Friday, July 26, 2013

Simplicity 3223 Spiffy Retro Shirt, Slacks & Shorts /ca. 1950

It's the "monsoon" season here in Arizona and we get thunderstorm activity almost without warning.  The weather said possible thunderstorms yesterday and oh my gosh did we get rain, lightning and thunder.  I had to turn off my computer for most of the day.  We sure need the rain so that's a good thing.  The bad thing was taking all day to finish a listing.  But got it done.

The premiere pattern IMO for yesterday was one my sister found and sent to me.  She did good!

Simplicity 3223 Spiffy Retro Shirt, Slacks & Shorts /ca. 1950 and this one is uncut!  The styles from late 40's to early 50's incorporate the best of both decades.  The "slacks" are so fortyish, and the shirt too but then that sleeveless shirt and shorts are fifties.

On to the sixties for this Simplicity 6019 Perky Ruffled Top & Pants 1965 that screams sixties' summer.

Back a decade for a great retro nighttime combo - Butterick 6995 Two-Piece Pajamas & Robe Ensemble / ca. 1954 
Nothing rings my bell more than a sailor collar. McCall's 3374 Ship Ahoy Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972 
Never out of style maternity dress.  A "two-piecer" that is so versatile.  Butterick 9844 Mad Men Maternity Dress / ca. 1960

I purchased several patterns from the late 60's to 70's that were in horrible condition on the outside but perfect inside and this is one:  Butterick 4106 Ladylike Suit & Blouse / ca. 1965.  The envelope was so bad I had to completely clean it up so the outfit itself could even be looked at.
Well off to the store.  Hubby and I are going to pick up something delicious to make tonite.  Have a wonderful weekend!



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