Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There was never any doubt when I listed this that I would feature it in my blog. Vogue 7284 Spectacular High Society Dress 1951 - Doesn't this just reek of rich? It does have a huge problem however - no instructions - sigh. But since this is the only one in existence someone with skills (unlike myself) could snip snip and voila it. I also put some extra mail orders with a darling 1930's girl's dress.

Well time to get my house chores done so we can have a relaxing Christmas day and weekend! I'll be listing tomorrow and then take a few days off. Not sure if I will list on Saturday but if I get some extra time I will so check in!

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1 comment:

nancyc20 said...

Dang! If that isn't Agnes Moorehead in Dark Passage with Bogie and Bacall! Just needs a long cigarette holder...