Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I just looked at the calendar and realized that April 15th is only days away and I haven't touched my taxes.  Okay I am freaking out.  I am setting everything aside and won't be listing anything until after April 15th and in fact I won't even be doing any emails or Facebook or Pinterest - arghhhhhh!  I swear every year I won't do this but ......

While I am cussing and crying and tearing my hair out I need to have a sale to ease my conscience of ignoring my website.

USE COUPON CODE 15APRIL during checkout to get your discount.

The sale starts right now and ends midnight April 15th AZ time.  Happy shopping and wish me luck - or better yet say a few prayers that I don't owe too much - grin.

May all of you have refunds and not owe anything



Friday, March 21, 2014


If one has to in their golden years (hee hee) get a part time job no one, absolutely no one, is as lucky as I am.  Being a rabid animal lover I happened to be in our local pet store just a short way from where I live buying kitty food and asked them if they needed help.  They said "you're hired!" - they have been friends and even attend the same church that we do so it's working with friends and I get to pet and hold every animal that comes in.  It's a pet friendly store so all kinds of dogs come for a visit.  They don't sell pets only supplies luckily.

It has taken up quite a bit of my free time so my blogs will be brief if at all - except for letting you know about sales!

If you want to see what is the best of my postings I am now on Pinterest.  I so want to preserve the best of the vintage patterns and unique patterns so that people will always be able to access the pictures.  Here is a link to my Pinterest

I'm really enjoying putting other fun things up on Pinterest as well.  Favorite recipes, pet pictures, favorite websites, etc. 

Having a sale to start off the beginning of spring!  So 20% off all purchases from right now until Monday Night midnight AZ time.  I meant to start the sale yesterday but got home late so an extra day to shop.

Use coupon code SPRINGTIME to get your discount.  I'll ship on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oh oh - I just finished a really interesting book and thought I would share with you.  If you haven't read Divergent give it a try.  IMO it's not as well written as I had hoped but the concept is truly original.  A bit too "teen romance" between the main character and a trainer but again the story itself is really interesting.  I have a feeling the movie will be better.  I downloaded the audio book and enjoyed the narrator too.  Just downloaded the audio of Insurgent and looking forward to seeing what else happens!  Not near as good as the Hunger Games series but worth a read.

Enjoy your spring and I hope that wherever you live that you are enjoying warmer temps than we've had.  Okay well Arizona has been great but I know that most of the middle and east coast have been slammed with awful weather.  You deserve a warm spring!

Friday, February 14, 2014


The sale starts right now and will go thru Monday night midnight Arizona time.  Lots of time to shop.

I am still working my way thru that batch of 80's patterns and am trying to put a few in every day.  Most of them are pretty scarce or even rare. 

Here are some of the outstanding vintage ones I've put in the last week or so:


Monday, January 6, 2014

McCall's 6577 Ethereal Bodysuit, Pants, Gossamer Skirt & Cover-Up 1979

Happy New Year!

Oh my gosh why did 2013 scream by at warp speed?  I think it's called getting old.

The last few weeks I have obtained a lady's collection of several hundred 1980's patterns and they were overall fantastic.  I spent alot of my time off scanning them but not editing most of them - yet.  I did put in a number of them today that I had already listed in the past but they were out of stock.  Luckily I retain all my pictures so relisting was easy.  Oh oh another great mention is that most of the patterns had duplicates in different sizes.  Nothing worse than loving a pattern that isn't in your size. 

The holidays were quiet - spent with Harry's mom and some dear friends.  I hate traveling during Christmas but it's hard not to be with my sister and her husband.  She promises to come visit soon though!

New Year's Eve was spent at home eating pulled pork with friends and sitting out by the fire pit until about 11:30 when we all couldn't make it LOL.  By the time we got into bed it was a few minutes before midnight so we at least were semi-awake and heard fireworks.  My how times change - grin.

No resolutions - I gave them up years ago so I don't get disappointed in myself.  But I am trying to read The Bible more often, and get to be a better cook, do more gardening, and get some chickens!

