Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Advance 3140 College Gal's Waistcoat & Skirt / ca. 1942

Neat retro looking school or work outfit is featured today:  Advance 3140 College Gal's Waistcoat & Skirt / ca. 1942 in a never out of date style.

Thank you to LaRaLil for the nice blog in response to a vintage pattern order she received last week. Okay I don't know what it says but she swears it's a compliment.  
 Finally have our hot hot hot weather.  It is 110 right now but I am shivering in the air conditioning inside.  Don't dare turn it down or off though as it's hard for the A/C to play catch up with the temperatures.  Got to get the boat ready for the river.  Maybe I'll get my husband to get it out this evening so we can polish and wax and clean it all and get it set to go fishing and swimming.  The Colorado River here is so dang cold that unless it's been over 105 for a consistent period of time the river stays very cold.  Should be nice and warm now.  July and August are perfect for swimming and tubing if not for fishing.  We take our inner tubes, a big float with an ice chest full of water and beer and soda and maybe some margaritas and some snack foods and spend 6 or 8 hours floating down the river.

Featured new isn't special or rare but so useful:  Simplicity 3822 Crafty Beachy Tote Bags 2007 so you can personalize your beach or picnic tote.

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