Friday, September 21, 2012

Advance 5572 Timeless "Lucy" Dress / ca. 1950

TGIF day - rah!  Two whole days with no alarm.  If it isn't too hot tomorrow we may go out in the Prowler and do some target shooting.  It's 106 today - downright cool!  Well compared to a few weeks ago when the temps were hanging around 115.

Number one on the list today!  Advance 5572 Timeless "Lucy" Dress / ca. 1950 with little peaky sleeves and button bodice and pointy collar.  Killer cute.  It's the equivalent of a Size 18 today and it's factory folded.

 It's still summer enough in places to grab this and make it:  McCall's 5025 Youthful Shirt, Swimsuit & Pants + Transfer 1976.  The transfer is darling - you can mute the colors or spice it up.  Why do I always think of Elvis when I see an all white outfit?

Marian Martin 9599 Sugar & Spice "Mom" Apron / ca. 1940's is my personal choice of cutest today!  Can't you just smell the cookies baking?

Newer patterns will start off with this winner:  Vogue 2951 Socialite Jacket & Skirt 2007 from DKNY.  Cute jacket but the "bubble" skirt is pretty "it".  The "brocaid" fabric is perfect and though the color is nice maybe a little less "brown" and "gold" and more green or blue.

Marcy Tilton rocks my fashion sense (which is pretty dorky usually).  Vogue 8600 Out of this World Jacket 2009 and check out the collar with hood option.  Woo hoo!

Nothing fancy here - just plain like it for it's casual air:  Butterick 4733 Flattering Zip Front Dress, Tunic & Pants 1996 and the front zipper so very bohemian.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simplicity 8584 Hullabaloo Go Go Shirt-Dress & Tie or Sash 1969

Got behind yesterday and didn't get my entire listing done until this morning.  Now on to today's listings - sigh.  Yesterday's list was short but sweet!

In no particular order of favoritism are today's vintage patterns:

Simplicity 8584 Hullabaloo Go Go Shirt-Dress & Tie or Sash 1969 and for those of us who watched Hullabaloo can't you just visualize!  How could anyone resist making this?  Well at least one person in the world didn't make this.

Mail Order 2381 Saucy Housewife's Day Dress 1940's - I almost used the word "sexy" because it is but not in that exact way.  Oh even I don't quite understand what I mean - grin.  The pattern pieces are in wonderful condition.  It's also a SIZE 22!  It measures for a bust size 44 and not just the style, or condition but the sizing is so unique.

Brought to you by the same lady for the pattern above is Simplicity 1346 Dignified Two-Piece Dress / ca. 1946 also in a plus size of Bust 44 (A Size 22 Today).  The pattern pieces are again in lovely condition.  Marian's patterns were all in beautiful shape - stored with care.

For newer patterns this dress jumped out at me.  A bit small unfortunately at a size 6-10 but such lovely tucks in front:  Butterick 4557 Teriffic Tapered Mock Wrap Dress 1996

For comfort lovers this McCall's 6167 Comfortable Looking Tunic & Sash 2010 makes me feel laid back.  The higher waisted drawstring version is my personal fav.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Advance 8777 Hottie Sheath Dress & Jacket / ca. 1958

Kind of clumping yesterday and today together - after being off a week yesterday was hectic.  Ah back to work LOL.

In my wanderings I picked up an obviously vintage 50's fur hat in mint condition.  As always I am bewildered on how to identify different fur types.  Found a website that helped immensely:  SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE is both fun and enlightening!

Here are some of the best patterns listed in the last two days:

Svelte sheath dress that is classy but plain until you add that little jacket!  Uncut too - what a find.


Creme de la Creme McCall 6556 Movie Starlet Dress with Scallop Closure 1946 a style that most of us only dream of wearing.  Grab it while you can! 

This is an uncut one too -

Apron fans check out this Simplicity 4868 Dandy Housewife's Apron Set / ca. 1944 in fine condition!  Aprons fly out the door so buy it quick.

