Friday, May 31, 2013

Vogue 1070 Fashion Diva Coat, Skirt & Tunic Blouse 1961

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial weekend.  I spent alot of time thinking about all our heroes past and present.  God Bless them all.  Without them we wouldn't be free.

Tuesday and Wednesday were busy packing days.  Alot of sale orders to get out for sure - thank you all.

Wednesday night my husband and I participated in an online cooking class with Chef Robert Irvine (Restaurant and Dinner Impossible).  We had all the ingredients prepped and ready but even so it was a train wreck - food flying everywhere and us laughing hysterically trying to figure out where we went wrong when the online media would stall and we'd be a step behind.  Oh my gosh it was so fun.  There was a running live blog too and the comments had us hooting in laughter.  This is the first time he has done this online and he said he learned alot - I'm sure he did.  We did too!  Can't wait for the next class.  We made a pork tenderloin with a sauce on it which was fabulous but  my favorite dish was the shrimp and polenta.  I had never made polenta before and it was delicious - we added spinach and spices, along with white balsamic.  We plated the polenta, topped with the grilled shrimp, and then topped with a "salsa" consisting of sauteed red onions and strawberries.  It was amazing!  Here is a link to the recipes we did:  Robert Irvine Recipes

The most noteworthy pattern listed this week (only listed yesterday and today) is this Vogue 1070 Fashion Diva Coat, Skirt & Tunic Blouse 1961 which I got in the mail from my sister the other day.  She found it at a yard sale!  It's extremely rare and uncut and it also has the original label.  Thanks sissy!

My next favorite went in today - Mail Order 2294 Irresistible Dress with "Button" Bodice / ca. 1940's and I have two of them.  The first is in Factory Folds the other was used and has mild wear but entirely useable.  That "button" bodice is so very pretty.  I like the idea of a contrast fabric too.  Really sets it off.

Back to the 70's with this sassy party dress - McCall's 3213 Flirty Party Dress 1972 and of course the bottom ruffle is a must.

I've had this one in my "to check" bin for a while and finally confirmed that it is complete:  Advance 8710 Smashing Two-Piece Dress / ca. 1958 with a most becoming blouson look.

The ultimate 70's Hostess Award goes to:  Simplicity 6020 Dazzling Wrap Blouse & Palazzo Pants & Skirt 1973.  Skip the skirt and head straight to those wide legged pants!  Two sizes available!



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