Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hollywood 544 Glamorous Movie Star Nightdress / ca. 1940

Hollywood 544 Glamorous Movie Star Nightdress / ca. 1940 is the featured vintage pattern today.  I only found one other on the internet and it was priced so dang high.  Okay this one is very high too but that other one has me beat - honestly!  I got five Hollywood Sewing Patterns the other day and they are all of this quality.  They don't look like they have ever been used.  Absolutely perfect as the day they were bought.  So rare for this quality.  So very "Jean Harlow" looking.

Can't resist putting this more recent "vintage" pattern in too because it is a bit "different" - McCall's 3162 Feel the Beat Dress & Dance Pants 1972.  Dance pants? Sadly it's for a tiny person - why couldn't it be a normal size?  Okay I am just jealous remembering my Size 6 days.

I've been meaning to encourage you readers to be good Girl Scouts and "Be Prepared" - seeing the images of people scrambling for supplies at the last minute during the latest hurricane brought to memory my years of living in blizzard country and being literally snowed in.  Avalanches cut us off and we were without power for nearly 4 days one time.  In December - 20's outside.  We were 7 miles from the nearest town of 300 people and 45 miles from a real city.  But because of our locale we were always extra prepared with lots of extra food, both frozen and canned.  We even had a generator thank God.  Our neighbors who didn't have one brought most of their perishables over to our refrigerator or put it outside in ice chests and they spent alot of time at our house watching TV and doing anything they needed to do that required power.  Since we all had wood stoves heat wasn't a problem.  Now that we live in Yuma snow isn't a problem but we've had earthquakes and power outages due to thunderstorms.  Not a good thing when it's 118 outside and no AC.  Our generator gives us a feeling of relief just for that "what if" moment.  We have a huge pantry and if something happened we know we would get by for quite a long time.  Could you?  Don't put off stocking up a bit "just in case" - it would be so unnerving to be struggling last minute to buy food and water with other people frantically pushing you out of the way.  Be the one who stays home and doesn't have to worry.

Okay 'nuf scary stuff.  The featured "new" pattern today is Vogue 7011 Closet Organizers - Get Organized Today! 1999 a somewhat hard to find pattern.  I've seen lots of closet organizers and this is my favorite.  If you are like me every few months I get a bee up my butt and rearrange closets because I can't find my favorite purse or hat.  Now this is getting me inspired to do it again - grin.

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