Thursday, January 31, 2013

Simplicity 5071 Winsome Wrap Around Jumper / ca. 1963

I have blood shooting out of my eyes!  For the first time I was checking out the new postal fees for international mail and it has almost doubled and in some cases tripled.  Unbelievable!  This is so very upsetting because their mismanagement is going to cost you my dear international customers an unrealistic amount to even buy one small pattern.  The higher in ounces a package goes it skyrockets.  In the end it makes buying a pattern or patterns cost prohibitive.  You are disappointed because the cost is too high (I mailed a $6.00 pattern today and it was over $8.00 in postage) and I am disappointed when my sales drop.  I am frustrated, angry, ready to cry.  What our government doesn't realize is that dropping prices improves business.  Lower shipping fees mean people buy more without cringing at the shipping.  Whenever I buy anything I eyeball shipping - since I know what it is likely to cost I avoid sellers who gouge on shipping.  My apologies to all my international customers - here are the new shipping rates:


Now for the good news (grin) take a look at this Simplicity 5071 Winsome Wrap Around Jumper / ca. 1963 just the sweetest thing!  Obviously it can be worn as a dress to zest it up a bit.  I keep thinking a pretty flowery print would be nice too.

I will admit to not being a big jumpsuit or romper fan but this one can change my mind! Vogue 9734 Working Gal's Jumpsuit in Two Lengths 1980's - the checked one is pretty darn cute though it would be a bit much IMO for the longer version.

These few patterns are a bit plain but really grab me.  I've always liked "safari" looking shirts or jackets.  Simplicity 8247 Safari Jacket, Pants & Culottes 1977 

This one is an eye popper for me.  It looks a bit simplistic but it's a winner!  Simplicity 6205 Sophisticated Dress or Jumper, Blouse & Scarf 1974 

What a great Seventies' Top!  Butterick 4616 Tunicesque Blouse & Scarf 1970's 

This poor beauty is pretty beat up on the outside but the pattern pieces are entirely useable.  There are a few rough spots on the pieces but they won't stop you from making this lovely blouse!  Vogue 9124 Tina's Tuck-In Blouse / ca. 1941

In the newer realm this is my favorite!  McCall's 4630 Star Struck Gowns & Dress 1989 with a bit of a Harlow looking drape.  Just love it!  I guess GLAMOUROUS is the word I'm looking for.

The word "feminine" popped into my head the minute I saw this - because it just is!  Vogue 2346 Feminine Jacket, Dress, Top, Skirt & Pants 1999 
Here's an Khaliah Ali pattern and she always has great looking plus size fashions.  Thank you Khaliah!  Simplicity 4050 Smashing Dress with Front & Trim Variations 2006 
Every Butterick Glamour Collection pattern I've seen I have really liked.  Here's a newly acquired one:  Butterick 5047 Smart Tapered Dress 1990

Are you into hats?  Here's one I just got that is pretty cute!  Butterick 3055 Misses' Fashion Hats 1993

Oooh this one is a killer summer look:  Simplicity 7946 Willowy Dress with Peeky Back 1987 - a graceful bodice with peek-a-book back and a gracefully wide skirt.  Yum.

One last one - have to start dinner.  This unique offset buttoned dress or tunic shrieks class:  Vogue 9062 Sharp as a Tack Dress, Tunic & Skirt 1994



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hollywood 1720 Dynamic Thirties' Smock Top / ca. 1939

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers for the loss of my beloved Little Girl.  So many pet lovers out there for sure who completely understand how devastated we are when we lose them.

This pattern is so useful but so very retro too.  Some styles just don't fit in when you want to look more "modern" but this smock top transcends.  I can picture wearing this puttering around my greenhouse!

Hollywood 1720 Dynamic Thirties' Smock Top / ca. 1939 - I'm at that age where I actually remember Ann Miller but of course not that early - grin.  It comes from watching oldies on TV.  Wow could she tap dance!

Super casual in a "safari" way is this Simplicity 8481 Jazzy Short Jacket, Skirt & Pants 1978.  That little shorty jackie can also be a short shirt.  The pants and skirt are okay but that jacket is a cutie.

