Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clotilde Pattern 2893 - 3099 Lorraine's Roaring 20's Brassiere & Pantees 1920's

Featured vintage pattern today is Clotilde Pattern 2893 - 3099 Lorraine's Roaring 20's Brassiere & Pantees 1920's a rare lingerie pattern!  Interesting that they are called "pantees" and not "panties" - hmmm.  I had not ever heard of Clotilde Patterns but did find a few online.  Always nice to learn something new.

Also putting in a Forties' hat making book by a prominent designer of that era: 
Talk about space age!  Truly some of these hats look out of this world.  You have to be an adventurous spirit to make and actually wear some of these LOL

Now a "last but not least" lovely: 
For the first time in a long while I listed a few items on Ebay.  Not patterns!  I have a stack of "stuff" I've picked up after cruising the patterns and now I am trying to get some extra space so up they go.  Oh actually the purse is one of a collection I've put together for the last 10 or 15 years.  I have given away and sold some but kept the best.  I just don't have an opportunity to use this amazing purse:  Risingfeenix Ebay Items

The last year I have discovered the "Begotten" line from Simplicity and every one has sold lickety split.  The "new" featured today is:   Simplicity 9128 Ethereal Fitted Dress 2000 surely a one of a kind dress.
Looking for a bathing suit?  Summer racing here so check out: 
My friend Joni sent me a big batch of patterns (thanks sweetie!) and the prior owner had cut the front and back of the envelope and pasted them to a manila envelope.  What the heck is this done for????  I've run across it a few times and it irritates the bat snot out of me.  I think of it as defacement.
Since they are newer patterns from the 1980's and 90's I don't feel they affect the sale and the info is all there.  Okay it just bugs me.

This Eighties pattern isn't terribly new but I love it and it just yells "wear me to a pool party" - Simplicity 8108 Patio Party "Muumuu" Dress 1980's.  Had this a few times before and it flies out of stock - be quick if it's for you. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

McCall's 7449 Executive Secretary Two-Piece Dress - Two Skirts 1964

Memorial Weekend Sale Starts Midnight Tonight Arizona Time!

Use Coupon Code 2HONOR when checking out to get a 20% discount on your entire order.  All paid orders ship Tuesday or Wednesday next week depending on volume.  Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Weekend and remember all of our veterans who have served and many paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  God Bless Them!

My grandfather Richard W.J. Strong died on November 3, 1918 during WWI and is buried at the Meuse Argonne Cemetary in France.  In those days most of the men killed were buried overseas usually in the country they were killed in.  There is a wonderful site called the American Battle Monuments Commission where I went years ago to locate where my grandfather was buried.  They have indexes to research names and even which war to search.  If you have a loved one who died overseas it's a great place to start to hopefully find out where they were laid to rest.   Here is a link to a video memorial about the cemetaries:  ABMC Video

For sheer class this McCall's 7449 Executive Secretary Two-Piece Dress - Two Skirts 1964 absolutely gets a Blue Ribbon. 

Another extra classy fashion combo is Simplicity 4123 Dazzling Sheath Dress, Tunic & Jacket / ca. 1961 and what a dashing jacket this is!  The "Tunic" reminds me of what is called a tabard.  Each item is just a bit unique and stand out. 

I haven't found many apron patterns lately but did get this one which I thught was extra cute - Simplicity 3718 Kitchen Diva Aprons / ca. 1951 a very "peaky" apron.

Had a wonderful experience the other day when I received an email from a lady who asked about a pattern I had.  When I find patterns that have a name on them or has an envelope with their name I use it in the title or make mention in the description.  She said her son lived in Scotland and was researching and found her name!  She asked if the Marilyn Mollicone mentioned in my listing lived in Maine - well I had the envelope and yes it was her.  How fun is that!  She didn't remember having that pattern but figured she must have sold it at a yard sale.  Marilyn Mollicone is obviously a fashion diva with great style!  Here is the pattern that was formerly hers:  Spadea 1179 "Marilyn's" Classic American "Shirt" Dress 1954 

Featured newer pattern is:  New Look 6043 Bellissimo Dress with Two Necklines 1980's and nothing is quite like the original New Look Patterns.
I came across another pattern that I've had a few times and it always flies out of stock so if it rings your bell buy it quick before it's gone: Simplicity 8959 Pullover Muumuu Dress - Cute & Casual 1994 

That will do it for today - I will post tomorrow if I get the energy to put anything in for tomorrow or if I decide to truly take the weekend off!  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simplicity 8781 Bee's Knees Button Trimmed Dress 1970

I love this one!  Simplicity 8781 Bee's Knees Button Trimmed Dress 1970 especially the sheer upper bodice one.  Little poofy sleeves!  I actually had a dress similer to that view but not the sheer top.  Sadly I'm not a poofy sleeve type.  More of an outdoorsy horsy girl but I tried dang it!

