Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spadea S-201 Femme Fatale Wiggle Dress 1954 - what an eye popper! I especially like the underarm stitching which has to make it fit the bust tight as can be. Can she breathe? Maybe that's why she has that distant look in her eyes - it's from lack of oxygen.

No listings tomorrow or blog - Last minute camping trip with friends - I swear we are always going camping but I do love it so. Gives me lots of "down" time but I have two huge bags of patterns to sort thru and I kick back and count pieces to relax. I'll head home tomorrow for a quick mailing (it's an hour away) and check on my kitties. We normally take them but we have our friend Brian (aka The Rent A Kid) coming to stay with us and guys just don't worry about open doors and I am too much a worrywort (remember your mom saying that - smile).

ALSO!!! If you haven't checked out my friend Melodee's new website please do and pass it on to friends. Starting a business is so tough and getting the word out is very important. If she didn't have awesome products I wouldn't encourage you - but she does!

ML ORIGINALS One-of-a-kind original ladies wear & accessories. Each design is handmade & unique.

Here's what went in today:

1940's Patterns
1950's Patterns
1960's Patterns
1970's Patterns
1980's Patterns
1990's Patterns
2000's Patterns

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