Thursday, June 28, 2012

McCall's 3354 Amazing Hourglass Jumper & Blouse 1955

Oh if this were only not a junior miss pattern!  Arghhhhhh!  McCall's 3354 Amazing Hourglass Jumper & Blouse 1955 with that nip waist and big old skirt!  Life is so unfair sometimes.  It's a bit before my teen era but I do remember seeing my brother's girlfriends in this style.  I think Dan's girlfriend at that time was Patricia.  Oh she so wanted to marry him and he finally ran the other way.  He was in high school and didn't want any part of that marriage thing.  He actually didn't marry until he was close to 50.

For some reason I have ended up with some junior and teen patterns that are awesome except for the tiny sizing:  Mail Order 8779 Pretty as a Picture Frock 1940's 
It actually has that same look at the 1950's one with a pinched waist and full skirt.  The more things change the more they stay the same or something like that.  I remember it blew it away when suddenly a few years ago bell bottom hip huggers came back - I can still picture Cameron Diaz wearing them.

And now for something completely different!  Simplicity 4632 Home Town Gal Dress or Pinafore / ca. 1944 

Just love this shirtwaist dress:  Vogue 8075 Refined Shirtwaist Dress 1991 a great anytime - anywhere dress.

In a hurry today so a quick link to all listed - have a great day!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prominent Designer A955 Body Hugging Top & Gypsy Skirt 1975

Featured vintage is a rare beauty:   Prominent Designer A955 Body Hugging Top & Gypsy Skirt 1975 and oh that skirt!  Panels of multi-colored fabric with a true "gypsy" flair.  These Prominent Designer patterns from the 60's and 70's are usually spectacular and rare.

Are you registered to vote?  My mother-in-law thought she was and even had a card showing she was registered but somehow got dropped from the rolls.  There is a website where you can check - it lists people with the exact name they registered with so it can be a bit tricky - say a Jim Smith isn't listed but James Smith is.  If you have married or moved you are probably not registered correctly or at all.  Our voting rights are so important please go to this site and check yourself, your family and friends so they can all exercise this important right:  Wallbuilders

More on the plain side but still caught my eye is :   Simplicity 5146 Adorable Jumper in Day or Evening Length 1972 which would also be a cute sleeveless summer dress.

Check out this Mail Order 9152 Hot Tamale Sheath Dress & Jacket 1960's woo hoo!  Shades of Marilyn Monroe --

There's something about skirts - versatile and easily can be plain or fancy for any occasion:  Simplicity 2383 Lovely Afternoon Skirt / ca. 1948 for any casual outing

I recently listed a blouse and while researching I found one other and of course grabbed it.  It's very special indeed so here is a link to both of the blouses and the most recent one is UNCUT!  Simplicity 2589 Romantic Old World Blouse / ca. 1948 

Here's another awesome one that I had last year and it blew off the shelves quickly - I'm sure you can see why: 
I don't know about you but the 1980's New Look Patterns are just the bee's knees to me.  Here's one of about 10 that I got the other day that I had never seen before: New Look 6018 Mesmerizing Dress with "Cape Back" 1980's that at first I took for modest but the way it hugs a figure takes that demure look away!

If you have a special event to go to this New Look might fit the bill or maybe this one will:  Butterick 4299 Oscar Winning Jacket & Dress 1995 - the first thing I thought of was a red carpet movie star wearing this.

What a charming & pretty day dress : 

Probably the neatest newer one listed today is a Vogue design from Carol Horn:   Vogue 1348 One of a Kind Jumpsuit 1980's with a unique and edgy look.



Friday, June 22, 2012

Short short today!  My new glasses are in and have to go get them.  Had just enough time before they called to get a few in for today:  View all listed today

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Butterick 6720 Island Fantasy Pantskirt & Scarf Top 1970's

Oh summer is here and look what I just found! Butterick 6720 Island Fantasy Pantskirt & Scarf Top 1970's 
Someone buy this quick before I am tempted!

Found an interesting pattern that isn't one I have run across before.  It is a Jalie Sewing Pattern - a Canadian company.  As usual for out of US pattern makers the measurements are a bit of a hassle to figure out (it's probably just me) but some nice styles.

