Thursday, August 23, 2012


First off I want to address someone "anonymous" who left a comment about a pattern I had listed as "rare" - they indicated that it was not rare and in fact was not out of print.  The term "rare" does not necessarily mean vintage or old to me, it indicates availability.  I researched the pattern again and found one on Ebay at the same price, a few other places had ones listed but they were sold and the manufacturer had one you could order online for $22.00.  Sounds rare to me!  Every 6 to 8 months I reevaluate my listings and if it should become more available my price will come down and the "rare" will be removed.   So there!  Okay just kidding with the picture - I do appreciate the opportunity to clarify how I rate patterns.  All my listings are researched before being listed - first on Ebay (that is the world's biggest store), then on Google - so my pricing is not arbitrary.

SALE TIME:  Now for the fun news!  Taking a long weekend and will be having a sale starting in the morning for regular buyers but for you readers it starts tonite.  For 20% off use coupon code TACOSALAD (what I am making for company tomorrow nite - smile) during checkout.  All paid items will be mailed Monday or Tuesday.

Here are the links for this week's listings and so sorry I haven't blogged -

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

W.J. Dupee 1129 Dazzling Dress / ca. 1920's / 1930's


The cellophane wraper on this pattern had the name W.J. Dupee on it and my research only showed an old dry goods store with that name.  Hmmm - mystery.  A lovely lady called me about this pattern that had been in her family and she wanted to pass it on.  It is in factory folds -

It's a bit hard to date because there is no date or envelope with postage to go by.  I estimated.  If you have any information about this pattern distributor or the era it was made let me know.

For you rock and roll circle skirt lovers:  Butterick 7487 Rock & Roll Full Skirt or Jumper / ca. 1955 a bobby soxer chic pattern!  I always laugh when I see a jumper that can easily be converted to a sleeveless summer dress - I don't picture this jumper as anything but a sleeveless dress.

Are you ready for those Christmas or New Year's parties coming up quicker than we want?  Check out this Butterick 3181 Low Backed Cocktail Party Dress / ca. 1965 a va va voom eye popper!

Got a number of  newish Vogues this week and I've had this awesome skirt before:  Vogue 8327 Dance All Night Tiered Skirt 2006 - very romantic looking.

Another one I've had before is this Vogue 8425 High Waisted Skirt for a High Class Lady 2007 for pencil skirt lovers.

Here I go back to raving about a Burda pattern:  Burda 7204 Fashionable & Flirty Dress & Shirt 2000's but you can see why I am excited about this beauty.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

McCall's 3100 Gorgeous Grace Kelly First Date Dress 1954

What a rare treasure listed yesterday!  How did I get a day behind?  I've been listing so late in the day but when you see what went in late yesterday the lateness won't matter - smile. 

McCall's 3100 Gorgeous Grace Kelly First Date Dress 1954 and researching this dress was so fun.  I've put in a few other pictures showing Princess Grace wearing this dress.

Go check out all the pictures I put in for this pattern.  What an era of elegance!

Love skirts?  Especially pleated skirts?  Vogue 7810 Superb Skirt with "Soft Rolling Pleats" 1952 is a beauty.  It's a pre-cut tissue but it's complete in factory folds.

I had this pattern a while back and it shot out of stock - no surprise there.  Butterick 3295 Hot Tamale Cocktail Dress / ca. 1965

Sleek and sleeveless with ruffled bodice.  This could be "that little black dress" for a special evening.

Here are some of the best new patterns put in - I got a big stock of out of print Vogues that are so dreamy: 
 Love the jacket - 

Included are - Headband & Cuffs, Collar, Hat & Gloves,
Hat & Muff, Chemisette

I've started to put in some holiday patterns as well as costume patterns because that season is coming up fast.  If you are thinking about what to do for Halloween check out all the costume patterns on my site:  Costume Patterns

Here are my seasonal patterns if you are looking for a project for Thanksgiving and Christmas:  Seasonal Patterns

Running out of room to post any more of the neat patterns I put in yesterday so click over to see them all:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Simplicity 4307 Retro Beach Babe Bathing Suit & Beach Coat / ca.1953

Just looked at the outside temp and it's 118.9 - I refuse to go outside.  My poor husband works in and out during the day at a garage and some days he melts when he gets home.  I will have an ice cold margarita ready for him when he arrives.  One for me too of course.

Here's a treat for featured pattern:  Simplicity 4307 Retro Beach Babe Bathing Suit & Beach Coat / ca.1953 one of that great lot I received.  Why do people put patterns in a manila envelope with the original envelope taped on it?  Why?  It's so destrustive.  Fries my cookies when I see that.  The beach coat is cut but the suit isn't.  It is extremely rare and sought after.  Frankly I priced it too high for my budget too but if you are a collector of rare patterns this is a lost treasure.

This early 50's pattern still retains that 1940's styling.  IMO it looks like a "bandeau" bodice only not bandeau.  Confused yet?

Next in line is a useful but also novelty pattern:  Simplicity 4149 Men's Debonaire Boxer Shorts / ca. 1953 described with "soft pleats" - cracks me up.  Not too many vintage men's undies patterns that I've found but they tend to go fast.  Just think how creative you can be with this - all kinds of fabric types and designs.  Kind of a personal adventure - grin.

