Thursday, August 1, 2013

Butterick 5971 Simply Divine Frock with Two-Piece Skirt / ca. 1934

Well didn't get any in yesterday but wow check out some of the awesome patterns put in today.  I got a nice package of vintage patterns yesterday that I scanned and got ready to list.  Put several of the bunch in today.  Just couldn't wait.

Sadly some people who list bunches of patterns for sale just don't do their research.  Maybe they are just glad to get rid of them after a family member passes away or just cleaning out the sewing room. 

This one tops my lists of "finds" lately:  Butterick 5971 Simply Divine Frock with Two-Piece Skirt / ca. 1934.  I always hold my breath when I get old patterns that have been stated to be unused.  Much of the time they are as advertised but sometimes ... this one however did not disappoint!  It is FACTORY FOLDED.  It doesn't take much imagination to see this outfit on a woman during the Great Depression.

Another from this batch is this Butterick 7611 Full Length or Slim Shortie Coat / ca. 1956.  The short version reminds me a bit of what Audrey Hepburn would have worn.  Lots of time before cool weather hits -
I had this one a while back and it sold quickly.  Butterick 2137 Princess Sheath Dress / ca. 1961  - a Hollywood vamp look for sure.

A bit later in the 60's and wham the style sure changes:  Simplicity 8392 Jumper or Coat-Dress & Dress with Ascot 1969 a classic mod outfit.

Another one waiting for cool weather.  I picture the long version at a Hollywood premiere! Simplicity 6680 Casual or Theatrical Cape 1974 
Fit for a Goddess off shoulder beauty - Butterick 3481 Graceful One Shoulder Wrap Dress / ca. 1970's which could go under that long cape - ???
Had to throw in this 80's Vogue.  Two different set of sizes too.   I'm a sucker for the "peplum" look:  Vogue 9484 Ooh La La Top, Camisole & Skirt 1986 

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