Yesterday a bit hectic - getting the remainder of the weekend mail out.  After some slow days oh my gosh some big orders made my head spin around - no complaints for sure just an excuse for not listing.  My first order of biz is scanning, editing patterns.  Then listing patterns which involve complete research on each and every one.  Then I go into my email, answer questions and write thank you's for orders.  Then I do the mail.  Pull patterns one order at a time (so I don't get lost - it has happened), delete them from pictures, put them into sold category, package up the order, do a thank you note, seal the envelope.  Once they are all packaged I go into Paypal and print labels.  For international orders I go into as Paypal doesn't allow first class international.  Then I do my blog.  Whew - makes me tired just thinking about it - grin.

One more vintage one:  Mail Order 9390 Figure Hugger Dress & Jacket / ca. 1960 a definite eye popper.  Vampish sixties' look.

Sadly it's a day by day situation with my old cat Pugsley.  It's weird for me to not have a cat live to be at least 19 - my brother and sister cats are 16 1/2 now.  My last cat was 19 and my first cat was 21 when I had to have them put down.  Pugsley has kidney failure and I thought for sure today was the day.  Not - he's a bit perkier.  Go figure - I'd already called the vet and gave her the head's up.  It's awful to think about taking an elderly kitty to the vet in a carrier.  What a stressful way to end their life.  My vet said to give him a benadryl and make him nice and sleepy before the trip.  If that doesn't work I'll make her give me a sedative for him.

More newer ones I like than the vintage ones today: 

How cute is this one!  Butterick 3077 Work or Play Dress, Top & Skirt 2001 a really fun and versatile look.  It's sizes 18 to 22.  Wish it had been in my size.

There's becoming a fine line between vintage and new.  The 1980's patterns are becoming more scarce and the 1990's are almost 20 years old!  Mentally I still think of the 1980's and newer as new.

Simplicity 9098 Soft Looking Dress & Jacket 1989 and the adjective "soft" just popped into my head.  It just looks comfortable.

Last one for today is:  Vogue 9495 Conservative "Safari" Dress 1996 just a neat looking style.  Neat as in "neat as a pin" -

The contrast collar adds a nice touch too - the little hip flap pockets are a must have.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Simplicity 4707 April in Paris Dress / ca. 1954

Featured pattern today:  Simplicity 4707 April in Paris Dress / ca. 1954 which I almost titled Summertme in Paris but it didn't have the same ring to it. 

Snug fitting bodice with little bows at shoulder and that huge skirt - A fancy American Grafitti dress.

In the next week I will be putting in some 70's patterns that have been cut but are complete.  Don't be horrified when I say I mostly throw them away.  Too many pantsuit or plain dress patterns that are uncut from the 70's to bother with putting used ones in.  Next decade I may live to regret that (grin) -

However the ones I recently came across are in very nice condition, scarce and lovely to look at too.  Plus they are all very reasonably priced since they are pre-used.  If these were unused they would be listed much higher because they have very desirable looks.  So hop over in the next few days.

Simplicity 5534 Winning One-Piece Dress 1964 a sweet sleeveless sheath look with a ruffled bottom.  Truly winning.

Here's a "Lucy" looking dress that I have had before so if you missed it last year here's another chance:   Marian Martin 9389 Lovely Lady Dress 1950's - that fashionable "tent" style that can be reined in with a belt - or not!
In the mood for a "Jackie" styled suit?  Hopefully this is in your size:   McCall's 8151 Highbrow Jacket, Blouse & Skirt 1965 with that so very slim skirt that no shapely woman can wear who has any kind of backside or hips.   

The last vintage I'm putting in right now is one I have also had before and it jetted off to a new owner so quickly.  I was happy to find another!  
Butterick 9131 Splendid Span Collared Dress / ca. 1960  the wide skirted dress is so "down home" housewife but the slim one says "career gal" -
Before I forget I wanted to mention I made some awesome pickled eggs (with hot pepper & onion) about 5 weeks ago.  Had to let them "marinate" for at least 4 weeks so we of course couldn't wait any longer than 4 weeks - started munching on day 30.  Oh my gosh what a culinary delight.  HOT yet delicious.

