Tuesday, September 13, 2011

McCall's 3541 Kittenish Top, Pants & Skirt 1973

Featured vintage pattern today is McCall's 3541 Kittenish Top, Pants & Skirt 1973 with a pretty tie in front affect.  Very full skirt or full legged "palazzo" style pants.  A winner!

Finally feel like fall is close at hand.  It's only been about 100 degrees for a few days and evenings are lovely.  I've been gazing with longing toward the top shelves in my closet where my sweaters are stacked.  Soon soon!  Can't ever truly pack away my summer tops and shorts because nice days still happen but with such thin blood when it's in the 70's I get chilly.

Featured new is Simplicity 2739 Free Spirited Nightgown, Pajamas & Robe 2008 which had me fooled when I first spotted it.  I thought it was a country - gypsy type dress.  And by golly who cares that it says nightgown?  Not me - it's a perfect little dress!

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