Speaking of cooking, I no longer buy the spices and herbs in the stores.  I discovered a great website that sells everything I could possibly want at reasonable prices, and free shipping.  After my first few purchases I am completely sold on only using the freshest herbs and spices.  Smelling and tasting - there is just no comparison.  Baking alot and using cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, etc. the great fresh spices make such a difference in the end product.  Check them out at MY SPICE SAGE

Here is my favorite of the ones listed today - sadly only the one but it's sure to go quickly so if it's your size grab it.

Here's a quick link to my listing today - just a quick blog to let you know that I'm back listing after several weeks off:


Saturday, December 21, 2013


I am taking the time from today until January 5th at midnight off so a big time Christmas and end of year sale starts right now.  25% OFF ALL ORDERS!  I need to reduce my inventory big time.  My idea is to scale back to a more manageable amount in my listings due to health issues.  I still have boxes and boxes of great patterns to list but am holding off until my pattern room inventory is greatly reduced.

Use the coupon code PRAISE during checkout to get your discount.  Mailing will be spotty because of my running around getting ready for Christmas and also because of the two holidays and post office closings.  I will try and get your paid orders out within a few days of purchase.

Happy shopping and may you all have a most blessed Christmas filled with the love of family and friends.

God Bless! 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Use Coupon Code BIGTHANKS during checkout to get your discount.  This will be the last sale until Christmas so if you are wanting to make a special Christmas gift, or decoration or make that special outfit for Christmas or New Years now is the time!

The sale will end Sunday night at midnight AZ time.  All paid orders ship Monday or Tuesday.

May you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving filled with family and friends.  God Bless!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

McCall's 6515 Fashion Diva's Smocked Hats 1962

Only a high of 77 today - what a great break in the weather for us.  Our blood is so thin I'm actually wearing a sweater.

Keep an eye out for the Thanksgiving holiday sale that I will start probably on that Thanksgiving day or the evening before.  I am committed to reducing my inventory to be at about 4000 so almost 3000 patterns will be deleted or relisted at a reduced price.  Every day I check to see what old listings haven't sold and decide what will stay and what will go.  Anything I already have a picture of I will list so not to waste all the time and effort it took me to do the work but I will only be buying the more scarce and collectible patterns from now on.  The more I can stay off the keyboard the easier on my hands.

Do you have any special dishes that you make for Thanksgiving?  Our family tradition always includes creamed pearl onions.  I added the use of feta or goat cheese to enrich the white sauce and it has become an even bigger hit in the family.  Also - my brandied cranberries.  OMG have you seen the price of cranberries???  Well of course the prices of everything has skyrocketed.  I bought some extra bags of cranberries and have dehydrated them.  They are handy to have on hand when making breads or adding to cereal.  Crossing my fingers that they go on sale so I can stock up my cubbard - which reminds me I need to get more mason jars.

I've been making my own yogurt lately and though it's a bit of work it's so worth the effort.  So rich and creamy.  Once it's made I drain a can of mandarin oranges, squeeze the juice out (to keep the yogurt richer), add a banana and a little sugar, and some vanilla, and a few tablespoons of lime juice, blend until smooth and then freeze in small containers for my evening snack or even breakfast.  I've made all kinds of flavors but this is my favorite.

Also made a batch of mascarpone cheese that is so rich I want to wear pearls while tasting it.  The mascarpone chicken last night will make a wonderful leftover dinner tonight.  On Tuesdays we have Bible study so cooking is a hassle.  I made some blueberry ice cream and some lemon bread for snacks for the study group.

A couple of big winners today to put in:

McCall's 6515 Fashion Diva's Smocked Hats 1962 the style so very reminescent of Jackie Kennedy's "Pillbox" look.  A rare unused pattern.  Hats don't seem to be  in style like they used to be which is a shame.

Mail Order 2886 Sexy Summer Dress / Early 1950's - don't you wish you had seen this before cool weather set in?  Well you have all winter to find the right fabric if you snatch it up now.  It comes to you Factory Folded.  Neat little button shoulder and side buttons too.  Maybe more important than the fabric would be the buttons ....

Every inch shouts Classic Mod for this Butterick 5593 Mod Fashionista's Dress & Scarf / ca. 1969
Back to striaghtening my house - how can it be such a disaster in only one week?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Butterick 2299 Roaring Twenties Frock 1920's

Trying to start the week out with a posting - yay!  Had a couple of awesome listings today that I had to share.  A couple from last week get "honorable mention too" -
Butterick 2299 Roaring Twenties Frock 1920's that has remained unused and factory folded for almost 100 years.  In remarkably great condition.

