Thursday, July 16, 2009

I couldn't wait to put this in to show you. This McCall's 5505 from 1960 is a 7-panel princess dress and it is UNCUT. I could not find one other anywhere on the internet. It always amazes me when I find something like this that no one bothered to actually make. What were they thinking. The 7 panel feature is unique - I don't think I've seen one quite this pretty before. I have "listed" it for tomorrow but you can access it right now if you want to jump on it. Here is the link: Out of the Ashes Collectibles. Here's more on vintage sewing patterns which has some great info: Vintage Sewing Patterns


Cathy said...

Hi, I find that the patterns that exhibit "interesting" construction details are the ones which I am most likely to want to acquire. Like this seven panel dress. I think that garments which offer detail style lines/seams, etc offer much more chance of creativity to us home sewers and would be really fun to sew. And then again, I think of other more classic (designer) styles which I really love, so go figure. I guess I am just hooked on patterns. Not to mention fabric, sewing machines, etc. Good Idea, nice blog, I will be checking in quite often.

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Welcome Cathy and thank you! I plan on putting more pictures and info in soon. Getting the hang of it LOL

Abby said...

I just love the patterns from the 60's. Made several, that I bought from you, for the summer.

Made one, almost like this, while in college in the 60's. It was light blue with gold and blue glass buttons. We used to go to Boston, try on clothes, take notes, and then go back to the dorm and make them.