Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The weather is lovely - finally warm and before it gets sizzling I want to enjoy being outside.  Plus my Mother-in-Law had hand surgery and she needs some extra hands with chores, etc.  The sale starts right now and ends midnight March 27.  I will mail all paid orders on the 28th or 29th.

Use coupon code CELEBRATE during checkout to get your discount.  Have fun shopping!

May you all have a Blessed Palm Sunday!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Woman's Day 5024 Amazing Wrap Pouch Pocketed Tunic & Skirt 1950's

No doubt about it - this is number one for today:  Woman's Day 5024 Amazing Wrap Pouch Pocketed Tunic & Skirt 1950's.  The ultimate housewife's look for the 1950's.  Great tunic top with a waitress pouch in front to keep all the little things a wife needs during the day like clothespins,bobby pins, string, coupons.  Today however great to stick a cell phone or IPod!

What a great coat this is - Simplicity 5408 Tip Top "Detective" Coat 1972.  I can picture this in dove grey for some reason.  Maybe a silvery shinnery color for evening.  The fabric suggested doesn't seem to include a raincoat fabric but I guess you could do that.  It would be a fine rain coat.

The vest on this outfit is just the bomb:  Simplicity 5267 Look Twice Mini-Skirt, Vest & Pants 1972.  Unique waist seaming and then a long almost "peplum" style to it.  No need to wear a blouse under it - wait for warm weather and wear it as a sleeveless top.
This next cutey pie I have in only one junior size but there may be other sizes in the boxes that are on the way right now so if it won't work for you check back.  Remember granny dresses?  Cute and comfy - had a few myself.  Simplicity 9617 Groovy Dress or Tunic & Bell Bottom Pants 1971

Here are a few new ones that are pretty special:  McCall's 6553 Edgy Asymmetrical Dress & Belt 2012 with a flowing asymmetrical hemline.  Comfortable loose look -

and this super pretty and sexy top McCall's 6605 Breezy Oversized Top & Tunic 2012 with a sheer fabric option.  Woo hoo.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Advance 8972 Wrap Around Sunback Dress / ca. 1959

Oh dear mother-in-law fell while out walking last week (she's 75) and broke her nose, scraped her knees and broke her thumb on her left hand.  She told  me she was just fine so I didn't worry - but then Monday she decided she wasn't fine.  Doctor appointment yesterday with the surgeon and she is going to have it pinned next Monday.  Her nose has a slight bump but it adds more character LOL so nothing needs fixing there.  Looks like alot of chores to be done so she can rest that poor sore hand.  This weekend cleaning her little park model, changing her sheets, doing all her laundry, etc.  Luckily it's her left hand so she can still have a beer with her friends bwahaahaa.  No alcohol involved in original accident!

Nothing listed Monday but got some in yesterday before I headed out to another appointment with the MIL.  Got some awesome oldies in today too.

Weather warming up - it's going to be 93 today.  WTH?  It was just in the 70's so that's quite a jump.

We went to the Air Show at the Marine Base on Saturday and then headed to the famous Yuma Lettuce Days (just kidding).  Yuma in the Lettuce Capitol of the World - bet you didn't know that!  I got connected with a local organic food grower (Hillside Farms) that has the most amazing veggies.  They have San Marzano Tomatoes which are the best ever.  You can eat them sliced with a slight sprinkling of salt and pepper on them.  If you can ever find them I highly recommend them.

More 70's patterns arrived and I have several more boxes on the way.

Here are the best of the best for yesterday and today:

Dreamboat date dress - Advance 8972 Wrap Around Sunback Dress / ca. 1959.  A true movie star fashion ready to wear today.

Can't get over the old Thirties' patterns from France I have been finding:  Patron Modele 22001 Work of Art "Jaquette" Morning Jacket 1930's


Love the skirt on this long waisted beauty.  I have a few sizes and perhaps more coming.  McCall's 2139 Long Torso Dress with Pleated Skirt 1969 

What a great two-piecer this dress is:  McCall's 2371 Hippie Hostess Dress & Pants 1970

I have this one in two sizes - still enough cold weather left!  McCall's 6349 Sumptuous Wrap Coat or Car Coat 1978

Check out the pictures (and there are alot!) for this Fleisher's Knitting & Crochet Manual / Early 1900's Fashions to Die For 1916 - nothing like WW1 fashions! 

Newer favorites posted:

I acquired another of this sought after pattern: 
I have this figure enhancing skirt in numerous sizes:  McCall's 6339 Snug Fitting Skirt in Two Lengths 1993 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7681 Snuggy Bodysuit, Dickies & Cuffs 1976

Three more HUGE boxes of late 60's and 70's patterns came yesterday.  I am buried.  So if 70's is your thing stay tuned.  I will be putting some in every day thru the week.  Probably will burn my scanner up - smile.

I love Facebook.  I keep hearing how it's a waste of time and how people get so fixated being on some kind of social media they lose touch with people.  Huh?  I  have found old friends, connected with family who live in the UK and "Like" lots of sites that have things I enjoy or that inform.  Some great discussions to be joined in on, sharing of ideas, craft projects, and much more.  Oh and recipes!   Things I've learned:  I don't  have to "like" everything.  I don't have to "friend" everyone.  Be careful who you friend or what you sign up for.  Have you ever unfriended anyone?  I have - including some relatives bwahaaha.  You can pick your friends but you can't pick your relatives.  Ever been unfriended?  I have - to my great amusement.