 This rare ready is also unused and went in last week. 
Patrons Francais Echo 4126 / Turn of the Century Skirt / Early 1900's.  You have to wonder how they survived much less remained unused.  

This one is truly priceless and again not used - Simplicity 2565 Hot Tamale Dress & Cummberbund / ca. 1958

 Nothing more flattering than a 60's sleeveless dress with just that perfect "look" to it.  Does anyone watch Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia?  I think it's on the Cooking Channel.  They both wear 40's to 50's vintage outfits and I always look forward to their shows to see what they are wearing.  It's a fun and funny show too.
That refined front fools people - when you turn around it's a big wow!
This next one was listed last week and don't be fooled by the envelope.  It's uncut and factory folded.  A real classic.  Butterick 9472 Two Skirted Jumper & Jacket / ca. 1960
Striking tiny little Jacket!  Advance 2860 Patsy Cline Jacket & Dress / ca. 1962 - also unused.  The dress is nice but that jacket truly makes the outfit.  I would love that little jacket with a turtlneck sweater and a pair of jeans even. 
Marian Martin 9310 Dynamite Low Waisted Dress 1950's - with the right figure this would be so flattering.  That low waist however wasn't ever meant to be worn by me boo hoo.

Friday, November 8, 2013

On November 11 we all celebrate our past and present Veterans for their service.  Many gave the ultimate sacrifice and are buried in foreign countries.  My Grandfather Richard Warren Strong died on November 3, 1918 just days before Armistice.  My mother was born on December 17 and never knew him.  Richard Warren Strong

If any of you have family members who died overseas during WW1 or WW2 there is a wonderful website that will help you locate where they are buried.  It is called the American Battle Monuments Commission.


 Lots of things going around in my head.  My FMS has limited my ability to do as much as I have in the past as I indicated in the previous posting.  At this time I am going to reduce my stock at my store by not restocking as many new (not vintage - those will still be listed as often as I find them) that aren't as interesting or eye catching.  The "generic" patterns will be reduced.  As they are sold I will not relist the less interesting patterns.  I want to reduce my stock by 1/3 for now.  I am working toward a manageable but still profitable site (the more hours I put in the more sales I make and I am willing to work less to generate less sales).  From close to 7000 I want to weed out to about 4000 still maintaining great patterns and choice.  When I get to that point I will see how I am able to handle it.  I have checked into Etsy and that is also a possibility if I find that maintaining a 4000 level is still a difficulty.  Lots of options!  I really don't like selling on Ebay so that won't be in the future but I know that most sellers on Etsy are happy so if I go that way I know I can maintain a great variety of collectible patterns and have it be manageable.

The first step to lowering my stock are more frequent sales (which I have been having because of my listing difficulty).

Sale Starts NOW and Ends MONDAY Night at Midnight AZ Time

Use Coupon Code HONORVETS during checkout to get your discount.

May you all have a blessed and safe holiday weekend.  Be sure and give honor, praise and blessings to all our Veterans.  God Bless Them All!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Forgive my slackness in giving you all updates and info on my pattern listings.  My FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) has really spiked the last few months affecting my hands and arms.  Some days I can't even do my listings.  When I am able to list the thought of posting on my blog makes me cringe.  I may not be as consistent as I used to be or want to be but hang in there. 

Before I found out I had FMS I had never even heard of it.  If I had I would have thought someone made it up or it was all in their head.  Well this is a good life lesson to not judge.  I wish it was all in my head.  I've done alot of research on the subject and sometimes knowledge is a dangerous thing - grin.  If you have, or know someone who suffers from FMS you know how disruptive it is for someone to cope day to day.  Fibromyalgia Network for info.

Since I haven't been listing as much, but still collecting (any time I go to town I hit the thrift stores and of course weekends are full of yard sales and estate sales) my pattern storage is a disaster.

I will try to do better next week but in the meantime help me decrease my patterns so I can start reducing the piles in my storage room.  SALE TIME!

