Monday, November 18, 2013

Butterick 2299 Roaring Twenties Frock 1920's

Trying to start the week out with a posting - yay!  Had a couple of awesome listings today that I had to share.  A couple from last week get "honorable mention too" -
Butterick 2299 Roaring Twenties Frock 1920's that has remained unused and factory folded for almost 100 years.  In remarkably great condition.

 This rare ready is also unused and went in last week. 
Patrons Francais Echo 4126 / Turn of the Century Skirt / Early 1900's.  You have to wonder how they survived much less remained unused.  

This one is truly priceless and again not used - Simplicity 2565 Hot Tamale Dress & Cummberbund / ca. 1958

 Nothing more flattering than a 60's sleeveless dress with just that perfect "look" to it.  Does anyone watch Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia?  I think it's on the Cooking Channel.  They both wear 40's to 50's vintage outfits and I always look forward to their shows to see what they are wearing.  It's a fun and funny show too.
That refined front fools people - when you turn around it's a big wow!
This next one was listed last week and don't be fooled by the envelope.  It's uncut and factory folded.  A real classic.  Butterick 9472 Two Skirted Jumper & Jacket / ca. 1960
Striking tiny little Jacket!  Advance 2860 Patsy Cline Jacket & Dress / ca. 1962 - also unused.  The dress is nice but that jacket truly makes the outfit.  I would love that little jacket with a turtlneck sweater and a pair of jeans even. 
Marian Martin 9310 Dynamite Low Waisted Dress 1950's - with the right figure this would be so flattering.  That low waist however wasn't ever meant to be worn by me boo hoo.

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