Saturday, July 12, 2014

Advance 9328 Fourteen Carat Wiggle Dress, Jacket & Cummerbund / ca. 1960

Just a quick post to show you a pattern I listed today in my store.  It is killer gorgeous.  Normally I don't list patterns with pieces missing but this is only missing the "gusset" which is IMO no big deal.  A very rare and sought after pattern.

Advance 9328 Fourteen Carat Wiggle Dress, Jacket & Cummerbund / ca. 1960

The dress itself dazzles but when you add that little scalloped jacket it pops pops pops!

Here's another fun listing from today.  From formal to extra casual:

NBC-TV Home Pattern No. 12 BeBop Beatnik Jumpsuit 1950's

How cute is this!  It reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly would wear.  Beatnik Chic.  I'm a drawstring waist fan too.

Well off to do some shopping!

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Friday, July 11, 2014



Hello everyone!  I'mmmmmmmmm back.  LOL.  Whew some hectic few weeks winding down and then closing my website and opening my new store on Etsy.  I was quite overwhelmed and buried in patterns.

Downsizing from almost 7000 patterns to about 1000 at this point was tough.  Many of the newer patterns have been passed on to friends or given to thrift stores unless they were pretty dynamic and hard to find - those I have kept.  I won't be listing any of the usual patterns anymore but only those that are unique, vintage, hard to find.  I have two more huge bins of patterns pulled that fit that description and I will over time be putting them into Etsy.

My pattern room has so much room  now I am overwhelmed.  What to do with all that extra room?  Well since my kitchen is stuffed with blenders, juicers, bread makers, etc., I put some of the kitchen overflow onto the pattern shelves.  That works!  I wanted to make yogurt the other day so I popped into the "pattern" room and pulled the machine off the shelf.  No more digging around under kitchen cabinets.  Easier for my poor old body than crawling around on the floor - grin.  Guess that room will become a storage / pantry room now with a small area for patterns.

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