One of the sites I like alot posted some information about making your own yogurt.  Bing - light went on.  So I researched and it can indeed be done.  Who knew?  So I am going to give it a try this week.  Wish me luck.  My favorite yogurt and one to which I am addicted is The Greek Gods Yogurt.  My favorite is the honey or honey vanilla.  The plain is great to use for smoothies or substitute for sour cream.  Not too keen on the other flavors though my husband likes them.  Here is the website I will use for my yogurt making attempt and of course I will be using Greek Gods plain yogurt as my starter.  The Art of Doing Stuff - Making Yogurt and also here is the full website which rocks.  So much good info for cooking and well just doing stuff!  The Art of Doing Stuff

My boy kitty Tobey has not stopped sneezing even after his second round of antibiotics so I took him to my private vet (he was treated at the Humane Society where I first adopted him) and found out he needs a booster for a virus that he has - he was given a shot just before we got him and this second shot should do the trick.  He isn't acting sick at all but had a very slight fever which is upsetting.  Now today Olive is sneezing - sheesh.  Her appointment for the booster is Thursday.  She keeps wanting to get in my lap this morning but I push her down and tell her mom must work to pay the vet bills!

Like most pet owners I believe that my cat is the most beautiful in the world - well both of them actually.  But I did find out why the Humane Society had listed Tobey as a Flame Point (aka Colorpoint".  It's actually an offshoot of the Siamese but is a separate breed.  The vet remarked that he was a beautiful "flame point" and so I Googled it when I got home.  I'll be darned - the pictures look just like him!  Flame Point Cats

Olive is also a "breed" - everyone that sees her says she is a Russian Blue and when researching them she has all the markings and distinctive characteristics.  Not surprised - she was given up at 5 1/2 years and had been well cared for and declawed.  Truly I could care less - my idea was to adopt at least one older cat.

Okay enough babbling.  I have a number of different sizes for this Simplicity 7681 Snuggy Bodysuit, Dickies & Cuffs 1976 - if you made that New Year's Resolution to exercise and haven't now's the time!


Monday, March 4, 2013

McCall's 3273 Spirited High Waisted Halter Dress or Jumper 1972

I'm still putting in, and getting in the mail almost daily, a ton of 70's patterns.  I'm almost done (maybe) buying all this nice lady has from her former store.  More Junior Miss or Junior Petite than I care for but some smaller misses' sizes too.  Alot of my customers don't mind the smaller sizes as they are pro's adjusting to fit.  I'm not so adventurous or so skilled sadly.

Oh my gosh some exciting news for my husband and I.  We love the cooking channels (when did we become such nerds? LOL) and Chef Robert Irvine is coming to a big fancy casino near us on the 19th.  Of course we are going.  The better to see a master at work.  I heard they were going to tape the event for TV but not sure.  Definitely need a new outfit! 

Speaking of new outfits - my husband got a Guy Fieri (sp?) chef apron over the weekend and since I can't stand to not get one too I ordered this one on Ebay (it's a reversible apron so I get two pretty looks in one) with both cupcakes and ice cream cones.  I was super tempted at some on Etsy but they were a bit rich for me - being hand made and one of a kind they were worth it but just out of my range:

Being "me" I almost got one with cats on it but am afraid of turning into that "cat woman" that people talk about - grin.

Not a boring week to be had this month - last Saturday was the Midnight at the Oasis car show.  Lots more cars this year than last and the weather was perfect at 87 degrees.  Shorts and t-shirt and flip flop weather.  Next weekend is the MCAS Air Show and then Chef Irvine. 

Harry has gone over the top cooking.  He has made from scratch pizza (dough, sauce & mozarella), lasagna (dough, sauce & cheese and noodles), pulled pork sandsiches (18 hour smoked pork, BBQ sauce, and including the onion rolls) and more.  Dang I am spoiled.  We saw on the cooking channels that mozarella is easy to make.  Okay it's easy but time consuming - and also the most delicious you've ever eaten.  He is quite anxious to try more so I got him a cook book of cheese recipes.  We've got to get a cheese press for the harder cheeses - the good ones are a bit pricey so that will come later on.  We'll stick with the softer ones for now.

On to patterns!  My fav of today is this one:

McCall's 3273 Spirited High Waisted Halter Dress or Jumper 1972 such a carefree look!  More sizes are coming I think.

Get ready for summer!  Simplicity 9378 Beachcomber Dress or Top & Bikini 1971 and additional sizes are on the way.

Simplicity 9630 Trendy Dress or Tunic & Pants 1971 - the epitomy of a mod but career or date classic look.  Nothing extreme - I guess "neat" is the word.


With summer in mind the one above and now this one will be very handy:  Simplicity 2608 Fancy Knit Skirt & Pants or Shorts 2009 a versatile and dressy or casual skirt, pants combo.
On to a couple of Vogue listings that ring my bell:  Vogue 8072 Loose Fitting Hoodie Shirt 1991.  Oversized - check!  Hood - check! Flared i.e. Tented - check!  Stylish - check!

The Vogue Marcy Tilton Wearable Art patterns are so ritzy.  Vogue 7395 Glamorous Raised Neck Jacket 2001 that has an Asian flair about it.

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