Friday, April 16, 2010

McCall's 9276 Sharp as a Tack Skirt 1953 with lovely crescent pockets.  Someone really took care of this pattern as the envelope is in lovely condition which is a rare thing.  And never used - completely uncut.  Who could resist?

Speaking of old patterns I'm often sad about the condition of the pieces when counting them so did some Googling and found this site: 

How to Repair Sewing Pattern Envelopes, Instruction Sheets and Pattern Pieces which has everything I need to know and should come in handy for all of you.  I don't do any "repairing" by taping or pinning or duplicating or even ironing (I don't iron - if it's not wash and wear I don't buy it or make it).  I believe buyers should do that if they desire.  If there are any problems with the pieces I say so - no surprises!

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