Not really sure if this is late 70's or early 80's but it's a winner either way.  Vogue 7623 Ooh La La Jacket & Top or Dress 1980's 
Quick bag this pattern (I have two actually) before  I take one out of stock and keep it for mmmmeeee!  Simplicity 6606 Hoodie Dress with Flair! 1990's 

Very Bohemian looking is this Vogue 1165 Dazzling Jacket, Vest & Skirt 1993 - great in every way especially that pencil skirt!

Pretty modern pattern (well the 90's aren't that far away!) with a retro appeal.  Butterick 6802 Quirky Vest, Top & Bell Bottom Pants 1993

Enough cold weather still ahead to make this now!  Burda 3614 Flashy Flared Coat 2000's


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rest in peace my special friend Little Girl.  January 1996 thru January 23, 2013.  She will be so missed.  I have never been without a kitty since I was 9 years old.  There is such a hole in my heart and my life.  Definitely will find another kitty but it's way too soon.

No new postings until tomorrow.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Butterick 5560 Funnel Collar Dress & "Medieval" Tunic 1970's

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This seventies' pattern is my favorite of this listing.  It just looks Medieval with that tunic looking a bit like a tabard.  It's for stretch knits only.  Butterick 5560 Funnel Collar Dress & "Medieval" Tunic 1970's 
Have a party to go to?  This look is never out of style!  Simplicity 8287 Flippy Skirted Dress or Jumper 1969
Wear this outfit and every head will turn!  Simplicity 3076 Atomic Shortie Jacket & Skirt / ca. 1959 

I don't knit or crochet but some of the projects in this booklet make me want to. The models and their make-up and hairstyles are just darling.  Check out all the pictures - I have put the cover in and then my favorite model too.  Love the hairstyle!   Mannikin Fashions Vol. 39 Glorious Fifties' Fashions 1957
Breathtaking McCall's 6614 Smashing Gypsy Dress & Sash 1993 with that off shoulder sexy look.
Terrific mix of solid top with lacy or solid skirt, and a sweet shaped waist - Style 1558 Ethereal Sleeveless Dress 1990's
Planning a trip to a deserted island?  Vogue 8267 Beguiling Strappy Dress 1992
This makes me think of a Bohemian biker - Vogue 8728 Beatnik Chic Vest, Wrap Skirt & Pants 1993 
Yummy one that is scarce too.  I have another one coming in another size if this size doesn't work for you.  McCall's 4227 Fetching Top & Skirt 1989

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mail Order 8105 Pampered Lady's Gown & Bed Jacket 1940's

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Just as sweet as can be is this Mail Order 8105 Pampered Lady's Gown & Bed Jacket 1940's that will bring you back to that golden era!

Two decades later a somewhat less demure (grin) outfit - and honestly I would back into any room just to show off that offset button backMail Order 4927 Sizzling Cocktail Party Dress 1960's

Jump ahead again for a more casual but just as class look - Spadea 71501 Youthful V-Necked Dress with Contract Fabric 1971.  Hoodie dresses are very popular!

Rainy days and raincoats!  This rather eclectic raincoat rocks:  Vogue 8263 Shimmering Rain Coat & Belt 1992 

An almost Amish looking outfit that just melts my heart.  McCall's 6135 Maidenly Jumper, Bouse, Petticoat & Appliques 1992 

I seem to be inundated with super 90's patterns lately!  Here's another and that cut-in shoulder version is the best!:  McCall's 6613 Fantabulous Front Buttoned Dress 1993

Those Simplicity New Look patterns from the 1990's and newer are so great:  Simplicity 6020 Hip Swinging Dress 1990's


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

McCall 6415 "Da Bomb" Skirt with Pretty Drape in Front 1946

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If you have never read Dr. King's Letters from a Birmingham Jail it's a must.  I just read it a few days ago and was bowled over at how inspiring it was and could have been written today about any of our rights and how we conduct ourselves in life.  A few years ago I was blessed to hear Alveda King in Washington, DC and her Uncle would be so proud of her and all her hard work to continue to spread his message.
Feast your eyes on this skirt!  McCall 6415 "Da Bomb" Skirt with Pretty Drape in Front 1946 an uncut and super rare pattern.  That sweet drape - oh it makes me drool.

