Saturday, June 7, 2014

Store Closing Sale 40% OFF

Sale will End Midnight June 15th AZ Time

Some big news – I am closing my website store due to health issues.  No worries - nothing life threatening.  However - maintaining my huge store with thousands of patterns just is a struggle so I am greatly reducing my inventory and moving the nicest of vintage patterns and items into my new ETSY STORE!  You can find me with my new store name “OutoftheAshesSewing” at Etsy.Com.

My new store will feature only vintage or rare newer patterns.

I anticipate closing my website at the end of July if not sooner.  I have slashed a lot of prices and every day will reduce prices even more to move these less collectible vintage patterns and the newer patterns.  Many of the craft patterns have been lowered to $3 just to move them.  I can’t bear to bag so many patterns up to give away to the thrift stores so please shop away!  It would be good to keep checking in daily because as I said every day I am reducing prices by going thru month by month.  I am just starting November 2013 so a lot of months to go.  I am happy to combine multiple orders to make sure you get the free shipping within the U.S.

I am offering a big 40% OFF all items from now until midnight Sunday June 15th Arizona time – you can use the coupon code EXTRA to get your discount.  At that time I will eyeball what is left and decide whether to close or do another sale with even more of a discount!

Happy Shopping and huge thanks and blessings to all of you who have shopped with me since the beginning or recently found me.  Your business has been so very appreciated and I have made some life long friends along the way.  God bless!

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