Monday, July 18, 2011

Simplicity 3712 Super Skirt, Weskit & Stole / ca. 1951

Simplicity 3712 Super Skirt, Weskit & Stole / ca. 1951 an uncut absolutely darling outfit!  That poor envelope has seen better days though.

Taking the MIL to the airport in Phoenix-Mesa this morning (her plane leaves at 5 p.m.) and will get to go to a few of my favorite thrift stores in all the world - Savers.  Probably won't do a post tomorrow and may not even get patterns in - all depends on how late I get home.  Note to self - take an ice chest with lots of water!

Featured new so caught my eye that when I researched it for pricing and information I found a few others and bought them up to fill in a sizing gap.  I should have them in about a week so if you love this dress and it's not your size just wait a week and check back.

A big hug and thanks to my friend Joni for all the awesome patterns she has sent me.  She came across an estate sale with tons of 1980's and 1990's new patterns many designer Vogue, New Look and many more.  I drool every time a package arrives from her.

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