Monday, July 25, 2011

McCall 5989 Distinguished Two-Piece Suit Dress 1945

Stay tuned later this week for a sale!  It will be for 20% off on Friday.  Will post on Thursday the coupon code info.

McCall 5989 Distinguished Two-Piece Suit Dress 1945 a forties' personfied style if I've ever seen one. 

Love cats?  Or just like to laugh?  Check out this video of the Killer Green Apples on Youtube.  I laughed until I cried.  The "Psycho" music makes it even funnier.

When researching for listing today for some reason this "How to Make a Frock Coat" link came up.  No idea why but the title intrigued me.  The site has info and ideas on how to recreate costumes and more.  Interesting.

Featured new is Vogue 9623 Smooth Jacket, Skirt & Pants 1997 and the jacket is the key to this one. Plain view C is blah.  Same old same old.  But the A and B views rock.  A "pull thru" drape makes a plain jacket fancy.

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