looking for that perfect summer dress?  Here it is - Anne Adams 4765 Helen's Sleek Summer Dress 1973

It does have a short or long sleeve version but just ignore that fact and keep it sleeveless!  Nicely stitched to accentuate a figure. I picture a solid fabric for some reason.  A busy pattern would detract from the nice lines - IMO only!

Have to get moving on planting my herb garden.  Nothing like fresh herbs - there are some breads I want to try making with fresh herbs too.  I have a small wheeled table all set up with pots and a stack of seeds in packages.  Now I just have to get them planted.

Featured new is a Burda that caught my eye.  Wish I was young enough to pull this off:  Burda 8772 Euro Chic Hooded Dress 2000's

A dark fabric would keep it rather goth looking - I picture a bright solid maybe yellow or even a pastel to throw over a bathing suit at the beach.  Cute style and lots of options.

 Remember the "Ice Cream of the Future" ? Dip 'N Dots?  I don't think they call it that anymore but they are still out there doing business.  My husband's bosses' son not only works at the shop too but has a Dip 'N Dots side business.  I'm telling you I am addicted.  I could have all the free Dips I want but hey just can't take advantage LOL.  County fair this weekend and I plan on Dottin' up.  The Pecan is my favorite!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Vogue 6830 Fifth Avenue Dress with Double Collar / ca. 1949

Found a number of old Vogue patterns and this is my favorite:  Vogue 6830 Fifth Avenue Dress with Double Collar / ca. 1949- it is missing the belt piece but truly - who cares?  The most meaningless piece in the world LOL.  A double collar in front and single in back.  Very high society!

Had a fun time camping.  Weather was in the 90's so this is the last trip until next fall.  Sadly most of our friends couldn't make this last outing but we are hoping they can come for a visit this summer and go out in the boat with us.  Our friends Jeff & Ronna and Martin and his daughter came last year and had so much fun they are coming back the weekend after Memorial Weekend.  Off roading in the winter and boating in the summer.

I'm putting in a link to a 1980's pattern for the heck of it - what a neat style for this dress.  It's a bit Holly Golightly -
Simplicity 8349 Spritely Dress with Shoulder Buttons 1987 and I have it in two sizes.  Very rare.  Have a feeling these will go fast as they are so unique.

The featured new pattern is McCall's 9293 Playful Tie Front Pants & Skirt 1998 which I had last year and found another one.  It went fast too so if it suits you get there quick!

Our county fair starts later this week.  It doesn't compare to the big ones like LA County but it's quite fun and always a treat to see and touch and play with all the animals.  I have to pet each and every pig, sheep, goat, etc.

Hope you all are having a great spring and end of cold season at long last.  Spring is in the air here too.

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