Monday, January 6, 2014

McCall's 6577 Ethereal Bodysuit, Pants, Gossamer Skirt & Cover-Up 1979

Happy New Year!

Oh my gosh why did 2013 scream by at warp speed?  I think it's called getting old.

The last few weeks I have obtained a lady's collection of several hundred 1980's patterns and they were overall fantastic.  I spent alot of my time off scanning them but not editing most of them - yet.  I did put in a number of them today that I had already listed in the past but they were out of stock.  Luckily I retain all my pictures so relisting was easy.  Oh oh another great mention is that most of the patterns had duplicates in different sizes.  Nothing worse than loving a pattern that isn't in your size. 

The holidays were quiet - spent with Harry's mom and some dear friends.  I hate traveling during Christmas but it's hard not to be with my sister and her husband.  She promises to come visit soon though!

New Year's Eve was spent at home eating pulled pork with friends and sitting out by the fire pit until about 11:30 when we all couldn't make it LOL.  By the time we got into bed it was a few minutes before midnight so we at least were semi-awake and heard fireworks.  My how times change - grin.

No resolutions - I gave them up years ago so I don't get disappointed in myself.  But I am trying to read The Bible more often, and get to be a better cook, do more gardening, and get some chickens!

Speaking of cooking, I no longer buy the spices and herbs in the stores.  I discovered a great website that sells everything I could possibly want at reasonable prices, and free shipping.  After my first few purchases I am completely sold on only using the freshest herbs and spices.  Smelling and tasting - there is just no comparison.  Baking alot and using cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, etc. the great fresh spices make such a difference in the end product.  Check them out at MY SPICE SAGE

Here is my favorite of the ones listed today - sadly only the one but it's sure to go quickly so if it's your size grab it.

Here's a quick link to my listing today - just a quick blog to let you know that I'm back listing after several weeks off: