Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marian Martin 9220 Mary's Out Shopping Blouse & Slacks 1960's

Marian Martin 9220 Mary's Out Shopping Blouse & Slacks 1960's is one of those patterns that brings to mind, actually makes me visualize, the 1960's.  I swear I wore this outfit in my mid-teens.  Oops - dating myself.  The 60's really had some great fashion trends that haven't even begun to go out of style - like this combo.  Add a pair of matching tennies and a purse and start cruising the malls.  More Marian Martin Patterns

The featured new is :  McCall's 5050 Frothy Peasant Top & Tunic 2006 a very romantic Renaissance looking blouse.  I have it in all sizes luckily.

In my never ending quest for research of listings I ran across a blogsite called SewCraftful which I could never hope to compete with - oh my gosh who has the time??!!   Just lucky for us they do - they have many neat articles but the one that caught my eye was How to Value Vintage Sewing Patterns.  This is such an accurate description of what I do to evaluate vintage or even newer patterns.  I never just find a pattern, scan it, edit it, and list it.  Every single one is researched thoroughly.  Definitely more time consuming but it gives you the buyer more info too.  If I say it is scarce or rare you can be certain that at the time I list it is.  Often after 8 or 10 months I reevaluate a pattern's worth and either delete it or relist it at a lesser price to move the product. 

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