20% off all orders from right now until Sunday night at midnight AZ time.  Use coupon code CLEANOUT during checkout.

Great time to prepare your fall and winter wardrobe.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Butterick 9465 Hot Tamale Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1960

I am so enchanted with Pinterest!  Of course I put in pattern pictures but it's fun to have boards with recipes, pet pictures and just "stuff" - if you haven't tried it do it.  I think you'll enjoy it.  My Pinterest Link

My poor boy cat Tobey has allergies so he and my husband (who has them too) have been sneezing up a storm.  I did take him to the vet who gave him a shot for allergies and also an antibiotic just in case he was getting an upper respiratory virus.  I have spent days dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing all the bedding and instead of hanging them outside (at 100+ degrees outside who needs a dryer?) I've been using my dryer to avoid any pollen getting on them.  I even washed the couch pillows.  Sheesh.  Oh also switched his cat litter to a non-dusty brand.  His sneezing has subsided alot.  The cat - not my husband.  Ouch just noticed that I did all that cleaning for the cat and not the husband.  How bad is that LOL.

Speaking of cat litter.  My boy is so fussy he hates to set foot in the litter box but he is such a good boy! (BTW I keep the box pristine and even change is about every 3 to 4 days)  He does this spidery act to balance on the sides of the box and then moves into position.  When I spotted him doing this the first time I couldn't stop laughing.  He of course looked indignant that I saw him and laughed.  Here he is doing his balancing act.

Not super old but just a great useable blouse - Simplicity 8927 Form Fitted Blouse 1970 that is very figure flattering.

A classic sheath dress that follows those curves or choose a big flared skirt!  Butterick 9465 Hot Tamale Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1960

Sadly this is a junior pattern but if you are small this could be yours. McCall's 4180 Jumper or Top & Closet Accessory Bag 1974 is so very hippie girl looking.

This poor pattern envelope is very beat up and age discolored but don't let that stop you.  When I think of the words - refined or dignified - they fit this combo.  Simplicity 8396 Refined Jacket, Top, Skirt & Pants 1977.  It's a plus size pattern with style!

Quite a few really nice tops and jackets from Vogue put in today that really caught my eye.  Check them out here:



Friday, September 27, 2013

Posting at long last - and what better way to start than with!


Use coupon code TIME4FALL during checkout to get your discount.

Sale starts right now and ends Monday night midnight.  That makes 4 days to shop!  I will mail paid orders next Tuesday or Wednesday.

With fall literally right around the corner and winter close behind it's time to put away the shorts and summer dresses.  Darn.  To make yourself feel better shop now for a new warm jacket or coat or outfit that keeps you comfortable in cold weather.

So many different styles, lengths and sizes of coats to go thru for just that right one:  COAT PATTERNS

For not so cold days or for those cool offices at work:  JACKET PATTERNS

For a complete ensemble for work or leisure time:  PANTSUIT PATTERNS

Stay warm in your profession both retro and new styles:  SUIT PATTERNS

Put away those summer dresses:  LONG SLEEVE DRESSES

To help in your searches here are some more "keywords" I put in when I list every pattern.

Semidress - means a bit dressy, for a date, can wear to work or dinner out.  Not just for dresses but also for tops and skirts, tops and pants and even dressy pantsuits and suits.  You can narrow any search by using semidress with the word dress, or top and skirt, etc.

Career - Suitable for work, often interchangeable with "semidress" - again you can narrow your search with what you are looking for.  i.e. dress, pantsuit, suit, top and skirt

Many patterns have interchangeable uses.  Depending on your item selection with what the pattern offers your outfit can be casual, ready to wear to work or going out on a date and to a party.

Using keywords helps narrow your search to exactly what you are looking for.  Other keywords:

Tops only:  toponly (includes shirts, tops, blouses).  These patterns are literally only tops.

Pants patterns only:  panonly

Skirt patterns only:  skonly

Want something extra fancy?  Use these keywords alone or together.  evening wear, formals, prom, cocktail party and, as always you can include the word dress or top and skirt, etc.

If you want a fancy party outfit that has a halter top use the word halter in your search.  i.e. halter dress or halter top to narrow your search.