It's always hard when I find a pattern with an envelope that is a train wreck.  But this next one has pieces and instructions in good and useable condition so it didn't get thrown away and after researching it realized how lucky I was lucky to find this rare one:  Advance 3505 Killer Beautiful Dress with Scallop Bodice / ca. 1943
This pattern reminds me of a British flight attendant from the Sixties or Seventies:  Anne Adams 4628 Helen's Awesome Tab Collar Dress & Scarf 1970's with a fun button tab to hold the scarf.  I know the pattern has a scarf piece with it but don't we all have a scarf collection?
For the Sixties Mad Men addicts here is:  Anne Adams 4910 Socialite Double Breasted "Shirt" Dress 1961 a true class act.
I've started to put the key words "mad men" in when listing so if you are looking for those styles click here:  Mad Men Patterns

Just realized that my first featured pattern should have been this one: 
and the picture shows why.  The dress itself is awesome but the three different collar types sets it apart.

For my favorite "new" patterns put in today this Vogue blouse looks so versatile and useful and comfortable: 
Vogue 2634 Button Front Top for Casual or Career 2002 and can be worn during any season.

Not a big fan of the baggy pants look but I could change my mind with this Burda pattern:  Burda 7655 Street Chic Hip Hop Baggy Pants 2000's and these can be pulled on over a bathing suit or if you are going to travel and want to be comfortable.  More of this type of pants:  Hip Hop Pants Patterns

Don't forget to check in Thursday - tomorrow - for the coupon code for the sale that starts Friday!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Simplicity 2585 Bound to Impress Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1958

I love this pattern!  Simplicity 2585 Bound to Impress Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1958 - especially the "sheer" bodice version.  Lovely trim around neckline with matching trim following the buttons looks very slimming.  A good find for me to pass on to you.

The "two skirts" patterns are very popular.  I can see why - it would be hard to pick which one to use - so of course both can be made.  Handy!

What an out of this world pattern this is:  Vogue 8578 Square Necked "Grace Kelly" Dress 1955 - totally a Princess Grace style.

I've been on a roll finding 50's and 60's patterns lately.  It goes in cycles.  I have a huge bin still to go thru sitting by my couch.  Next time I sit down to watch a movie I will start counting pieces.
A few 30's patterns located lately and here is the one I put in today:
 I'm always pleased when pattern pieces are in such nice condition as with this one.

Looking for a classic "sheath" dress?  Here it is:
 It's another one with two skirts - the fuller one makes me think of more casual outings but the slim one says smart!

Brace yourself!   Butterick 5740 Summer Evening Cocktail Party Dress 1950's a scarce sexy movie star dress that even today they try to reproduce it but nothing compares to the original.

 It's a bit of a Marilyn Monroe style and the best part for me are the huge pockets.  "Capacious Pockets on the Full Skirt" - no kidding they are gigantic.

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe I came across a dress - not a costume pattern but an actual dress pattern styled after her movie The Seven Year Itch - remember her scene standing on the subway grate?   Butterick 6202 Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch Halter Dress & Shawl 1980's

Very rare pattern - very sought after too.

For "new" patterns I will start with : Burda 8880 Corporate Haute Jacket & Skirt 2000's which is very edgy looking to me.  The long skirt rocks.

Only a few from today jumped out at me.  I did find another of one that I listed last month but in a different size.  Since it is very summery thought I would link to both of them: 

There's alot you can do with this pattern!
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Simplicity 2502 Flirty Sleeveless Dress & Short Jacket / ca. 1958

 Hello readers!  I will be having a Memorial Day Weekend sale starting Friday and going thru Monday night.  Check back on Thursday for the discount info - it will be 20% off for you readers only.

I got tired of trying to decide which vintage pattern to feature so I will put several in today.  The first is :  Simplicity 2502 Flirty Sleeveless Dress & Short Jacket / ca. 1958.  It is so summery with or without the little jacket.  A winner.
Pretty contract neckline - bodice trim on both the dress and jacket.   The skirt has such a lovely way it hangs - it doesn't spurt out it just flows.  If I had to describe in one word it would be "understated" -

Need a slip or petticoat to go with this dress?  Simplicity 2423 Cat's Meow Daytime & Evening Slip & Petticoat / ca. 1948
A rare lingerie pattern that is uncut.  This will top off your retro dress or blouse & skirt to be retro and vintage underneath too!
If you've been looking for a jerkin or vest this pattern throws in a wonderful little capelet  - Mail Order 2396 Figure Enhancing Jerkin "Vest" & Little Cape 1940's.
I have recently discovered the joy of wearing a "vest" or sleeveless blouse with a shirt underneath.  Why did I wait so long?  It's been fun to mix and match.

