Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simplicity 4382 Sensational One-Piece Dress 1962

To all my East Coast customers and friends hopes and prayers that you are all safe and sound and dry.  Keeping you all in my prayers.

Monday as usual trying to keep my head above water getting orders out - grin.  If there weren't some extra pretty patterns I would skip right to today but ....

This one came in two sizes - a lucky find!  Both are still available:  Simplicity 4382 Sensational One-Piece Dress 1962 can be worn straight or with a belt.  Understated class -

Check out the sheer mini-dress with the sheer pants!  Did we ever have the guts to wear something like that???  Simplicity 8786 Extra Pretty Hippie Dress & Sheer Lace Pants 1970 

Even though this has sold I had to put a picture in between it's too awesome to not show you:  McCall's 3675 Bold & Beautiful Fluted Skirt & Cummerbund 1956 which came in a smaller size sadly.

Another superb skirt went in today:  McCall's 9392 Blue Ribbon Winner Skirt & Contour Belt 1953 though not as flashy as the one above it's still a classic.

I really like this one for some reason though it's not very showy:  Simplicity 5208 Fine Jumper with Two Skirts / ca. 1963 it just has potential!

It seems to be my week for lovely skirts:  Butterick 8266 Slender Wrap Around Skirt / ca. 1957 which has lovely lines.

Pretty new ones include:  McCall's 8173 Cutie Pie Dress or Jumper 1996


Ohh here's a great one:  Butterick 4696 Dog Accessories Package 2005 in case you need a pet carrier or want to make one for a gift for Christmas!

This one is extra cute and I have several more on order in this size and other sizes too:  Butterick 5009 Eye Candy Jacket, Dress, Top & Pants 1997 so it this one goes, or isn't in your size check back in about a week!




Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simplicity 4491 Cocktail Party Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1962

Cool weather at long last.  It is 81 right now.  Camping weather has arrived.  We are planning on a trip over Veteran's Day Weekend and I'm relieved the high 90's seems to be gone.

My favorite for today is this "Jackie" styled Simplicity 4491 Cocktail Party Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1962

A quick view of some unique ones listed earlier this week:


Friday, October 19, 2012

Simplicity 2335 Wide & Wonderful Skirt with Cummerbund / ca. 1958

Just for skirt lovers this elegant Simplicity 2335 Wide & Wonderful Skirt with Cummerbund / ca. 1958 - the fabrics recommended are visually a treat:  Velvetee, Brocade, Organdy, Chiffon, Crepe, Rayons, Silks, Satin .... this is no ordinary skirt!

Moonlight romance opportunity when wearing this McCall's 5770 Romantic Dress with Attached Petticoat 1961 - a glance at the fabric recommended call for printed silk or cotton, pique ... not your ordinary evening dress!  From behind lots of lovely skin exposed!

A very refined shirtwaist - Marian Martin 9126 Uptown Dress with Shoulder Tucks 1950's - I was disappointed to see what most of these older mail order patterns don't h ave fabric recommendations.  How odd.  Oh well it must be the sky is the limit - right?
Here's a classic - New York Pattern 1161 Smartly Tailored Blouse 1940's for a go with anything look.  Casual or Career.  With Pants or a Skirt.

Here's a "newish" one that caught my eye - Simplicity 9454 Tomboy Shirt-Jacket, Denim Pants & Skirt 1989 with a great western fringed shirt-jacket and skirt with fringe too.  Fabric recommendations:  Denim, synthetic suede or leather types .... I like it!
Thoughts of cold weather brings this pattern to you:  Simplicity 4356 Trendsetting Coat, Jacket, Vest & Bag 2005 with a nice big collar thrown in to pull up around cold cheeks. 
Not alot listed today - I'm taking my husband to lunch so didn't have time to put all I scanned in - but there's always Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anne Adams R4760 Fashionista Bodice & Skirt 1950's

Not a hard decision for featured pattern today -  Anne Adams R4760 Fashionista Bodice & Skirt 1950's an awesome bombshell outfit.  The neckline and the little scallop offset buttoning are so flattering.

Rockabilly party hit - Simplicity 2546 Epic Party Dress with Huge Skirt / ca. 1958 and the sweetheart neckline one is just a charmer.

A perfect outfit for a hippie hostess - Simplicity 5355 Lively Wrap & Tie Blouse, Halter Top & Pants.  Whether as a complete outfit or piece by piece this pattern is a winner - halter top, tie blouse, and big wide palazzo pants.

Going back a few decades and worlds away in style is this Anne Adams 4839 Sweet Ruffled Bodice Dress / ca. 1940's so very down home in style.

I came across another that I've had a few times and it's very popular so if you fancy it buy it quick:  McCall's 6284 Fiesta Skirt with Broomsticking Options 1992

Here's another newer one I've had a few times and it flies out of stock Vogue 1147 Forties' Styled "Shirt" Dress 1993 just a real beauty!