Other fancy outfit keywords:  strapless, spaghetti strap, wiggle

Well off to do some baking today.  I ran a MIL errand to Phoenix yesterday and my poor back is trashed today so I am glad to not be sitting at my desk listing.  

OH OH OH!  I just love pinterest.  I have spent alot of time (time I should have been blogging) posting pattern pictures on pinterest.  I think it's important to keep these beautiful patterns for people to find and admire.  When doing research on my listings I kept running into patterns on pinterest.  I'm doing some personal stuff on it too but any vintage or extra nice newer pattern gets put in too.  Check out my recipes which are ones I have made and already love.


Friday, August 23, 2013


Use Coupon code VACATIONSALE during checkout and get 20% off your entire order.  I'll be back on Tuesday 9/3 so all paid orders go out 9/4 or 9/5.  The sale will end Monday night at midnight on 9/2.  Lots of time to shop and shop again.

Have a wonderful upcoming holiday weekend and God Bless!

Hectic week getting ready to take a vacation and still list patterns.  My apologies - so many great new and vintage patterns listed this week.

Here are some quick links:






Friday, August 2, 2013


All paid orders ship Monday or Tuesday - Happy Shopping

Butterick 5925 High Waisted Dress & Coat / ca. 1970

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  August is here - perfect time to go to the lake or river.  Whether boating or fishing or picnicing with family and friends it's summer time so go outside and enjoy the sun.  But - remember the sun block and wear a hat!
If you haven't read the book or seen Marcus Luttrell being interviewed I highly recommend reading the book Lone Survivor.  A true American hero.  I am looking forward to seeing the movie which Marcus says is absolutely accurate - that it is exactly what he sees in his dreams every night.  This is a picture of the four Seals with Marcus on the right.  A link to the movie trailer is  below.
This is a true mod fashion statement outfit - Butterick 5925 High Waisted Dress & Coat / ca. 1970.  It has everything you need for a cool fall or winter day when you are being stylish.

You know when a pattern includes the description "frock" it is old!  Mail Order 8121 Elegantly Tailored Frock / ca. 1940's.  The shoulder tucks are truly elegant.

Not old but really useful is this Simplicity 9868 Oversized Top & Slim Boho Pants 1990 which is multi-sized from size 6 to size 24.  The drawstring top is just darling.

That's it for today!  Got finished early and now off to do chores.  Ick.  Laundry, cleaning, etc.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Butterick 5971 Simply Divine Frock with Two-Piece Skirt / ca. 1934

Well didn't get any in yesterday but wow check out some of the awesome patterns put in today.  I got a nice package of vintage patterns yesterday that I scanned and got ready to list.  Put several of the bunch in today.  Just couldn't wait.

Sadly some people who list bunches of patterns for sale just don't do their research.  Maybe they are just glad to get rid of them after a family member passes away or just cleaning out the sewing room. 

This one tops my lists of "finds" lately:  Butterick 5971 Simply Divine Frock with Two-Piece Skirt / ca. 1934.  I always hold my breath when I get old patterns that have been stated to be unused.  Much of the time they are as advertised but sometimes ... this one however did not disappoint!  It is FACTORY FOLDED.  It doesn't take much imagination to see this outfit on a woman during the Great Depression.

Another from this batch is this Butterick 7611 Full Length or Slim Shortie Coat / ca. 1956.  The short version reminds me a bit of what Audrey Hepburn would have worn.  Lots of time before cool weather hits -
I had this one a while back and it sold quickly.  Butterick 2137 Princess Sheath Dress / ca. 1961  - a Hollywood vamp look for sure.

A bit later in the 60's and wham the style sure changes:  Simplicity 8392 Jumper or Coat-Dress & Dress with Ascot 1969 a classic mod outfit.

Another one waiting for cool weather.  I picture the long version at a Hollywood premiere! Simplicity 6680 Casual or Theatrical Cape 1974 
Fit for a Goddess off shoulder beauty - Butterick 3481 Graceful One Shoulder Wrap Dress / ca. 1970's which could go under that long cape - ???
Had to throw in this 80's Vogue.  Two different set of sizes too.   I'm a sucker for the "peplum" look:  Vogue 9484 Ooh La La Top, Camisole & Skirt 1986