Tuesday, June 14, 2011

McCall 7124 Delightful Day or Evening Skirt 1947

McCall 7124 Delightful Day or Evening Skirt 1947- nothing beats a great skirt paired with a vintage blouse.  The evening length of course is the highlight for me.

It never rains .... had to replace my computer monitor a few weeks ago when it went "blank" and then my computer died just before the weekend.  So a new computer and a new scanner (the old one wasn't compatible") gave me a few fits but now I wish I had done it sooner.  The new computers are like greased lightning.

Featured new:   Butterick 3999 Eye Popping Sleeveless Dress, Top & Skirt 1995 with side buttoning just killer.  I love patterns that have graceful waistlines which this one does.  After years of watching "What Not to Wear" (the UK version is better than the US version) I know better than to wear something like this myself as I am too short and stumpy.

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