Looking for that Cinderella moment?  Hollywood 409 Debutante Dress with "Deep Shaped Stomacher" / ca. 1940 just right for that evening with Prince Charming.

This dress rings my bell!  McCall's P-11 Sassy Shoulder Tie Shift Dress 1966

Very feminine shape - nice waist to it and of course pretty shoulder ties.  Whether just a dinner date or fancy cocktail party this is versatile! 

Here are a few newer ones that stand out:

Simplicity 6638 Red Hot Tuxedo Top 1990's good to wear with jeans or tight mini skirt.  Got it all!

Not your run of the mill career look!  Vogue 1141 Luscious Jacket, Top, Skirt & Pants 2009 with a really neat jacket!

Sheer and sexy:   Vogue 7757 Sizzling Sheer Shirt & Camisole 1990 

I've had this one a few times and it goes fast and seems to be a casual favorite - McCall's 8959 His & Her's Hee Haw Overalls 1997



Thursday, September 6, 2012

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CORRECTED 9/11 - sorry for putting wrong end date in LOL - see I really do need a vacation bwaahhhaaahaa!


Advance 5288 Pretty as a Picture Homemaker Apron / ca. 1949

Are you an apron lover?  This is the blue ribbon winner of aprons:  Advance 5288 Pretty as a Picture Homemaker Apron / ca. 1949 - that little sweetheart bib is just eye candy.

This one is factory folded and is a Marian pattern!  Did she have style or what?!

1940's Apron Patterns

Another Marian lovely is this Advance 2221 Super Duper Pre-War Blouse / ca.1940 with lovely shoulder and waist darts and two little penny pockets. 

The featured new is for some reason one that makes me think of a "Dominatrix" style with that "dog collar" look - I am demented. 
Strapless in front, backwards halter, tight as can be - ooh la la!
Here is a new "retro" blouse pattern that is a replica of a 1918 style blouse:  Folkwear 210 Feminine WW1 Armistice Blouse 1981
Armistice was in November 1918 - I know because my grandfather died just days before Armistice and is buried in France.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vogue 6066 Marian's Unbelievable Uplift Bosom Brassieres 1947

Just an awesome pattern to feature today - that was listed on Tuesday but I didn't get a chance to post.  A long holiday weekend equals alot of mail to ship:  Vogue 6066 Marian's Unbelievable Uplift Bosom Brassieres 1947.  Marian Maier owned this and a big thank you to her for keeping this spectacular pattern.  I will be listing a number of them for a few weeks.  Uniquely her patterns are regular to plus sized.  The larger sizes are so hard to find, especially when they are as fashionable as Marian's patterns are.

Speaking of which!  Mail Order 3092 Adorable Apron with Apple Pocket 1940's for apple lovers.  Perfect to wear while making an apple pie or cobbler. Marian had a number of apron patterns I still have to sort thru so keep an eye out.

The best of today's listing is this Advance 9512 Head Snapper Dress with Huge Full Skirt / ca. 1960 - not one of Marian's but still a show stopper.

Here's another of Marian's beauties that went in today:  Simplicity 3649 Fab Forties' Housecoat & Dress / ca. 1941 a refined yet modest look.  The long version looks a bit dressy to be a housecoat aka robe but with the right fabric it could be a lovely dinner out dress.

All of Marian's patterns have some wear to the covers but all the pieces are in new or like new condition.  Maybe some age discoloration but the condition is so refreshing.  So many of these older patterns are so fragile and worn it's scary to use them but no worries for Marian's!

For newer patterns this Vogue 2255 Smooth Jacket, Dress, Halter Top, Skirt & Pants 1999 has alot of variables. Casual or dressy or career.  Just a nice combo.

The buttons on the pants of this Simplicity just make the outfit so cute: Simplicity 2245 Dainty Dress, Tunic & Pants 2011


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