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simplicity 2429 Girl Next Door Blouse / ca. 1958

First and foremost check out this Simplicity 2429 Girl Next Door Blouse / ca. 1958 and could it be any prettier!  Great choice of that simple sleeveless "overblouse" or gypsy ruffled neckline and then toss in big poofy sleeves.  Dreamboat ...

Summer is racing away but if you can't wear this now there's next summer:  Marian Martin 9230 Sunny Delight Dress 1950's with the cutest button shoulder straps.

If you're tiny or have a teeny bopper this one is smashing:  Simplicity 1280 Swell Teen Age One-Piece Jumper / ca. 1955 and I especially like the big big pockets!

I just got a number of hat patterns and here is one:  Good Housekeeping Leaflet GHN 442 Perky Pique' Beret 1940's and yesterday I put one in too.  Good Housekeeping Leaflet GHN 449 Cheeky 5 Way Hat / 1940's with one more to come tomorrow.

Best IMO of the newer patterns is this Vogue 2492 Strappy & Sexy Dress & Sheer Lace Top 1990 so hot with that figure hugger dress and throw in that sheer lacy top woo hoo!

Holiday events and New Year's Eve coming up so this is for your consideration!
I love this one!  Wish I was young and able to just wear whatever I want - I do like the punky steampunk goth styles (okay I'm weird - grin).  Simplicity 1772 Vampire Couture Bridal Dress Costume 2012 for you adventurous free spirits.

Here's a rather rare African Wear Pattern:  McCall's 7602 African Wear Caftan, Headwrap & Hat 1995 and you don't have to be African American to wear this great caftan.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

McCall's 6219 Jaw Dropping Dress 1962

Decisions - Decisions!  So hard to pick which pattern to list first.  Gotta be this one:  McCall's 6219 Jaw Dropping Dress 1962  It's so sixties looking - fitted bodice and then that big wide skirt.  Whew!

My second choice is this phenomenal skirt:  Simplicity 1851 Enchanting "Ballet" Skirt, Cummerbund & Sash / ca. 1956 

Tea length or evening length and two different sashes.  Truly enchanting.

A little different in that this is more low key but still so lovely:  Mail Order 4666 Radiant Jumper & Blouse 1950's.  Daytime casual wear but eye-catching for sure.  Some of these jumper patterns can double as a sundress too.

This fashion reminds me of those dignified movie stars like Grace Kelly.

A beautiful description on this next vintage pattern of  Mail Order 1738 Touch of Glamour Dress 1940's which says:  "Superby styled cap-sleeved dress, touched with glamour."

I learned a new word while researching some costume patterns - STEAMPUNK - how did I miss this LOL???  What a great word.  It fits these goth type patterns like Simplicity 2757 Medieval Goth Overdress Costume 2008.  This is a "costume" but heck it's perfect for a lady who likes to be offbeat.

Now this shirt is a rare one which I've had before and it always sold quickly:  McCall's 6935 Zesty Western Shirt with Detachable Cape 1994 and if you love country western clothes what a great addition to your wardrobe it would be.

Gotta love this one!  Vogue 1529 Spritely Tent Dress & Leggings 1995 a boho beatnik winner.  Skip those shoes however - grin.  Too clunky and gaudy.  The leggings to me are also questionable - the dress is so springy and light looking that I'd want to make sure I don't detract from the dress.  No leggings and lightweight sandals or shoes.  Ta Da!

Here are all that got listed today - Click Here!

Friday, October 12, 2012


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Have a wonderful weekend and have fun shopping!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Simplicity 3471 Rockin' Rockabilly Party Dress & Bolero / ca. 1960

Two days to catch up on.  I didn't post yesterday.  Had a long day of traveling to and from Phoenix on an errand for my mother-in-law.  Feeling pretty trashed today.  But I got some good patterns put in.  I had extras all ready for Thursday and Friday so there are extra vintage ones to make up for a missed day.

Simplicity 3471 Rockin' Rockabilly Party Dress & Bolero / ca. 1960 that is sadly a junior size but if you are small then lucky you!  You may ask yourself why they are looking up?  It's a bird!  It's a plane! No it's Superman!

My favorite Wednesday listing has to be this Anne Adams R4787 Makes My Day Wrap Dress 1950's - an at home or out to lunch fashion for any decade.

Quite a few nifty mail order patterns received lately and here's another one: Anne Adams 4530 Mandarin Collar House Coat 1950's - it says a "coat" but dang it doesn't look like a traditional coat but more of a housecoat.

My favorite today is this Anne Adams 4760 Atomic Wiggle Dress & Shirt Jacket 1950's which makes me think of Della Street from Perry Mason.  Though she was a bit prim - but she can leave the jacket on.

This sweet as can be dress with fluttery scalloped sleeves and bodice is just so eye catching: Mail Order 4512 Dishy Dress with Scalloped Bodice 1950's 
Several very awesome knit and crochet booklets the last few days if you are a fan of those types of patterns:  Vintage Knit & Crochet Booklets

For newer featured here is one I've had before and just found another:  Simplicity 8812 Provocative Fitted Dress 1994  and it's scarce so if you are interested grab it now.