Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Simplicity 3070 Slim & Trim Roll Collar Dress / ca. 1959

Okay Sale is On! 
We are heading out late today and will be back late Sunday.  All paid orders will go Monday or Tuesday.  You readers will get 20% off by using coupon code REST4ME which really means I am going to sleep, nap, and generally be lazy the whole, entire, time.  Bringing lots of books I have wanted to read, my little laptop DVD player and my headphones.  Oh and of course the kitties.  They tolerate the trip (they actually don't dig traveling at all but they do it) but once we are there they enjoy looking out the window at all the activity.

Of course I will have my IPad with me to stay in touch thru email and to answer any questions you may have.  Camping just ain't what it used to be - but then I won't give up my queen size bed and walk in shower or my internet or cell phone just to sleep in the dirt again with a tent.
Simplicity 3070 Slim & Trim Roll Collar Dress / ca. 1959- so stylish.  If Erin of Dressaday was writing about this pattern I wonder what she would say about the two ladies who are staring daggers but not at each other?  Occasionally I get such a giggle out of a pattern I send it to Erin to enjoy - not that this is exceptional but it did make me wonder.

Featured new is McCall's 6277 Flouncy Fancy Dress & Belt 2011- definitely a big splashy print for this dress.  Bit exotic - tropical type flowers in a silky fabric.  The kind of material that skims your figure when you walk or even move.  Very Sixties Sex Symbol looking.

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