Friday, July 15, 2011

Simplicity 1716 "Graceful Empire Line" Dress & Jacket /ca. 1956

Simplicity 1716 "Graceful Empire Line" Dress & Jacket /ca. 1956 a style that makes me want to twirl in circles on a sidewalk until I get dizzy and fall down.  That wouldn't take long because when I even look at a merry-go-round and I get nauseated. 

 I just had an email from one of my customers who is very brave and has made some really old patterns.  She had a question about care of old and fragile patterns and I thought that the Pattern Rescue site might be worth posting here too.  For those of you who not only sew but keep the old patterns they have alot of good info for care and repair.

I will be listing late Sunday night for Monday and then skipping Tuesday unless I get lucky.  The Mother-In-Law is going to visit some friends in Canada and I take her to the airport in Phoenix on Monday.  It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive so that will be a long day.

Featured new is Simplicity 9600 Forties Looking Dress - Neckline Variations 1996.  New pattern with that old look and has the advantage of being a "Design Your Own Dress" pattern.
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DaneMum said...

I absolutely love that irst pattern you've posted - too bad I'm not a size 12 :(