For newer looks:  Simplicity 8849 Cute as Can Be Overalls & Top 1994 - maybe not the height of fashion but I'm a fan of overalls.  Add a few embellishments or a super cute and bright shirt or blouse and this style has so much charm.
This pattern is hard for me to look at this time of year - oh my gosh it's a coat - argghhhhh!  It's 111 degrees right now and still going up.  Well okay just kidding:   There's something about a coat or jacket that has a "faux" fur collar or trim.  It adds an elegant touch.
A number of Kathy Lee patterns put in the last few days (thank you Joni!) that are very attractive and a bit "old fashioned" looking too. Simplicity 9425 Beguiling Two-Piece Dress 1995-  if you like this one here's a link to the others:  Kathy Lee Patterns

Last for today is another Vogue :  Vogue 1441 Decorous Shirtwaist Dress 1994 with a "hidden" button flap in the front.  Just plain loverly!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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Friday, June 15, 2012

McCall's 9740 Romantic Candlelight Dinner Dress 1954

Happy Friday to you all!  Summer is here and I hope you are enjoying the warm weather after a pretty awful winter that many of you went thru.

Featured pattern today makes my eyes bug out:  McCall's 9740 Romantic Candlelight Dinner Dress 1954 

Sweet bodice with scoopy neckline - that pinch waist and then a full skirt.  Sigh .... when I researched this pattern I couldn't find another one anywhere.

A "shout out" to Allyn for her Facebook posting of the CSA boxes she gets.  I thought WTH?  Went online and now am hooked.  There seem to be alot of "local" harvest or farmer's market websites where you can go and find a location near you.  I've got a few to pick from here in Yuma and if you are interested here is one of the websites:

Local Harvest / Farmer's Market Site

 There is everything from honey to chocolates to soaps and more.  Click on the "shop" button and be amazed.  I am about to order some Lavender Honey which is so tasty with a fruit salad.  If you haven't had lavender honey give it a shot.  Great with tea also.

Another rare beauty is this Advance 4826 Flirty Starlet Dress & Bolero / ca. 1948 and yes it's hard to find too because I googled it just today.  What's funny is that I had two of this one already a few years ago.  This pattern came out circa 1948 and had a couple of different color covers.  You can see the other pattern covers at the Vintage Pattern Wikia

Another one I get off and on is pretty popular as it always goes out of stock quickly:   Simplicity 2196 Purrrrfect Pencil Skirt / ca. 1957

Nothing like 1950's Skirts - my favorite era for skirts.  Sadly my era for skirts was the 60's and having never been into mini skirts or peasant skirts it was a lost decade.  Okay just kidding!

For upper class fashions this Simplicity 2852 One of a Kind Dress & Coat / ca. 1959  just reeks class.

Simplicity Slenderette Patterns have such slenderizing styles!  Doh - that's why they call them "slenderettes" ...

Some great Vogue patterns put in today - unique styes on three of them that really jazzed me.  The Vogue 7616 Lean Dress, Top & Skirt 2002  as well as the Vogue 8285 Straight Pullover Dress, Top & Skirt 1992 and last but not least this very rare Vogue 9268 Adorable Eye Candy Dress 1995 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

McCall 7810 Pencil Skirt with "Double Breasted" Button Trim 1949

For the skirt lovers this is a lovely one:  McCall 7810 Pencil Skirt with "Double Breasted" Button Trim 1949 and though not a true pencil skirt it's close enough for me - 

Do you have those days where you start feeling a bit sorry for yourself?  Well of course it's normal!  Whenever I start to whine I send myself to some websites that I read regularly.  No one can feel sorry for themselves when they read Ninie's Dialogues and get to know the Nielsons and their story and how beautiful and strong they both are:

I saw them interviewed the other day and it's always inspiring and amazing to hear them talk about the accident and how they coped and thrived with all the adversity in the world thrown at them.

American Weekly 3781 Perky Dress with V-Back 1940's is the next one to show you.  Delicate square neckline in front ending in a V in the back.  Smart!

This would look lovely in gingham - maybe a dotted swiss.

Love the sixties?  Simplicity 8060 Mod Model's Dress with Detachable Collars 1968 just the height of fashion.

There are more of the newer patterns that I liked today than the older ones.   Butterick 3427 Heaven on Earth "Twenties" Dress 1994 - just a beauty!  An awesome special occasion dress - super feminine.

 Nothing says casual more than a "muumuu" - McCall's 9618 Breezy Easy Sundress - Neckline Variations 1985



Many more today more than I can put in - enjoy!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simplicity 8423 Ladylike Dress & Scarf / ca. 1955

Forgive my typos today if any LOL - accidently stabbed my left pointing finger in the tip with a sharp pair of scissors.  I should not be allowed to use sharp objects.  Have to decide whether a bandaid or blood on the keys.  Opted for a bandaid.

