Friday, June 17, 2011

McCall's 3079 Top of the Line Skirt 1954

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Whipped out some patterns yesterday and then took a friend to Mexico to have a wisdom tooth pulled.  Emergency extraction!  We have all our dental work done in Mexico in offices newer, nicer, more modern than here in Yuma or for anywhere else that I can recall.  We are fortunate to have dental insurance but it's still cheaper in Mexico.

After Mexico I hit the thrift stores in town and it was a bonus trip.  Got almost 200 and they are most of them uncut Vogue patterns from the 1980's to 1990's.  The pile of unscanned and unlisted is getting taller ...

After getting home late yesterday no energy to put in for today but whipped some out this morning.

My favorite for today is:  McCall's 3079 Top of the Line Skirt 1954- very useable straight skirt.  It's true beauty lies in that zippered pocket.  Don't think I've seen an oldie with zipper pockets before.

Featured new has a unique "jacket" : McCall's 4608 Cocoon Shaped Pajama Top, Pants & Nightgown 1989 and that pajama top is fun!

Have a wonderful summer weekend!

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