Looking for a refiined robe?  Vogue 6656 Divine Housecoat or Brunch Coat 1951 which reminds me of the old style Hollywood "dressings gown" - envelope pretty awful but pattern very good.

Featured new patterns start out with this : Butterick 4369 Outstanding Dress with Forties' Flair 1996 which mostly caught my eye because of the contract bodice.  It is very pretty!

Here are two patterns just right for hanging around the house in that "Muu Muu" style: 

Lastly here's a much more formal dress for those of you with adventurous spirits: 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vogue 7271 Fashionista's Dazzling Coordinates / ca. 1968

Staying inside avoiding going outside - it's 114 right now and the sidewalks are starting to sizzle.  Got the A/C cranked on round the clock this month.  August is always the worst month for high temps.  We may take the boat to the river on Sunday but it's such a grueling chore to hook up, then launch and then do the same when we get off the river.  In between is heaven - sitting on a sandbar under the EZ-Up, bobbing like a cork in the water to cool off, napping, snacking - sigh - I'm ready to go!

Have two days to catch up on (no listing on Wednesday had a dr. appt).  Working on putting in some of that awesome lot I got recently. 

Here are some of the top ones for Thursday:

Country Gentleman 2147 Lorraine's Afternoon Delight Dress 1940's - is that a little pocket on the shoulder?

Simplicity 4310 Norma Jean Bra, Shorts, Shirt & Skirt / ca. 1953 a super sexy summer wardrobe.  Rare as "hen's teeth" as the saying goes - grin.

Vogue 9525 Romantic Dress with Peeky Neckline 1958 an in your face reminder that the 50's had the best fashions ever!

Here are some from what I put in today:

Simplicity 3591 Striking Dress with Bodice Variations / ca. 1960 and you have to look past the bad discoloration to see what awesome dresses these are!

The "piece de resistance" for today is this Vogue 7271 Fashionista's Dazzling Coordinates / ca. 1968 a very rare pattern and I can see why - who could resist buying this and NOT making these!  Someone silly resisted and it's never been used.  Gives me goosebumps.

Here are some newish ones that caught my eye on Thursday and today:

This Simplicity 6467 Willowy Wrap Dress 1990's is one I've had before and it's very popular.  It doesn't usually stay in stock long.

This one is so temping to me - it's "me" - Butterick 3879 Perky "Bibbed" Jumper & Top 1995

How cute is this!  McCall's 5770 Unisex Nightshirt, Pajamas & Top for DOG! 2008 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know alot of the U.S. is having quite warm weather but enjoy it while it's here - winter always arrives!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

McCall's 9026 Extravagent Mod Abba 1967

Wow did we have fun in Dallas - actually it was Arlington but we flew into Dallas.  Found a great sushi bar called the Sushi Zone and though the name kind of turned me off it ended up being a very classy place with great fresh sushi.   We got in very late on Wednesday and the only place open to eat was TGI Friday's which is very nostalgic for us.  Harry's brother who passed away at age 26 from Muscular Dystrophy loved TGIF and we took him there alot.  We toasted his memory for sure!  The best place no doubt was a restaurant next to the hotel called Joe's Crab Shack.  We ate ourselves into cholesterol oblivion!  With all the activities we were doing we needed lots of energy or that's the excuse for all the overeating.

Got to meet and get a book signed by my hero David Barton.  If you are a history geek you probably know him.  If you don't know him and love American history then check him out.

It took over a week for me to finally get caught up.  With the sale and days away it was awfully hectic to come home to.  Taking a breath of fresh air at long last.

On Monday I received a huge lot of patterns that I had purchased "sight unseen" virtually and oh my gosh I was not disappointed.  A good half of the vintage ones were uncut or factory folded.  I put some in today.  There are so many to show off I will do a quick pic and link for the best ones.

McCall's 9026 Extravagent Mod Abba 1967  and wow what a rare beauty this one is.  Uncut and one of the most "kitschy" patterns I've seen in a long time.

McCall's 1948 Coffee Klatsch Wrap Around Apron + Transfer 1955 another uncut and rare fashion.  Am I alone in thinking this could be a very cute summer dress?   The wrap part of the skirt could be helped to stay shut or it might not blow open at all.

Vogue 7148 Majestic Bateau Necked Robe / ca. 1966 - robe?  Looks like a caftan to me and could easily be used as an evening out dress.  Edgy sleeves with offset fabric is killer.
Featured new patterns for today start with a "retro" Vogue:
Vogue 2239 "Princess Grace" Dress, Belt & Sash 1998  - makes me want to sing "I could have danced all night" -

McCall's 6047 Marilyn Monroe Halter Dress 1992 and love the two skirt option.  The full one just looks better IMO.
McCall's 5441 Playful Trapeze Dress 1991 for going out or throwing on to hang out.
Alot more goodies to look at and not enough space to put them in.  I wanted to put some in that were listed on Monday.

The best vintage one listed on Monday is this McCall's 5763 Bedazzling Dress with Two Skirts 1961 and best of all it is uncut.  How did someone buy this and not make it?  Crazy -

This next one looks horrible - the envelope is completely trashed but the pattern pieces are  very good thankfully.  I also have another one coming - I think it's a different size - ? - so when it comes in I will list it ASAP if you are interested.  Simplicity 2026 Dishy Set of Bra Tops / ca. 1947