Friday, September 16, 2011

Butterick 1390 Fetching Gathered Bodice Frock / ca. 1941

Butterick 1390 Fetching Gathered Bodice Frock / ca. 1941 - just adore the bodice with that smooth yoke and then the gathers beneath it.   Don't you just love patterns with writing on the envelope!  Well unless it's just junky - often it's a name or a comment.  Now this one has me baffled - I swear it says "poke out" - huh?  Ohhhh Wait - I just relooked and it says "Poka Dut" which I gather means "Polka Dot" - okay they could sew but not spell.  We all have our niches in life.  Too funny -

Nancy rules!  Here's another fun site entitled "Tampon Crafts for any time of the month" - gotta see it.  People will find something to do with anything.  Before seeing this site I would have said "almost anything" but this truly stretches my imagination.  But I will pass on any of these crafts.  In my BM days (Before Menopause) how many times did I (and I am sure you can relate) pull out my wallet to pay for something and have a tampon fly out.  Countless - I still have nightmares.

Two newer features today (couldn't decide - they are both awesome).

First is - Butterick 6857 Free Spirted Dress, Top & Pants 1993 a "so me" fashion - makes me want to throw on those pants and long vest and top and head for a swap meet.  Bring along my "old lady" cart - you know the kind that annoy you if someone else has one but you love it and spend the day scrounging for treasures.  Any of you who live in SoCal go to the Rose Bowl or Vet Stadium swap meets? I'd go almost every month when I lived there with my mom - okay I don't dare go there I'll get all weepy.

Second is - Simplicity 6287 Play Time "Apron" Dress with Wrap Ties 1994 which I have had before and it always flew out of stock.  This time I have two!  So if you like it grab it quick.

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