Super busy day yesterday getting all the mail ready to go - over 20 orders.  Nothing "new" truly listed as I just switched some oldies from almost a year ago to the front.  It's amazing how often the "relists" sell quickly once up front.  With so many patterns to go thru sometimes the later months don't get looked at and many times some real beauties are overlooked - so I put them in again if they are good and delete if they are mediocre.

But not today!  Numerous new ones.  For quite a while I have had several very old (early 1950's) uncut patterns from Simplicity with no envelope.  It's so hard to really see a style without a cover so a few times a month I will do a Google search and finally I found one of them and today it's my favorite:  Simplicity 8423 Ladylike Dress & Scarf / ca. 1955 with everything you need to make up this glorious dress.  I always put in a copy of the front and back so you can have all the info you need.  This is the type of dress that would be plain without a few embellishments - but they sure do spiff up this dress!

A recent find is another summer treasure - Simplicity 2478 Precious Sun Dress & House Dress / ca. 1948 which made me happy to find uncut. 

Definitely like the scallop edged one best. 

More fun in the sun "mod" clothes:  Simplicity 5029 Kittenish Dress, Top & Hip Hugger Pants or Short Shorts 1972 - "who likes short shorts?  We like short shorts"

Remember that song?  Oh my I do.  Youtube rocks - there isn't anything you can't find on the internet, Wikipedia or Youtube.

My pal Joni sent me a bunch of Vogue patterns without envelopes and I've been happily researching and finding pictures.  A few of them are posted here as featured newer patterns:

Vogue 2063 Fashion Diva Dress with Pretty Flared Skirt 1988 a style with lots of flair!  Copy of front and back also included.  Nice big pleats on that skirt.
Since my next listing is from YSL here's a link to the YSL website which is mindblowing to go thru:  Yves Saint Laurent
Vogue 2163 International Film Star Cape & Pants 1988 from designer Yves Saint Laurent.   The whole style looks so very bohemian.  

This Vogue is an Issey Miyake who seems to be very sought after lately.  Every pattern of his seems to be scarce or rare.   This does have the original envelope.
He is very cutting edge and it was fun looking thru some of his fashions:  Issey Miyake Images
The last featured new today is: Vogue 8179 Tip Top Dress & Jacket 2006  in sizes 14 to 20.   It's nice to find some bigger sizes that are so stylish.

Monday, June 11, 2012

McCall's 5254 Scoop Neck Dress with Contrast "V" 1959

What an elegant style this dress is:  McCall's 5254 Scoop Neck Dress with Contrast "V" 1959 - this dress has a snap in dickey.  How fun to make several different dickeys to interchange depending on your mood or what color shoes you want to wear.  This dress has so many variables you can do with it.

Looking for the perfect retro skirt?  Butterick 5085 "Reed Sillhouetted One-Yard" Skirt / ca. 1949 very sleek looking too.  Tweed is one of the 3 fabrics suggested for this skirt and I agree that would be the best.  Tweed just so reminds me of a British countryside - Tweed Link

Neato pointy collar dress here:  Butterick 5529 Long on Charm "Mini" Shirt Dress / ca. 1969 - one of a number of 1960's Shirtdress Patterns but it's the best of the best.

Sleek  Simplicity 2234 Illustrious Overblouse & Blouse + Transfer / ca. 1947  That long fitted version is so yummy but if you have a tummy it's a bust LOL. 

Came across a Hollywood Pattern and that's always a treat.  There are a few pattern makers that I'm always on the lookout for and this brand is one of them.  Hollywood 1641 Big Shouldered "Joan Crawford" Dress / ca. 1945


Vogue 2235 Vivacious Low Waisted Dress / ca. 1969 just an amazing long dress - or short but the long would be a super "hostess" dress.

For newer patterns this is my favorite for today:

Simplicity 8363 Down Home Overalls & Top 1993 and what a tempting one this is for me.  That short overall/jumper version with a cute pink t-shirt calls out to me.

Here's a t-shirt pattern to consider for these overalls! 
Burda 8217 Sharp as a Tack T-Shirt / 2000's a pretty jiggy shirt for sure.

Another summer dress - can there be too many in your closet?  I think not.   Butterick 4704 Cheeky Dress for Work or Play 2006 and skip the one with sleeves it's the strapless one that rocks.

A few more for your consideration too:  McCall's 6997 Festive Dress, Jumpsuit & Romper 1994  and McCall's 5312 Mr. Green Jeans Unisex Overalls 1991 another one that I had some time ago and flew out of stock.

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