I can't resist putting this one in - Smplicity 3948 Lovely Lolita Nightgown & Panties / ca. 1961.  View 2 the middle length is the one for me.  Heating up here in Arizona and it's the ticket! 
It's a bit early to think about Halloween - or is it?  Check out these two fun costume patterns - if you love the Addams Family these rare and out of print patterns are a great find:

No idea how I came upon this website but I have enjoyed it and bookmarked it.  It's called FrugalDad.com and it is filled with great stuff.  I especially like the Square Foot Gardening info as I have wanted to get back into growing some of my own veggies and am a fan (having done it years ago very successfully) the Square Foot Gardening method.

Featured new patterns start with Burda 7583 Honey of a Cape & Bolero 2000's a great toss on topper for just heading out and wanting to look unique and fashionable.
This next pattern just struck me - looks very "today" with a touch of "yesterday" - Simplicity 2504 Adventurous Spirit Jacket 2009
Already scanning and sorting for tomorrow's listing so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Butterick 5608 Awesome "Short Swaggerish Topper" / ca. 1951

Two featured "vintage" patterns today the first of which is:  McCall's 6576 Sizzling T-Back Halter Dress / Late 1970's and then there's Butterick 5608 Awesome "Short Swaggerish Topper" / ca. 1951.  Two wildly different styles and eras but both unique for their time and quite wearable today.

The McCall's is a very sought after pattern.  If you have a summer cocktail party or special event you are looking for something to wear - oh this is it.

The "Swagger" coat is a cute "Lucy" look.  Very tented and so versatile.  Get ready for next fall and the first cold spell with this eye catching coat.

Butterick came out with a series of "retro" patterns and I swear I had this in a 2000's edition but don't any longer.  This is the original one though!

A big thank you to Nancy for forwarding this fun picture to me.  It's of Queen Elizabeth and I say this old gal has got to change her style! 

Featured new is another extremely sought after pattern: 
Got to make this in red or plum colored velveteen.  Very yummy indeed.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Prominent Designer A861 Bombshell Dress & Jacket 1950's

It was quite nice to see a number of you readers find some treasures during the sale.  Thank you!

My time off wasn't as relaxing as I would have liked - it's so hard to stay away from the computer and my email.  Plus having just changed my email I did have to go back and forth to make sure I was getting all my friends and business stuff changed over too.

Featured today is one of my favorite ones to find - A Prominent Designer:  Prominent Designer A861 Bombshell Dress & Jacket 1950's and as with all the early Prominent Designer patterns it's a killer fashion.  See 1950's Prominent Designer Patterns and 1960's Prominent Designer Patterns.

Do many of you use Facebook?  If so watch out what you view and click like on.  It seems to be adding and sharing when you don't want it to.  I so enjoy FB because I have family in the U.K. and friends all over the States so it's so nice to visit that way and view pictures and status but dang it's creepy too.  Being stubborn I refuse to be intimidated - grin.  Just being extra cautious.

Mother's Day is next Sunday - make plans now to honor your mother or mother-in-law.  Thought a reminder would be good - sometimes in our hectic lives we miss important occasions until they hit us in the face.

Another visit to the vet today with Little Girl.  Lucky her she didn't have to come out of the box.  The vet is trying a new thing on her called "Buprenorphine" - hmmm.  Very interesting research on it.  She seems okay with it not like other stuff that's been tried.  Cross your fingers.  Oh - had a good hard laugh when I saw her file had a big sticker on it that said "CAUTION - BITES."  She is such a big baby - I could wear her as a hat if I wanted to she is that easy.  I told the vet that and she just looked at me - well she loves me anyway hee hee.

Featured new is a rather attractive tunic top with the hemline longer in back - a bit edgy and unusual: 

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello Readers!  I have been listing even though I am on "vacation" - most of my listings are what I call "relists" from almost a year ago.  Often some of the most awesome patterns once they slip back are overlooked so I try to weed thru those patterns that are not worthy LOL and discard them and relist the ones I know could catch someone's eye.  Don't be discouraged from looking - many treasures are overlooked!

Listings on Tuesday

Listings on Wednesday

A beautiful week a bit spoiled with the health issues of my cats.  At 16 1/2 years of age these litter mates are sadly on the decline.  As I am fond of saying that at a certain age (I am almost there) people shouldn't buy green bananas.  I don't overstock on catfood or cat litter now.  Okay so sad but true.

Have a lovely Spring!