Thursday, October 24, 2013


Forgive my slackness in giving you all updates and info on my pattern listings.  My FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) has really spiked the last few months affecting my hands and arms.  Some days I can't even do my listings.  When I am able to list the thought of posting on my blog makes me cringe.  I may not be as consistent as I used to be or want to be but hang in there. 

Before I found out I had FMS I had never even heard of it.  If I had I would have thought someone made it up or it was all in their head.  Well this is a good life lesson to not judge.  I wish it was all in my head.  I've done alot of research on the subject and sometimes knowledge is a dangerous thing - grin.  If you have, or know someone who suffers from FMS you know how disruptive it is for someone to cope day to day.  Fibromyalgia Network for info.

Since I haven't been listing as much, but still collecting (any time I go to town I hit the thrift stores and of course weekends are full of yard sales and estate sales) my pattern storage is a disaster.

I will try to do better next week but in the meantime help me decrease my patterns so I can start reducing the piles in my storage room.  SALE TIME!

20% off all orders from right now until Sunday night at midnight AZ time.  Use coupon code CLEANOUT during checkout.

Great time to prepare your fall and winter wardrobe.


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