I have more newer ones that I love today than vintage ones so let's get started!

If you love fur or faux fur - Check this one out!  
Donna Salyers' Fabulous-Furs 002 Luscious Fur Jacket or Coat - SIGNED! 1989.  I've never seen a pattern signed by a designer & this designer is quite renowned & sought after.   Fur Coat Patterns & Fur Jacket Patterns links!

Almost all of the Butterick Retro patterns from the 1990's and early 2000's are becoming more scarce and sought after.  Here's another hard to find one.  Butterick 6240 Wowee Waist Darted Dress 1999 
This blouse reminds me of Steveie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac - McCall's 6166 Ethereal Top with Shaped Hem 2010.  I have this in all sizes!
Oooh La La!  Vogue 1336 Sassy Lady Denim Dress & Shorts 1994.  A sexy country gal look.  Daisy Duke?
Vogue 1522 Artsy Jacket, Dress, Top, Pants & Shorts 1985   a bit of a 20's look to the dress - flapper chemise!  I have two sizes and both are uncut.

In the era of Mad Men this hottie outfit looks like it would fit right into that series:  Butterick 5169 Flamboyant Top & Skirt 2008

Last but not least!  Get ready for summer with this Simplicity 6390 Lighthearted Summer Dress 1995


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

McCall's 4579 Radioactive Hot Pencil Skirt 1958

I didn't list anything new yesterday - got behind so I put in some 8 month old patterns that were too nice to delete from stock.  It always surprises me how many of these sell quickly when relisted.  It's hard to look thru all the patterns and many people look just the newest month when they find my site so recycling is helpful.

If you love skirts there are two unique beauties in today.  One 40's and one 50's and two completely different looks but both bring something to the dance!

Super hot and tight Rockabilly - McCall's 4579 Radioactive Hot Pencil Skirt 1958 with neat side buttons.  Oh I wish I was young and svelte enough to pull this one off!

Part Deux is this fuller skirted Simplicity 2024 Work of Art "Bustled" Daytime & Evening Skirt / ca. 1947 - now the shorter version is nice but the longer version with the "bustle" reminds me of an old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movie.

Fast forward to the 70's for this McCall's 3474 Vivacious V-Necked Dress or Tunic 1972.  The color & fabric design will make or break this outfit.  If it's a blah look then a no go.  Great lime green with trim or even the plaid fabric.  The V-neckline is versatile enough to make a turtleneck top under it trendy, comfortable & warm.  I like!
Another 70's with more of a "mod" look to it is this Simplicity 5009 Keyhole Neckline Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972 - the neckline almost has a faux scarf look - I expected it to have scarf drapes in the back.  Alas no.  I guess that could be put in ...  hmmmmm

Very feminine look to this Simplicity 5554 Dainty Shaped Bodice Dress 1973 - the long sleeved version is perfect for anyone who prefers a more modest look but likes to keep it retro too.

I like "short shorts" - and this McCall's 3177 Stretchy Dress or Top & Shorts or Pants 1972. The bee's knees!  The long or short top & shorts make this pattern for me.  Wish they had paired the short top with the shorts so I could eyeball it better.  Great summer outfit.

Back a decade for this McCall's 5507 Wolf Whistle Dress & Jacket 1960 is a pattern I had a while back and another turned up.  Horrible picture - but vintage McCall's patterns tend to get so very discolored.  When scanned it exaggerates the discoloration so I try to lighten it up.  It's the best I could do - sigh.  Worth the extra work to clean it up - it's uncut and fantastic!
From old to "new" my first favorite today is this McCall's 7074 Sexy Bohemian Top & Skirt 1994.  When I spotted this I couldn't grab it fast enough.
Another back in stock one that can't seem to stay in stock is this McCall's 7125 Quirky Cute Apron Dress - Jumper 1994
McCall's 6657 Faux Fur Collar & Hoodie Jacket, Coat & Belt 2012 - still looking for a warm coat or jacket before winter's end?

From super yummy to super stylish:  Vogue 8678 Avant Garde Jacket, Top, Skirt & Pants 2010