Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hollywood 1107 Dishy Jumper, Shorts & Blouse / ca. 1943

The two new kitties are doing great!  However - Tobey the 11 month old is a leopard.  Lean and so very active.  Olive is like a beach ball with four tiny legs and getting her to move is impossible.  She plays like a "lady" - batting daintily at a dangled toy.  The word "run" is not in her vocabulary.   I have always free fed my cats and never had an overeater.  Until now.  Tobey needs all the food he can eat because he's young and races and plays almost constantly.  How do I balance their eating?  Oh did I forget to mention that if the crunchy food bowl gets low or out they both yowl like they are dying even if it's in the middle of the night? Help.

Always happy to find a Hollywood pattern.  Oddly this is one I had in 2011.  What are the odds?  Hollywood 1107 Dishy Jumper, Shorts & Blouse / ca. 1943 
This pattern made me giggle.   It looks kind of "clownish" - McCall's 8665 "Edwardian" Jacket, Pants & Blouse 1967.  However I swear I had this outfit in high school.  I saw on the Vintage Pattern Wiki that this was one of McCall's patterns they put into a store catalog booklet and it actually used the term "Edwardian."  I have two different normal sizes of this one.

The perfect summer dress - McCall's 8951 Seven Panel Princess Dress 1967 and as with the former pattern I have two sizes.
The perfect summer evening dress - Simplicity 6099 Flirtatious Front Wrap Dress 1973 and .... wait for it!  Two sizes available.

Looking for a pair of hippie pants?  Look no more - McCall's 2672 Hippie Swinger's Set of Pants 1970

In a weird mood today - some of these patterns are crackin' me up.  This next one makes me think of a Sonny Bono meets Tom Jones outfit.  McCall's 2687 Men's Groovy Faux Fur Vest & Pants 1970.

This is one from Tuesday and though it's been cut it's a rare one.  I have become a "pattern snob" hating to list anything from the mid-60's thru the 1970's if it has been used.  I see so many used ones that it's more trouble than it's usually worth.  But sometimes ones catches my eye and this one did.  It's a rare one too so if you have been looking for it most of your life grab it now!  McCall's 8898 True Fashionista Dress 1967

Oh my gosh did guys really wear these?  Simplicity 5376 Men's Super Cool Jumpsuit 1972

Remember those Granny Dresses we used to wear in the seventies?  Simplicity 9835 Flower Power Hippie Dress 1971
Now I really dig this one - a long vest looks so great:  Simplicity 5186 In the Groove Mini-Dress, Vest & Pants 1972 and lucky to have two sizes.

Rare & sought after pattern:  Vogue 9254 Oversized Hobo Handbags 1970's.  Okay it's a neat handbag but WTHeck?  



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