Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simplicity 4463 Pretty as a Picture Blouse / ca. 1953

Before I forget I wanted to brag that I have finally made yogurt.  I bought a large yogurt maker (I didn't like the one with cups) and have made several batches.  Prepping to put into the machine takes a bit of time but it's worth it.  Half the time I eat it as is with maybe some fresh or frozen fruit.  Since it's blazing hot outside I have been making frozen yogurt and it's so refreshing.  My favorite is to use a drained can of mandarin oranges and maybe a banana pureed (spelling?) and then mixed into the yogurt with some sugar and a bit of lime juice.  Yum.

This lovely blouse pattern I put in yesterday.  Very romantic looking I think. Simplicity 4463 Pretty as a Picture Blouse / ca. 1953

Extra classy dress is this Butterick 3333 One-Piece Dress with Two Collars / ca. 1965 

If you are a nurse or work in a hospital or lab this super stylish uniform is a must have.  The envelope is one of the worst I've seen so I cleaned up the picture so the uniform could be seen!  Butterick 6516 Delightful Nurse's Uniform Package 1970's


Really alot of great newer 80's thru 2000's patterns put in today.  Here's the link!


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Tiana said...

I LOVE that Simplicity blouse pattern (the first one)!! Thank you for sharing it. I shall put it on my 'wish list.' :o)