Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Weekly 3844 Goddess Athena Dress 1950's that perfect dress for a Roman lady to attend a party in.  It also sprang to mind this would make a lovely nightgown too.

Apologies for missing yesterday.  Did a huge listing and it being Monday had tons of orders to get out in the mail and then my power went off.  WTF?  Wanted to set my hair on fire.  Speaking of hair - I am coloring it this morning and am trying what I thought was a slightly different shade but right now my head looks purple.  Eek - hope it looks better when it's rinsed.

Do you like Sea Monkeys?  Even know what they are?  Didn't we all have them or at least attempt to "grow" them when we were kids?  A friend forwarded me the Sea Monkey Worship site which is a hoot.  Want a good laugh - check it out!

Starting a SALE TOMORROW! However I will be putting in the sale code tonight about 8:00 p.m. after I finish tomorrow's listing.  I won't be posting it formally until tomorrow morning so you will get a jump on it!   I am going away on a mini-vacation camping with friends.  We'll be gone Thursday and coming home Tuesday.  Sale starts formally tomorrow morning and ends Tuesday night.  15% off and use discount code SPRING at checkout and have fun shopping.

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