Friday, June 21, 2013


Sale starts right now and ends Sunday Night at Midnight - Zonie Time.

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I'm running out the door in a minute to do some fun shopping and have lunch out with my husband who has Fridays off.  After working four 10 hour days he's up for a relaxing day today.  So my listing is done so happy shopping!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mail Order 9127 Sweet Nightgown & Bloomers + Transfer 1950's

Well the Dow and Gold markets are taking a tremendous dump today.  No surprises there.  Being a news and financial news geek I've been expecting it.  I would advise buying gold and especially silver now.  The sell off is for the most part "paper" gold and not physical gold.  Interested?  Check out Franklin Sanders postings at this website, but he hasn't posted today - he always jokes that when gold plummets he is vomiting in his trash can LOL:  Franklin Sanders

My favorite posting today is this Mail Order 9127 Sweet Nightgown & Bloomers + Transfer 1950's a very "old world" look to it.

My second favorite is because of the jacket!  McCall's 3175 Snappy Coordinated Separates 1972 - darling "bolero" style jacket just rocks.

For a giggle check this men's pattern out - it has knickers!  Simplicity 9529 Men's Quirky Pants, Knickers & Shorts 1971 and frankly even in the 70's would any man be caught dead in those?

This pattern is simply irresistible!  Simplicity 8664 Elfin Mini-Skirt & Blouse 1969 
This is a recent pattern paying tribute to the Sixties: Simplicity 2154 Perky Blouse, Skirt, Jacket & Cardigan 2011.  I have this in all sizes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday already?  Well since I missed listing on Monday (the usual weekend orders getting me behind) I'm only short for Tuesday and Wednesday listings.  I have stopped stressing about missing posts.  How do people do "everything" when they have an online business?  I now take a deep breath and get  into my "calm zone" where I realize that all is NOT possible.  Wow - a revelation I wish I had found when I was young and running in the fast lane of life.

Such very sad news for fans of Vince Flynn today.  He passed away at the too young age of 47 fter a valiant battle with prostate cancer.  If you haven't read any of his books make a note to do so.  He was my number one favorite author.  Not just as a writer but as a person.  Rest in peace Vince.

Most noteworthy listing for Tuesday is this Emile Bru 276 Dishy Sun Dress with Removable Cape 1940's.  This maker is very rare and the few I have seen are just spectacular.  Perfect for summer!

Just forward a decade and check out this dress with a choice of skirts:  Simplicity 2043 Sleek One-Piece Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1957.  Two different looks for sure.

In keeping with a summery theme this Butterick 3658 Gadabout Shirt, Pants & Shorts 1970's just looks so darn comfortable.

The best of the best for today is this vintage German pattern:  Lyon-Schnitt J945 Starlet's "Morgenrock" Dressing Gown 1940's with a sweeeeet double breasted front.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Spadea Y-3089 Sophisticated Wiggle Dress / ca. 1962

Friday at last!  Three days without a 4 a.m. alarm going off.  Oh - unless you have a cat that depends on it going off and they jump on the bed and "bark" (Tobey has a very odd almost barking sound when he is especially agitated) at you about 4:30 to let you know you missed getting up.  "Mom, Mom, Dad, Dad! Wake up the alarm didn't go off! My breakfast is late!" - Sigh.  A loudly yelled "Quit!" and the sound of a cat running quickly down the hall is heard.  Ahhhhh silence.  He means well - grin.

Tonite for dinner - Bok Choy of some kind.  We have a big steel wok - just like they use in the authentic Asian restaurants and it makes fabulous stir fry.  Set out some thin sliced beef and now need to find a recipe.
The heat is here at last.  It hit 111 yesterday and at 10:30 a.m. it is now 104.  Summer at last.  In less than a month if this keeps up the river will be ready for swimming.
Are any of you interested in Pinterest?  I have started putting pictures up to preserve them on the internet.  Once I sell a pattern I delete it from my site and the picture isn't available.  With rare stuff that is disappointing but I only have so much room.  Pinterest allows the picture to last forever so that people can enjoy these awesome fashions.  I am of course signed up as Out of the Ashes Collectibles 

The sixties' at its finest - Spadea Y-3089 Sophisticated Wiggle Dress / ca. 1962.  A bit of a "Marilyn" look to this tight dress and the collar is to die for.  It's been a while since I've found some good and unused Spadea patterns.
What a change from the early 60's to early 70's!  Simplicity 5970 Fashionable Hostess Jumpsuit & Vest 1973  - the wide "palazzo" style legs are classic.  If you are interested in the Simplicity Look Slimmer Patterns that have a slenderizing style click on the link.

This "pantsuit" pattern reminds me so much of Laura Bush.  The skirt is very nice too but a very complimentary jacket - Simplicity 6175 Career Maker Jacket, Skirt & Pants 1973 
I have it in two sizes - Size 14 and Size 18.
The McCall's version of Look Slimmer patterns are the Pounds Thinner Patterns.  Great looking bodice on this McCall's 3005 Eye Pleasing Dress or Tunic & Pants 1971 
Just a good all around, anytime or anywhere, work or play:  McCall's 4587 Shirt-Jacket or Shirt, Top, Skirt & Pants 1975.  I have two with sizes 12 to 20.
I know this is a plain ole' summer pullover but it's also dang cute.  I think the fact that it's now 110 degrees outside and I am staring at this sleeveless dress with pretty pastel flowers has something to do with the fascination - grin:  Simplicity 5114 Sugar & Spice Sundress 1981

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good cooking efforts this week.  Too much Cooking Channel.  The best was Orzo, Feta, Basil & Shrimp that melts in your mouth.  Then a delicious and unique Greek Taco dinner!  Lucky me to have great leftovers tonite.  Sure wish I hadn't discovered the Cooking Channel.  Sigh - 

On to patterns!  A pretty beauty that I've had before and worth mention again:  Advance 5180 Sizzling Scalloped Sun Dress & Bolero

A sweet little summer outfit.

Nothing mad about this Mad Men beauty.  Spadea A-2188 Youthful & Flattering Dress 1962


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