Friday, March 21, 2014


If one has to in their golden years (hee hee) get a part time job no one, absolutely no one, is as lucky as I am.  Being a rabid animal lover I happened to be in our local pet store just a short way from where I live buying kitty food and asked them if they needed help.  They said "you're hired!" - they have been friends and even attend the same church that we do so it's working with friends and I get to pet and hold every animal that comes in.  It's a pet friendly store so all kinds of dogs come for a visit.  They don't sell pets only supplies luckily.

It has taken up quite a bit of my free time so my blogs will be brief if at all - except for letting you know about sales!

If you want to see what is the best of my postings I am now on Pinterest.  I so want to preserve the best of the vintage patterns and unique patterns so that people will always be able to access the pictures.  Here is a link to my Pinterest

I'm really enjoying putting other fun things up on Pinterest as well.  Favorite recipes, pet pictures, favorite websites, etc. 

Having a sale to start off the beginning of spring!  So 20% off all purchases from right now until Monday Night midnight AZ time.  I meant to start the sale yesterday but got home late so an extra day to shop.

Use coupon code SPRINGTIME to get your discount.  I'll ship on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oh oh - I just finished a really interesting book and thought I would share with you.  If you haven't read Divergent give it a try.  IMO it's not as well written as I had hoped but the concept is truly original.  A bit too "teen romance" between the main character and a trainer but again the story itself is really interesting.  I have a feeling the movie will be better.  I downloaded the audio book and enjoyed the narrator too.  Just downloaded the audio of Insurgent and looking forward to seeing what else happens!  Not near as good as the Hunger Games series but worth a read.

Enjoy your spring and I hope that wherever you live that you are enjoying warmer temps than we've had.  Okay well Arizona has been great but I know that most of the middle and east coast have been slammed with awful weather.  You deserve a warm spring!